Ayesha Kapoor is back!!!

Ayesha Kapoor who was last seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2004 release Black is now back in action with her upcoming flick Sikandar. Black not only earned her name and fame but she also got her first Filmfare Award (supporting actress for Black).,

Ayesha speaks on her role and more, “When I was offered the role for Sikandar, I was extremely excited because I had not done a film for so long.

After shooting Black, I was at home and continuing the usual routine; going to school, riding my beautiful horses and being just me. Acting had always been my passion; ever since I was a little girl, I loved the camera.

Till this day; I don’t know how I got into the movie world. I never had done any acting classes or auditions in my life. Some people call it destiny.”

Further about the role she adds, “The role for Sikandar enthralled me; the possibility of spending over a month in a location like Kashmir, being in front of a camera again and playing a role in a script which had something to say; I couldn’t have asked for more.

The whole Sikandar experience was amazing; Piyush was a very demanding but caring director, Parzaan was great fun to be with and someone who told me when I messed up the Hindi. The whole crew was like a family to me.”

The film is set to release by mid 2009.

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I needed a break, Aamir on holiday without wife

Aamir Khan today announced that he has gone on a holiday now with his two children but minus his wife Kiran as she is busy working on her first film as a director Dhobi Ghaat.

For these two months he will most of the times stay away from blogging. He writes to his blog fans, “I’m going to go off the map for the next two months folks.

I think I needed a break in any case, as I was kind of not really there last couple months, if you know what I mean. So I will see you now in June. Or end May. Unless I start turkeying in which case I’ll drop a line. And once I"m back rested from my holiday I'll be much more connected. ”

Aamir has been an active participant of inspiring our countrymen to go out and vote. Speaking in this regards he requests, “Remember to vote, and make an informed choice. Check out all the candidates from your area before you decide who to vote for. ”

Talking about the multiplex owners v/s producers issue Aamir states, “Also, you probably have heard by now that all film producers and distributors have decided not to release any films in any Indian national multiplex chains until we get fair terms, and they stop bullying us, and they stop all irregularities. So please bear with us. ”

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The Unforgettable sex scenes in censor trouble

In their debut English film The Unforgettable, the director duo of Arsala Qureshi and Sabrina Louis has incorporated quite a few sex scenes in this steamy dramatic affair. However, in spite of frontal nudity being on display in the film, both the women are quite hopeful that Censor Board in India would be liberal and not chop off these scenes.

''We can only keep our fingers crossed and leave the rest to the Censor Board'', says Sabrina, who once played hockey and even represented India in a test series with Germany before turning a filmmmaker.

She adds, ''We are hoping that things have changed for the better with the Censor Board which has become far more understanding in the years gone by and is ready to accept the film maker's point of view.''

Both Sabrina and Arsala insist that the film is strictly for the adults, not just due to ample skin show but also due to the complex theme, that's centered on a man-woman relationship that The Unforgettable explores.

''That's the reason we are not asking for PG 13 rating'', says Arsala who was born in Aligarh, lived in Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, and soon after embraced filmmaking as a career.

''Our film would be released internationally this season and we have clarity around the market that we are looking at exploring. We are looking at that segment of audience to watch the film which wants to move away from routine clichéd 'pyaar mohabbat' and holier than thou affair.''

Since sex plays an integral part in the film, how do the scenes depicting it, carry forward the narrative?

Sabrina is quick to defend, ''See, most of the movies today show a lot of skin, so, I disagree if someone makes a statement that sex is ample in The Unforgettable.

Yes, it is an integral part of the narrative and has been done quite aesthetically shown. However, it is the requirement of the setup that required such scenes to be shot rather than our own personal liking.''

''If you ask me, I don't even know if sex is really the right word here", Arsala brings her point of view, "I look as the man and the woman in my film to be the two characters, who are quite comfortable with their skin and know what they want for it. If it happens to be sex, then be it."

Sabrina goes on to philosophize, "In any case, aren't we all the creations of sex? Aren't we in this world because two people were so desirous of each other and hence led to our birth? So what's wrong in feeling it that way and be open about your own desires?"

"I don't know why but majority of us filmmakers out there love to portray our women as all 'sati-savitri'', says Arsala, as she opens up further, "We never portray them as someone who could have her own desire."

She also has a thing or two to say about the way women are portrayed on television. "We keep finding similar characters with similar outlook towards life. But are we talking about a real world here? Don't women give their own beliefs, desires and expectations? This is the subject that we have played around with, in The Unforgettable."

