Hotties to set the BLUE sea on fire!!

Get ready for a sizzling hot number underwater as Bollywood hotties Akshay, Katrina, Zayed, Lara gear up to set the sea on fire!!

Yes you have heard it right; the hot–bods are going under the sea to shoot for the first ever underwater song sequence in Bollywood for their upcoming film BLUE. Directed by Anthony D'Souza BLUE is touted as India's first underwater action–adventure film. First he made the stars of the movie do some stunts underwater. And now he has come up with the idea of shooting a song underwater which no one in the industry has tried it out.

Though in Kunal Kohli's THODA PYAAR THODA MAGIC he had shot a steamy number 'Lazy Lamhe' on Amisha Patel using underwater camera and yesteryears stars Jeetendra and Babita also shot for a similar song sequence in ANMOL MOTI, but that was apparently shot in a swimming pool. If the reports are to be believed than in case of BLUE it will be actually shot under sea which automatically become first of its sort.

Reportedly, Anthony got inspired to shoot underwater song sequence after watching an ad. When Anthony put across the idea in front of the entire team of BLUE they were thrilled by Anthony's extraordinary thought.
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Shilpa sizzles on the race track!

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty cheered wholeheartedly for Formula One team Force India at the Grand Prix, Singapore recently. The actress was invited by Formula One team Force India boss Vijay Mallya and f1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

The actress said, "I cheered for Force India. Fast cars and bikes have been my passion and there was no way I could have given this invitation a miss. It's the first time ever that we got to see Grand prix in the night. "

Shilpa was seen sharing some light moments with Force India's German driver Adrian Sutil.

Though Shilpa was there to applaud Force India her personal favourite is Lewis Hamilton of the Mc Laren team.
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Sayali in Wilson Louis' love story!

Sayali blushes as director Wilson Louis offers a love story to Sayali and Cricketer Shoaib Mallik.

Former Miss India and actress Sayali Bhagat was pleasantly surprised when the director of film SHOUT, Wilson Louis told Sayali that he finds the story of Sayali and Shoaib very interesting and would like to make a realistic love story on the same.

Wilson, an accomplished and talented director, whose film script is in Oscar libraries and SHOUT under production, has met Shoaib too. Although Sayali maintains and still says that Shoaib is a very close and dear friend but it's too early for love and relationship. And admits "I'm flattered by the offer'.

Recently when one of the leading tabloids spoke to Shoaib's spokesman, he confirmed the news and said that an e–mail to that effect has been sent. The e–mail quotes Shoaib saying 'I would like to do a good Hindi film. Besides, Wilson is talented and yes it excites me to do a love story with Sayali.'

On receiving the e–mail, Vinith Handa, business manager of Sayali Bhagat and Supervising Producer of the film SHOUT is flooded with calls from the Producers and Corporate Houses to produce the film. As it is a complete designed project with artists, director, story and dates. On which Vinith confirmed 'Yes, such a project is designed but I await the best proposal, which is a combo of good production and promotion.
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An Akshayless Eid!

For the past four years it has become a tradition of sorts for an Akshay Kumar starrer to release in an around the festive Eid period. The first film which started the trend was Subhash Ghai's Abbas–Mustan directed, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor starrer, AITRAAZ (2004). Next year (2005) saw Priyadarshan's comic caper, the Akshay Kumar and John Abraham starrer GARAM MASALA release. And the very next year it was the turn of romcom, JAAN–E–MANN co–starring, Salman Khan hitting the screens around the festive season.

As if it was not enough, last year's Eid once again saw Priyadarshan return with his favourite hero, Akshay Kumar in the comedy–horror flick, BHOOL BHULAIYAA. Barring JAAN–E–MANN which suffered at the hands of Shah Rukh Khan's DON, all the remaining three above mentioned projects were box–office successes.

However this year, fans of Akshay Kumar will have to make do with his still running super–hit, SINGH IS KINNG, which (as per trade sources), is expected to carry into Eid with a reasonable number of prints. And for others there are as many as three interesting and different films releasing around Eid. The Sanjay Dutt–Imran Khan starrer, KIDNAP, releases on the 1st of October. Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October) will see Abhishek Bachchan's DRONA and Nandita Das's RAMCHAND PAKISTANI releasing world wide across screens.
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Big B, SRK, Akki, who's bigger?

The newly emerged KINNG of Bollywood Akshay Kumar or Akki, as rightly called, is definitely riding high.

With back–to–back hits he has proved to be the star with the Midas touch with all of his films proving to be winners for the producers. This in turn soar his demand in the market and placed him among the top league of Bollywood. After conquering Box–office, Akki has also become King of the ad world. A couple of days back he was appointed as the new brand ambassador for Levi's jeans '501' brand.

