Tanisha Mukherjee does an item number

From playing the female lead in Neil And Nikki to doing cameos in Sarkar and Sarkar Raj, now Tanisha Mukherjee is resorting to item numbers. By the looks of it, Kajol’s little sister’s career graph is taking the downward slope. We recently caught with Tanisha on the sets of Milo To Sahi where she was shooting for an item song with Suniel Shetty and Vidya Malavade. According to her, if Shah Rukh Khan can do it, then so can she. She says, “I think item songs are a trend now. Moreover, if my friend wants me to do an item number for his film, then why not?”

Performing on a sizzling salsa number, Tanisha looked quite at ease. However, who looked slightly off-key was Suniel. He said, “There is too much pressure. There is tension as there are so many cameras around and I have to dance in front of them. Dancing is not my asset. I am just managing somehow. The girls are good dancers. So I think it will get balanced.”

In the film Vidya plays Suniel’s wife. Talking about the item number, Anna says, “I am in a club with my friends. When one of them challenges me saying I have changed after marriage, I lose my mind and go for the girl.” That’s very unlike the Suniel in real life. He says, “In this industry, there is a very thin line. The girls are gorgeous. But, you need to remember that you are married and have a daughter. It’s just not worth crossing the line.”

Cute Sneha’s looks booked her many roles

Sneha Ullal who for her looks and resemblance with Aishwarya is named as Jr. Aishwarya. She merely on the basis of her looks bagged many roles. Currently she is in project of Telugu film ‘Ullasamga… Uthsahanga’

Priyanka Chopra opens up in ‘Vogue’

With a row of films like ‘Chamku’, ‘Drona’ and ‘Fashion’ set for release in a few months, Priyanka Chopra is definitely on a high these days. No wonder, the fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ chose this beauty to grace their covers for the September edition.

This issue reveals a lot of unknown facts about Priyanka including stuff like Priyanka has a thing for sweet and sour treats like jeera goli, that her career plans never included modelling and that she takes to the pen the way a fish takes to water. The issue also tells about how the gal’s aunt used to call her ‘Kaali’ and it was actually her Mom who should be attributed for her entry into the tinsel town. It was Priyanka’s mother who sent ‘passport sized snaps’ of Priyanka wearing a suit as an entry for the Miss India competition, something that was meant to be sent to Australia for a scholarship exam in an engineering college!

This and lot more about Priyanka in the September issue of ‘Vogue’!

Isha Koppikar into the depth of her character

Things at Bollywood have not been just too encouraging for the ‘Khallas’ girl Isha Koppikar, but that doesn’t stop the girl from working hard enough to get to her goals.

So, involved and determined is Isha to get the realistic touch for her upcoming RGV’s ‘Shabri’ that she is leaving no stones unturned in getting into the skin of the character.

To look like a slum girl, Isha didn’t wax her body, didn’t pluck eyebrows, didn’t use any beauty products and, in fact, did not even comb her hair. But this is not all. During one shoot in a slum area of Mumbai, while the evening snacks were served, Isha, unmindfully, instead of going to her make-up van to eat, sat near a dustbin to eat like a street beggars. It was only when her make-up boy came and said ‘Didi, aap yaahan kyun baithi hain? Make up van mein chaliye,’ that she realized where she was sitting.

‘I was so engrossed in my character that I didn’t even realize what I was doing. If my make-up boy hadn’t made me realize that I was sitting beside a dustbin I would have had my snacks there,’ says Isha.

Isha has changed her walking style and has lost weight too. What we wonder is how long will she take to get to normal life once she is out of the character?
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