Pitched as a film about two extreme characters (played by Raji James and Sofia Hayat), The Unforgettable is touted as a film that defies all the rules and stereotypes.

While the man completely believes in control of all desires, the woman feels that one should just surrender to the desires if need arises. In fact, she is someone who is not just strong, but also ruthless enough when it comes to meeting her own desires.

Screened at The Berlin Film Festival last year, The Unforgettable would be releasing on 8th May in India.

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Abhishek Aishwarya to take on Saif Kareena

Two real-life pairs are planing to do their own Bourne Identity.

It’s not only Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor who are getting ready for their sojourn as the spies who came in from cold in Sriram Raghavan’s Agent Vinod.

Another real-life couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are doing a super-slick espionage film called Crooked.

Says producer Ritesh Sidhwani, “Our slick espionage thriller will be in the same genre as The Bourne Identity. It will be shot in Greece, Istanbul, Thailand and India.”

Gul Panag and Jimmy Sheirgil, two talented fringe players waiting for the big time in Bollywood, along with Boman Irani who has just wrapped up Shyam Benegal’s latest, will be playing key roles in Crooked.

“The English-language title will most probably change, ” warns producer Ritesh who’s working with the entire cast, barring Boman, for the first time.

Crooked director Abhinay Deo is currently in the process of wrapping up Aamir Khan productions’ Delhi Belly with Imran Khan and Shernaz Treasuryvala in the cast.

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Asin beats Katrina once again

A girl from down south Tamil Nadu stepped into the glam-world of Bollywood alongside Mr. perfectionist Amir Khan in Ghajini.

It seems now the gorgeous lady is planning to hit all the biggies of Bollywood starting with the top three Khans of the tinsel town. Where she is starring opposite Bollywood’s bad boy Salman Khan in London Dreams, we have heard that she would also be seen opposite Badshah Shahrukh Khan, that too under the dream banner of Yash Raj Films.

Initially it was Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif, who was going to don this role but Salman’s dushmani with Shahrukh, earned Asin this flick. It’s not the first time and first girl friend of Sallu that our Badshah didn’t wanted to work with.

Previously SRK was not even interested in working with Ashwariya Rai in Chalte Chalte and it was Rani Mukherjee who benefited from this.

Well, all we can say is that the stars are shining bright for Asin and she should make the most of it as it’s said, “Make hay while the sun shines.”

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Sophie on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens

Sophie Choudry

Making a drastic move from onscreen oomph to sizzling music videos and now to a haven to die for, is Sophie Choudry with her Mumbai pad, that reflects just about everything from aesthetic taste and fascination with the far eastern culture to an abode that boast of three generations of women with a lavish taste under a single roof. Though this lass has always been talked about for her curvy figure, the ultimate household magazine 'Better Homes and Gardens' (in its April issue) takes a peek at her Oriental abode.

Offering some tips about her haven's décor is Sophie herself, with play with colours, to enhance not just the beauty of the furniture within but also to augment the natural light that adds to the over serenity of the place.

Talking about the décor, Sophie hints at minor changes that can help revive the surrounding as well as enhance the karma flowing through the house. With well placed and majestically designed décor any mundane flat can be turned into a Shangri-La.

The magazine takes the reader into her bed room that screams of royal glamour and bliss, a perfect combination of modern times with aesthetic sensibility to achieve the zenith of stability and serenity.

The issue is a must have for all die-hard Sophie fans who get a chance of a lifetime to have a sneak peek into her heavenly abode.
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Raima Sen in a jeans outlet showroom in Kolkata

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What's happening in Bollywood!

No Aamir for two months, Lara and Neha go white and Hrithik's a repeat offender!

Garmi ki Chhuthi for Aamir

He maybe a superstar but he still needs a break. Aamir Khan updated his blog at 5.36am this morning saying that he was off on a summer break for two months for his kids and would be "going to go off the map for the next two months."
But Khan remembered to leave an important message for the people: To all Indians, remember to vote, and make an informed choice, meaning, check out all the candidates from your area before you decide who to vote for.
Also, you probably have heard by now that all film producers and distributors have decided not to release any films in any Indian national multiplex chains until we get fair terms, and they stop bullying us, and they stop all irregularities. So please bear with us.