And if all this was not enough than here is one more reason for Akki to be rightly called as the 'King' of tinsel town. As per the latest reports, Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar has been awarded the title of 'Brand Ambassador of the year'. This coveted title was honoured to him at the CNBC Awaaz consumer awards 2008 held in Mumbai recently.

Akki won this title leaving behind the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan in the race.

Till date Shah Rukh and Big B used to be touted as the most powerful and bankable brands. Infact Shah Rukh is the only star who has supposedly the maximum number of brand endorsements under his belt. But with Akshay's entry in the brand war this competition becomes fiercer from here on.

Do you think Akshay is the right choice to be called as the 'Brand Ambassador of the year'?

Or you think someone else deserves.
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Hrithik's most sensuous film to date

While stories about all kinds of calamities, manmade and otherwise, are filtering in from the US regarding Anurag Basu's now-you-steamy-no-you-don't film Kites, father and son Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan are happily shooting the film to complete it in the first week of October.

Though the original Director of Photography Bobby Singh has opted out, the Roshans claim there was no illwill involved in the changeover.

Says Hrithik from Las Vegas, "It was an amicable split. Now Ayananka Bose is doing it."

Ayananka Bose who was a former assistant to the well-known cinematographer Ravi Chandran has shot Yashraj Films' Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom.

The change, says Hrithik, has made no difference to the project, " We shifted earlier this week to Las Vegas as per plan. We're now here in Vegas for a month. Then we shoot in LA for eight days. After that we're done."

Kangana Ranaut who plays a female lead in Kites has just joined the Roshans and her favourite director Anurag Basu in Vegas. After working with Kangana in Gangster and Metro Basu strongly recommended the actress to the Roshans who liked what they saw.

According the sources, the change of guard behind the camera makes no difference to the chemistry between Hrithik and Barbara.

"The two sizzle together. This is Hrithik's most sensuous film to date. The accent here is not only on his dancing(which Hrithik has to go easy on after his knee injury and recovery), but on his ability to generate sensuality which has so far remained largely under wraps, the chemistry with Aishwarya in Dhoom 2 notwithstanding. In Kites director Anurag Basu has shot another more sensuous side of Hrithik."

According to sources the scenes between Hrithik and Mori were so intimate and sensuous that papa Rakesh Roshan would gently be asked to leave the set.

The Roshans are not talking about the film's sensuous theme and scenes.

But Rakesh Roshan does inform that all is smooth-sailing with Kites. "We are on schedule. After finishing shooting in New Mexico on 12 September we've shifted to Las Vegas. From here we'll relocate for the last lap of the US shooting to Los Angeles on Oct 3. We're returning to Mumbai on 12 October, " the senior Roshan signs off.
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Hari Puttar

Rating: *

Kiddie films, aimed at kids between 6 and 60, are slowly making inroads in Bollywood. Hari Puttar - A Comedy of Terrors is the newest entrant in this family.

Now let's set the record straight. Hari Puttar - A Comedy of Terrors is not remotely inspired by HARRY POTTER, but it actually borrows from HOME ALONE. Unfortunately, directors Rajesh Bajaj and Lucky Kohli make a complete mess of what could've been a great kiddie fare.

Seriously, what were the directors thinking when they okayed this apology of a script? The directors seem completely clueless about how smart today's kids are. And the kind of stuff they have an access to (television, cinema, games). They've witnessed far better stuff than what's dished out in this misadventure.

Hari Prasad (Zain Khan) or Hari Puttar, as he is fondly called, is a bright 10-year-old who has recently moved from India to U.K. with his parents.

His father, Prof. Dhoonda, is assigned to work on a secret project with the Defence Forces at a remote location in U.K. He has access to confidential information that is stored on a chip and safely kept at his house.

Within days of their arrival in London, Hari's aunt (Lilette Dubey) and uncle DK (Jackie Shroff) visit the Dhoonda residence with their own as well DK's boss' children. Suddenly, the house is filled with the effervescence of no less than ten kids.

At this point, everything goes for a spin for Hari Puttar. Not only is he thrown out of his room to accommodate the girls, he is also ragged and ridiculed by all the other kids for being too naïve. Hari Puttar suddenly feels unwanted, undermined and unappreciated.

The family takes off for a holiday, leaving Hari Puttar and Tuk Tuk (Swini Khara), his cousin, behind, who confront the two goons (Saurabh Shukla, Vijay Raaz) out to rob the chip.

Even if you're inspired by a hugely popular English film, the challenge lies in Indianising it well enough. But HARI PUTTAR - A COMEDY OF TERRORS is an amateurish attempt all the way.

