An interview with Farhan Akhtar

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There are a very few things that Farhan Akhtar hasn't tasted success with. From making his directorial debut with landmark film like DIL CHAHTA HAI to a hit remake like DON, Farhan has come a long way. And now his fans are eagerly waiting to see him in a yet another avatar, as actor and singer in forthcoming release ROCK ON. The director-actor-singer speaks to our correspondent on his new roles.

So from a director you are now an actor and a singer...

(Ha...Ha)...It's nothing like that. I am doing this film because I liked the story and the role. That's why when director Abhishek Kapoor came to me, I did not hesitate much.

But we never knew that there was an actor and singer in you...

I was never averse to acting. I always liked acting, only that I never thought of giving it a serious try but I was always open to it. I was waiting for a right time because I don't think I could do so many things at a time. I started as a director and wanted to focus on my work.

But you are a brilliant singer too. Didn't you think of singing someday? it so? I was also interested a lot in music but again I never gave it a serious thought. It just happened but I really enjoyed the whole experience.

So do you plan to act and sing in the future?

Why not if I enjoy the script... I am in fact acting in my sister Zoya Akhtar's LUCK BY CHANCE. As of singing I haven't thought much. I am right now immersed in ROCK ON.

Okay then tell me how did ROCK ON happen?

Abhishek came up to me with the script, he wanted me to act. I too liked it and it just happened. But he was very clear from the beginning that whoever plays the lead vocalist has to sing. He knew me for a long time and he trapped me. (Laughs)

But you did justice to the songs?

I learnt playing the guitar and was a great rock fan but I should also credit Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy who showed faith in me. I have worked with them earlier IN DIL CHAHTA HAI LAKSHYA and DON so I know how talented they are. In fact it was Shankar who honed my singing skills and a lot of credit goes to him.

Won't you say that ROCK ON is another film that the audience is waiting for because rock music hasn't found that much of a place in Bollywood?

That's because Indians have heard international rock music and sound. But there are so many good musicians here who haven't been tried out. Had they been utilized we would have got rock music in Hindi films long before.

So, you will be the person to look out for once the film releases?

Come on don't say that. It is a film about four friends and the story doesn't move if one is missing out. It is a film of four people, Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny, Purab and myself. But at the end of the day it's Abhishek's film. I must say he has done a brilliant job.

So what next after Rock On? Acting or back to direction?

In fact both because I am gearing up for my next directorial VOICE FROM THE SKY at the same time I will be acting in LUCK BY CHANCE. I take my job seriously so once I start these two things my focus will shift there completely.

And what's your next film all about?

I won't say much but what I can promise is something interesting...
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