Photo mein Photo

Neha Dhupia turned camerawoman as she launched a new range of Canon cameras at ITC Parel

Hello Hello

A saree clad Lara launches the new Aircel GSM prepaid mobile card at Taj Lands End

White Magic

Both Neha and Lara, who launched different products on the same day, chose to wear white in different styles. Neha’s frilly and lacy dress is summery and girly while the leggy Lara looks pretty and graceful in her rose embellished off white sari. We like her subtle make up too. So here's a tip from the fashionable two to beat the heat with pastel shades!

Bring home the action

Aamir celebrates the success of the Ghajini DVD. The two disc collectors’ edition disc launched on his birthday (March 14) and has gone on to top the home video charts since then.

Repeat Offender Hrithik

If you thought superstars never repeat their clothes, think again. The gorgeous Hrithik Roshan doesn’t mind repeating his favourite shirts. He wore the bright red shirt to the Poison launch in October last year and to the premiere of Slumdog Millionaire in January this year

And here too!

Hrithik loves his sea green shirt. He first wore it to the Star Screen awards in January and to the Ambika Hinduja-Raman Macker wedding in February.
But what to do? We still love our Duggu - even if he commits the most un-cool fashion faux pas!
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Adhyayan Suman wants to record a music album

fter the success of Raaz-The Mystery Continues, Adhyayan will be seen in another Bhatt camp film, Jashnn, which marks the return of Mahesh Bhatt to direction after a hiatus of ten years. The relative newcomer talks about his first solo hero film, working with Mahesh Bhatt and his ‘superb’ experience in Goa.

JASHNN is the story of Adhyayan, an aspiring singer, his alcoholic and neurotic sister played by Shahana and his girlfriend, played by Anjana Sukhana. It traces the difficult journey of these three characters through life and the celebration of success at the end of the road.

Jashnn is your first solo hero film. So how did you deal with the responsibility?
I think you have to be very patient. I didn’t think about the pressure. My job is to work hard and be truthful. I did not think too much.

How was it working with Mahesh Bhatt?
Working with Mahesh Bhatt was an outstanding experience because the man has so much of experience in every sphere of life. I am only 21 years old and I have so much to learn from him. The man has so much emotion in him and I haven’t seen that in anyone else in the industry. He made me live the character of Akash for the 44 days that I shot for the film. Among the films he has made, I love Dil hai Ki Maanta Nahin, Arth and Saaransh. The list is endless.

What was the most difficult part about playing Akash, your character in Jashnn?
The most difficult part about playing Akash was that I had to keep him real. I couldn’t make it look like I was acting. It had to be a normal, having-a-conversation-type-of-performance. For 44 days, I lived the character of Akash with the characters of Anjana and Shahana on the sets. I felt everything that was happening to Akash was actually happening to me. We all felt like that. And we have become good friends after the movie, which is a good thing.

Is there an incident that occurred during the making of the film that stands out from the rest?
When I was shooting in Goa, I was going through this emotional scene with Mahesh Bhatt. My character Akash had to breakdown and cry over what had happened in his life. Then I realized that 2,000 people were standing there and looking at me and my performance. So, obviously I got conscious and disturbed by the noise and the circumstances. But Bhatt saab being Bhatt saab, told me something about his life that inspired me to do the scene. So after the shot, all those people were so moved that they were actually, literally crying. My interaction with the audience after the shot was unbelievable; it was like me doing theatre. They came and asked me what had happened and why I was crying. They hugged me and kissed me. It felt superb to be appreciated instantly like that

You recently launched your website. So have you googled yourself?
Yes I have googled myself and there are more stories about me and Kangana than me or my movies. That happened because we were also playing a couple in Raaz-The Mystery Continues but that will change soon because we aren’t doing movies together and my official website is there too. So now the focus will shift to my films. I have signed four films after Raaz-The Mystery Continues.

Besides acting what do you like to do?
I like to sing, sleep, work out, eat, read, surf the net and spend time with family and friends. After I am ten films old, I would like to cut a musical album.
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Akki's workout anthem

Chandni Chowk To China may have been a flop at the box office, but its hip-hop title track made rapper Bohemia a superstar overnight. And one of the biggest fans of the desi rapper is none other than Akshay Khiladi Kumar.

Bohemia was born in Punjab and raised in California, where he gets his music influence from. His journey to Bollywood started late last year when the singer got a call from Akshay Kumar's office. "I was surprised because I was a small musician and he is a superstar! When we spoke, he told me he had been listening to my music for two-three years and that he works out to my music. He said he was a big fan and wanted to invite me to India to work on Chandni Chowk to China," Bohemia told us.