Here, the goons exchange the choicest of expletives (beeped obviously). Here, the villain (Mr. Blue Contact Lenses with an Ajit hangover; zero expressions) and his cronies (Saurabh Shukla in a hideous wig and Vijay Raaz in outlandish outfits) are more of buffoons. Here, in a kiddie film, you get to watch a sexy Shamita Shetty gyrating to a promotional track.

The scripting is amateurish and hence, whatever unfolds on screen makes no impact whatsoever. Any redeeming aspect? The penultimate 15 odd minutes when the kids try their best to keep the villains at bay. Also, the animation is quite good.

Zain Khan does a decent job. Swini Khara, seen in CHEENI KUM, gets no scope. Sarika looks disinterested. Also, she looks ill at ease delivering Punjabi lines. Lilette Dubey is miscast. As for Jackie Shroff, the less said the better. It's also sad to see actors like Saurabh Shukla and Vijay Raaz being reduced to such roles. They ham!

On the whole, Hari Puttar - A Comedy of Terrors is a poor show all the way

I would love to be a ‘kept’ man: Abhay Deol

For Gossips And Mirch Masala Log On To Bollywood ParadizeQ. One quality your woman must possess?
A.A sense of adventure!

Q. Any particular reason?
A.Because I am adventurous myself.

Q. And the other must-haves include?
A.She has to be a career-oriented woman. She should be earnest, have a great sense of humour and, and, and — the list is indeed long!

Q. Internal or External Beauty?
A.A combination of both.

Q. From Bollywood or outside?
A.I would love to meet someone from outside. Lemme see!

Q. Would you cook for her?
A.Yes, sure. If she is willing to eat whatever I cook for her!

Q. What gifts would you expect from her?
A.The best of anything. But honestly, I don't care for gifts much. However, as I am an outdoors person, she can take me out for dinner.

Q. What would be your favourite romantic getaway with her?
A.I love the sea and the beaches. So it can be any beach destination.

Q. How important would calls and SMSs be in your relationship?
A.Since that’s a symbol of communication, I guess it would be important.

Q. What if she was earning more than you?
A.I would love it. I would love to be a ‘kept’ man, but she should make it a point to take care of my expenses!

Q. So you prefer a career woman to a housewife?
A.Yes, absolutely.

Q. How long would you wait to take your relationship to the next level?
A.If I think about it at the moment, it's going to take really long. At one point of time, when I was younger, I thought I wouldn't get married ever. At least, now I am open to the idea. Then, too, marriage is still not in my itinerary for at least 7-8 years.

Q. Do you remember your first crush?
A.Of course, I remember her. I was in school and was six years old then. I was punished by my teacher for kissing her

If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am: Deeepika Padukone

For Gossips And Mirch Masala Log On To Bollywood ParadizeQualities you look for in your man?
Honesty, good natured, helpfulness and a nice sense of humour are the ‘must haves’.

Do ‘good looks’ also find place in your list? And how high in the order?
‘Good looks’ is obviously there in my list, but it does not figure that high in the pecking order.

If you like a guy, would you make the first move?
No, I am too traditional in that the sense. If he likes me, he will have to make the first move.

Would you ‘dress to kill’ on the first date?
No, I would wear something I would be comfortable in rather than something which might attract him, but make me look like a complete fool.

Would you offer to foot half the bill on your first date?
Yes, I would definitely, but it would be up to him to accept.

What would be your reaction if girls made a pass at your guy?
I would not lose my cool for sure because if we are together, then the trust factor has to be there.

Would you like him dictating what you should wear and what not?
If he likes me, he will have to accept me as I am. So definitely, he would have no right to dictate to me.

If you and your guy had to go away from the busy life, where would you be heading out to?
We would go to Rishikesh for some serious mountaineering and river rafting. I love adventure sports.

One general trait of men you dislike?
That it’s not manly enough to cry.

Among the current Bollywood hunks, who comes nearest to your man?
That a tough question, I think I better give it a pass.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear: Kareena

Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Monday dismissed reports that she had turned a producer.

"I have no intentions to turn a producer. The rumours are baseless. There is no truth to it, " the actor said in a statement here.

A source close to Kareena echoed this, adding: "Kareena is committed to several projects and is going to be neck deep in work for another two years. So where is the time to launch her own production house?"

Rumours were rife that Kareena was to launch her own production banner with the first film to be a romantic comedy directed by her close friend and director Lovely Singh of “Kyaa Love Story Hai” fame. Kareena was to play the lead.

It also raised speculation that her real life beau Saif Ali Khan would star opposite her in the film.

However, the source maintained: "Kareena hails from the RK family and with the prestigious RK banner with her, why would Kareena launch an independent production house?"
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