However, it was in Toronto that the two met. "I met him at his friend's place in Toronto. His wife Twinkle was also there. It was obvious immediately that he is quite humble even though he is a superstar. He told me he had first heard my music in 2007 -- a song called Kali Dinali from my first album. Since then, he plays that song for his morning workout because it gives him energy. I was really shocked!," the singer added.

And the rest, as they say, is history. "He wanted me to write something about his life and his movie in rap style. It was a big opportunity for me and I started working on it as soon as I got back to California. When I finished my song, he asked me to come down to India," Bohemia explained. Rohan Sippy and Nikhil Advani liked the rapper's work and invited him to Mumbai to work on it right away.

This foreign addition to Bollywood is confident about his future in the industry and has released a new album called Da Rap Star. The video of the first track Ek Tera Pyaar out on television.
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The two hot men in Bipasha’s life

It’s not just the female fans who are smitten by the cutiepie Ranbir Kapoor. His charm has also floored our hottie Bipasha Basu. After working with the young Kapoor in ‘Bachana Ae Hasino’ Bips just can’t stop talking about Ranbir.

Now it's clear that Bipasha has a soft corner for the dashing and talented Ranbir but the height was when this bombshell said that her lucky boy is none other than our chikna Ranbir.

"He is a youth icon in today's time. I really had a fantastic time shooting with him." And we thought that John's the hot man in her life! "John's my boyfriend and he is certainly hot but Ranbir is my lucky boy." We wonder what Deepika and John have to say on that!
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Adhyayan’s not in love with ‘actress’ Kangana

Kangana Ranaut has always been known for her unique style of dressing. Be it any event or party, the beautiful actress knows how to dress to impress. She is a youth icon when it comes to fashion.

But though she is loved for being totally fashionable and high on style, her boyfriend Adhyayan Suman begs to differ. The style diva Kangana revealed that Adhyayan loves her the way she stays at home.

"He doesn't connect with the girl who is an actor and very stylish. He loves me the way I am at home." Seems like Adhyayan likes her girl just the way she is... sweet and simple. But then, it’s it what we call true love?
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Salman's got his family hooked

Malaika Arora Khan and her ‘bump on the ramp’ (read: pregnancy rumours) is much talked about these days.

Of course, Malaika has squashed the ‘bumpy’ rumours. Anyway, when we bumped into the yummy mummy at a spa recently, she was wearing a T-shirt that endorsed Salman Khan’s charitable trust. But it’s not just her. These tees are being worn by one and all from the Khan khandaan often enough. While Salman Khan was spotted in one when in UP, Arbaaz chose to wear the same green T-shirt at a bash in Mumbai; Katrina wore it on a visit to Dharavi, and now Malaika wore it at a spa! Now there’s nothing wrong in bonding over ‘tee’, right? It’s ‘being human’!
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Bipasha: Realising her 'wet dreams'

Bipasha Basu is happy the schedule of All The Best has beenpostponed.

About why it has been pushed... Bipasha was to shoot with Sanjay Dutt, but the man who’s nursing political ambitions these days is of course unavailable! So Bips has been granted some spare time, and has taken off to Goa, just to learn swimming!

Apparently her inability to swim kept her away from the water, in spite of her being quite fond of water. “I’m using my vacation to learn swimming,” Bipasha told us. “It has always been a goal, but I just never had the time to pursue it. I’ve got a good two weeks off now, and I’m going to make the most of it,” she said. So it’s sun, surf and swimming for Bips as her co-actor Dutt is ‘polls’ apart.
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Shilpa visits Golden Temple

A day before leaving for South Africa for the IPL tournament, Shilpa Shetty made a sudden visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar along with her parents, sis Shamita and fiance Raj Kundra.

In fact, Amritsar saw a whole host of celebs descend on the city – literally, because a flight had been chartered specially by Shilpa’s friend Kiran Bawa and her dad GS Bawa, so that they could all visit the famous gurudwara.

There was Shakti Kapoor, Aditya Pancholi, Mukesh Rishi, Ekta Kapoor with her parents – Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Anand Raj Anand, Jaspinder Narula, Monica Bedi, Abhijeet, Gurdeep and Arjun Punj, Hiten Paintal with his father Paintal, Poonam Dhillon and Anita, Pankaj and Niketan Dheer, among others.
The plane landed at Amritsar airport at 2 in the afternoon. Shilpa was dressed simply in a yellow salwar-kameez, and was accompanied by Raj. Shamita wore a pink suit, and walked alongside their parents Sunanda and Surender Shetty.

The airport was buzzing – a huge crowd was waiting to welcome the guests with garlands and flowers. A special police band played a merry tune. The party reached the gurudwara around 3.30 pm. Shilpa immediately covered her head with her duppatta. Inside the gurudwara, again, there was a huge crowd waiting for a glimpse of all the stars. “Just the fact that I’m here is wonderful. I’m happy that my entire family and friends from Bollywood are here with me to do the sewa too,” Shilpa said. Her mother added, “We actually wanted to do some sewa, but looking at the rush here, we couldn’t.” Shamita, protecting her mother from getting pushed around by the crowd, said, “It’s been a great experience, but the rush was maddening and it spoilt our mood.”

Bollywood’s ‘Golden’ effort

At the airport we saw Kiran welcoming the guests along with her father, GS Bawa. While everyone got busy with their luggage, TV actor Arjun Punj and his wife Gurdeep Kohli looked rather relaxed as they chatted with Hiten.

When we caught up with Arjun, he said, “It’s a great feeling. This is the first time that I have seen so many people from Bollywood come together and make an effort to do something different.” We also saw Jeetendra, along with his wife Shobha and daughter Ekta. Ekta was busy talking on the phone and when our cameraman tried to click her, she even tried to hide her face.

Playback singer Abhijeet, who had come with his wife said, “This is the first time I am here and it feels very good.” Monica Bedi looked rather demure in a white kurta and she said, “I just love coming to the Golden Temple... It refreshes my mind body and soul.”

Later, we asked Kiran why she had got so many celebs to the temple, and she told us, “We basically wanted to create an awareness amongst the people about doing sewa at the Golden Temple and so, we brought all our friends from Bollywood. It was my father's initiative. He organised this function and brought all his friends to do sewa.”

Much later, at the exit, we spotted Raj patiently waiting for Shilpa and her family to be escorted to the car. He said, “I loved the experience of coming here. This is my first time and that too with Shilpa and her family members – that made it all the more special. I hope and pray that my team wins the IPL this year too.”

When we asked him about his wedding plans he confessed, “Well, hopefully there will be some good news and you shall hear it from us very soon.” Immediately after the darshan, Shilpa left for the airport with Raj and her parents and sister, as did Ekta and Monica. The rest of the guests preferred to stay back for a day. There was also a party at a hotel in the evening.
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John's jitters in the sky!

John Abraham is a self-confessed stickler for time. He likes his movies to be on time – as in on schedule – and he likes to be punctual when he’s attending an event.

So when he had an event in Delhi recently, and his flight from Mumbai was delayed, he says he got the heebie-jeebies stuck up there in the air, knowing he was going to be late. “I had a 6.55 pm flight from Mumbai, which took off at 8.30 pm and landed at Delhi at 10.55 pm,” he says – obviously, he was counting the minutes!

“And we were discussing on the flight – this was like the Dubai flight, which takes four hours to reach India! It was the first time I’ve felt that kind of pressure, because I’m someone who’s never late. For me to be stuck 27,000 feet above sea level and not know what to do was quite unnerving. The only thing I told my manager, who was sitting next to me, was, ‘I wish there were parachutes here so we could skydive.’ Because that seemed like the only option, there was no other way of getting down in time!”

No wonder – there’s so much that John is doing, it must be essential for him to manage his time. He’s doing movies, he’s a biker, he walks the ramp, and now, like many others in tinsel town, he’s also turning producer! That’s why he has a new perspective on the producer-multiplex issue now. “I’m also a co-producer now and I understand the ins and outs of the issue. I’m co-producing my upcoming films – with Abbas Tyrewala, Nishikant Kamat and Devan Khote. I feel I understand the concerns of the producers. I think what Aamir and Shah Rukh have done is acknowledged them. And that’s a good thing – to bring in change. I’m glad that they got together as producers rather than as actors and said that we need to get things right. I stand by the producers and the distributors. And whenever we actors are needed, we’ll be there to support the entire film fraternity,” he says.

‘Mahi’s made me watch cricket’

John walked the ramp recently at the Kolkata Fashion Week, and it wasn’t because he’s been a model and has walked the ramp many times. He did it for good friend Mahi – Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni – who’s the brand ambassador of the Kolkata Fashion Week. “I don’t know whether I have time to go to South Africa (for the IPL) or not. But when his team came to Mumbai and they played against the Mohali IPL team last season, I went to watch. It was good fun. I don’t watch much cricket, but with Mahi, I’ve started,” he says. “And it was great fun walking the ramp. I was a model before I was an actor. So if anybody can walk the ramp, honestly, I think I can!”

John’s been busy with the shooting of Hook Ya Crook in Hyderabad. “I was in Hyderabad for a month – getting totally tanned! I’ve gone so brown, yaar. It’s pretty dry and hot there. We have about 15 days of the shoot left. The good part is that we’re ahead of schedule. And you know that a movie finishing on schedule rarely happens. But if people start coming on time, then it’ll happen quite often,” says John.
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Every daughter is a laadli: SRK

On the launch of the Laadli Week celebrations, Shah Rukh ‘King’ Khan said, “Not everybody is blessed with a daughter; only lucky people are blessed with this bundle of joy. Every daughter is a ‘Laadli’, she is very special. Especially for a father, she is his laadli, his life’s ultimate desire; she is his life.”

Star Plus’ Laadli Week, which begins April 13, in association with the KC Mahindra Educational Trust’s Project Nanhi Kali, will see a series of fundraising and awareness creation events through promotions to educate underprivileged girl children in India. The week comprises of activities which will bring a smile on the children’s faces and give them memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Taking out time from the IPL mania, Saurav Ganguly said, “Everybody questions me about my most memorable moment — making a century in my test debut, winning a series in England or getting into the world cup finals. But the most memorable time is the time that I spend playing hide and seek with my seven-year-old daughter. Her smile is priceless; no trophy and no award can come closer to matching it.”

Known for her support to women’s causes in India and also an idol for many people across the country, Kiran Bedi, the host of Aap Ki Kachehri, a show that created waves on Indian television said, “I was my parent’s ‘Laadli’. It’s because of my parents’ upbringing that I am what I am today. It entirely depends upon the parents on how they bring up their girl child, educate her, make her financially self-reliant and get her the self respect she deserves. I am happy that the channel is celebrating the girl child week as ‘Laadli Week’ as the number of girl children in India is decreasing. And this is not happening because of poverty but mentality. If you think that you girls are weak, it’s not them but your upbringing which is weak.”

She further added, “If my parents had the same thought process, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Their thinking was strong and therefore I grew up to be a strong individual. You can also do the same. Bring up you girl child with care, make her self reliant; self reliance will come with education and self reliance is power. If you do this, your girl children will respect you more and will care of you for life. Make your faith in your girl child strong.”

That’s not all; even the telestars who are the laadlis of their parents onscreen as well as in real life are supportive of this initiative. Popular Sara Khan aka Sadhana of Sapna Babul ka–Bidaai said, “This is an excellent initiative. I think we should promote girls as people think that girls are not doing anything and therefore girls are a bane in our lives. These days, maximum high rankers in schools are girls. We have often heard in the news that girls are making new records in academics and every other field as they are very capable. This initiative, supporting the education of 600 girls every year, will make a great difference. I think this will work as an eye opener for those who are still silent when it comes to educating and helping orphan girls.”

Further added Parul Chauhan, the newly wed Ragini of Sapna Babul ka - Bidaai, “Being a girl, I completely support this cause. I believe the happiness of building a new life for an orphan girl is completely out of the world. If all of us could spare a small share of our income towards the life of a girl child then we can really make a difference.”

The fresh new face on television, Hina Khan, who plays Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, said, “I am very glad to be a part of this platform where one can speak up for the girl child. It is really sad that even today people do a sex determination of their unborn child and choose not to have a girl child. The strength of a woman is something that is not recognized even today. A platform has been created for people to speak up for the girl child and to come forward and help in whatever way they can... financially or just by moral support. I am proud to be a part of this and proud to be a woman.”

As a part of the initiative, winners of a contest will also have the chance to have their daughter featured in the show Sabki Laadli Bebo.
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Let's not talk about Gerard: Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra has many reasons to smile – her movies’ve been doing well, and she’s been winning awards for her work too. She’s also been declared the number one actress in Bollywood, but this damsel would rather concentrate on her work than count numbers.

“With every hit film, you become a number one or a number two, and with each flop film, you become a number six or number seven. And hits and flops come and go like nobody’s business in this fraternity. If you start keeping track of the number and the position, you’ll really lose your mind. Nothing succeeds like success, and that’s why I pay no attention to this whole number game. We’re all striving to be successful, but the measure of success does not come from being called number one for three months and then being forgotten about,” she explains.

Next year, it’ll be 10 years since Priyanka won her Miss India and Miss World crowd. “Oh yes, that’s right! It will be about 10 years next year. It makes me feel so old! Wow, now it’s scary – I feel like I was standing on that stage like a lost little girl. And where did the time go? My God, I haven’t had time to think about that,” she says.
Priyanka maintains that she is the same simple girl that she was when she entered the industry.

“I’m not very shrewd. If I look back at my life, it makes me feel that I’ve stayed away from the conventional stuff, deliberately. For instance, the films I do, the way I lead my life – I’m a lot more private. I don’t like focussing only and only on film, I pick different things to do. I’m writing now. I like getting involved in a lot of public forums, and because of all this, I feel is unconventional,” she says, adding, “And the unconventionality continues in my movies. I like to take up all kind of genres to test myself as an actor. Even a commercial film like Dostana was unconventional. I like to take up movies that I know I’d like to watch as a member of the audience. I’m an entertainer, but I’m also the audience. And I do go to movie halls, buy my own ticket and watch a lot of movies.”

Talking about movies, Priyanka will be seen in two this year – Kaminey and What’s Your Rashee? “I had to study Marathi for my role in Kaminey, it was like I was giving my exams. I had a tutor with me all the time and a dialect coach on the sets. But it was exciting. I’m a sucker for knowledge. And I learnt the language in a month and a half!”

Talking about Kaminey, Priyanka was recently linked with none her co-star in the movie, Shahid Kapur. However, she was also recently linked with the Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. So is either of them a ‘close friend’? “I’ve always been very private about my personal life. I don’t like giving importance to non-issues.” And what about Gerard Butler, ain’t she friends with him? “I don’t know if I want to talk about that,” she demurs.
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SRK's Korbo, Lorbo... is passe

Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo Re – these were the lyrics of the Kolkata Knight Riders anthem last year.

But that was when the IPL was held in India. Now, since the tournament has shifted to South Africa, SRK’s team has also changed its anthem, so that supporters there can easily chant it when the team takes to the field. “The tournament has moved to SA. Keeping that in view, the anthem Korbo, Lorbo... has been changed. The beats are different and the lyrics too will have a more international feel to it,” said a source close to the team.

Looks like Shah Rukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the success of his team this time round. That might be the reason why there are rumours that the video of the song will also be re-shot. “SRK has heard the song and there are talks of a new video being shot for it. But nothing is confirmed as of now,” informed the source. The original video for the song featured SRK in the team’s golden-and-black colours – wearing a dhoti in Kolkata ishtyle. Do you have a golden-black bermuda in mind now, Shah Rukh?
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'Kareena Kapoor Khan sounds good'

What the actress will call herself after marriage and what it is like being on Bollywood power list…

She admits that no position in the film industry is permanent but at the same time Kareena Kapoor is excited after replacing Aishwarya Rai in Filmfare's power list. The actress says the position is both flattering and scary as it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

"I think Aishwarya has had a great innings. I think it's a great honour to be where she was in the power list. Power equations in the entertainment industry change minute by minute. I'm definitely going to try my best to hold that position," Kareena told IANS.

Kareena, who was seen in last year's hit "Golmaal Returns", admits the power comes not just from the movies, but also the products that one endorses.

"But I make sure the products reflect my personality. I'm endorsing 10 brands. Saif and I are endorsing just one brand together. We're going easy on signing together," she said.


It's quite an honour to zoom to the top 10 of the power list and to be the only woman there.

It's flattering. And it's scary. Lots of responsibilities. My power comes from my honesty to myself and to my work. I've always done things that come naturally from my heart. It's amazing that I'm in the power list although I've never applied much thought to the process of getting there. I'm all heart, as you well know. At the end of the day, being true to myself is very important.

Earlier Aishwarya Rai was in the Top 10 list.

Yes, I know. Everyone has a chance to be in a certain position. I think Aishwarya has had a great innings. I think it's a great honour to be where she was in the power list. Power equations in the entertainment industry change minute by minute. I'm definitely going to try my best to hold that position.

The position makes me feel very responsible. I want to keep doing the kind of work that will keep me in that list. Last year I was seen in a successful film 'Golmaal Returns' where I didn't have a pivotal role. Strangely audiences expect me to take centre stage all the time.

How much of this power comes in a package with beau Saif Ali Khan?

We can't deny he's also one of the hottest actors in the industry. I think we are blend of looks and spirit. Saif and I are very alike. He also follows his heart and is very honest in what he does. Whether it's his professional or personal life, he comes clean.

The power comes not just from the movies but also the products that you endorse.

I agree. But I make sure the products reflect my personality. My products are young, zestful, fun and classy. Yeah, I do a lot of endorsements. I'm endorsing 10 brands. Curiously Saif and I are endorsing just one brand together. We're going easy on signing together.

So will you continue to be known as Kareena Kapoor after marriage?

I haven't thought of it. Kareena Kapoor Khan sounds good. I leave the decision to Saif.

Did (close friend) Amrita Arora's marriage make you wishful for your own?

I am with Saif constantly. For us, marriage is just a piece of paper.
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Getting to know Kaminey...

Preview of Shahid and Priyanka's new film

Schedule to release on June 5, 2009, director Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest venture “Kaminey” stars Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra along with Amole Gupte.

“Kaminey” features Shahid Kapur in a double role for the first time in his career. He would be seen sporting a completely new bronzed and rugged look in the film.

Guddu and Charlie, Shahid's two characters in the film, are completely opposite from each other. While Charlie has a lisp, Guddu would be seen stammering.

An interesting aspect of “Kaminey” is the fresh pairing of Shahid and Priyanka Chopra. The two actors share screen space for the first time and there is immense curiosity about their on screen chemistry amid rumours of a real-life romance.

Priyanka, who is currently on a high after her award winning act in “Fashion” and “Dostana”, would be seen in a completely different get-up this time round.

She plays Sweety, a simple Maharashtrian girl, and hence would be seen dressed in simple Indian dresses. The actress has even spoken quite a lot of Marathi in the film.

Amole Gupte, who wrote the story and screenplay of “Taare Zameen Par” makes his acting debut with this film. Amole would be seen as a comical don called Bhope Bhau who has quite a menacing laugh.
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Priyanka benefits from Gowarikar’s favouritism

She's the only one spared from his tough code of conduct

Those who have visited the sets of “What's Your Raashee” say it’s quite apparent director Ashutosh Gowarikar is biased towards Priyanka Chopra.

He has rules and a code of conduct laid down for everyone on the sets including Harman Baweja, but Priyanka is the only one not bound by Gowarikar’s dictates.

Apparently, Gowarikar has banned the cast and crew members from looking into his eyes while talking to him. This rule even applies to Harman but not Priyanka.

Gowarikar even wants that no one (including Harman) should sit in his presence on the sets, and when he sits everyone (including Harman) should stand.

If someone dares to break these rules then Gowarikar’s anger knows no bounds.

After hearing all this we want to go on the sets to find out why Priyanka is spared from these rules!

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Boney Kapoor banks on Salman's luck

Star's lucky charm being put to test

Salman Khan has been wearing a blue sapphire bracelet for quite sometime now. The bracelet is his lucky charm and Sallu does not leave the house without it. He has even been seen wearing it in all his recent movies.

Now filmmaker Boney Kapoor is banking on this lucky charm for his forthcoming Salman Khan starrer, “Wanted”.

Apparently the posters of the film will not show Salman but will only feature the bracelet on his hand.

The shooting of the film is over and it is expected to release in July provided that the ongoing war between the producers and multiplexes comes to an end.

Meanwhile, one good thing has happened to Salman.

After being criticised for putting on too much weight and ageing badly, Sallu had taken good friend Aamir Khan’s advice seriously and given up drinking in December.

And the results are showing. Sallu has already lost 10 kgs and gone are his sagging double chin and puffy eyes.

We are happy to see Salman on the way to getting his good looks back!
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Has Preity found love again

And the alleged man is in a rocky marriage

Preity Zinta has reportedly split with her long time boyfriend Ness Wadia. Apparently, they now share only a professional relationship as partners of their IPL team, Kings X1 Punjab.

According to a Mumbai newspaper, it seems Preity has forgotten her past rather quickly and already has a new love life blooming. And, the man is New York-based businessman-hotelier Vikram Chatwal, who also seen in a brief role in the movie “Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd”.

Vikram’s marriage to former model Priya Sachdev is said to be on the rocks and they are on the verge of a split.

Vikram, who had dated some top international models before marriage in 2006, was recently quoted saying he longed to be single again.

The Preity-Vikram closeness was quite apparent during the Mai Mumbai charity fashion show organised by Vikram during the recent Lakme Fashion Week.

Preity came for the show without Ness and even cheered loudly when Vikram walked the ramp. They stayed together for the rest of the show.

Even at the post party held later that night the two were together for most of the time and were also seen enjoying each other's company.

We now await Preity’s word on this new relationship. After all, she has always been rather open about her personal life.
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