Raima Sen: Wooing Women!


Raima Sen has often been compared to grandma Suchitra Sen. But Raima has not just acquired her looks; she has also acquired tips of gaining a fan following from grandma Sen.

Her next movie MERE KHWABON MEIN JO AAYE focuses on how a woman who's tied down with her daily routine and household chores, dreams of making it big.

Raima says, ''It is a woman-oriented subject, but it would cater to everyone, especially people who are fighting their fears. I can say that because the movie has given me the inspiration to fight my own phobias, which frankly I'm still trying! Also I feel it will gain me a lot of female fan following.'' Female fan following? Shouldn't she be concentrating on the men instead? ''If my grandma is to be believed, men anyways would swoon over you, but if you get appreciations from a woman, it means you've truly proved your competency, as women wouldn't easily appreciate another woman!''

What are the phobias which she's trying to fight? Raima, who sheds all inhibitions when she is in front of the camera, confesses that she is petrified of the camera but only when it comes to giving a screen test. ''I don't know why, but this has been a case with me forever. That's one of the reasons why I don't even try for foreign films... they all follow the process of undergoing a screen test. That has also been the reason for my missing out on some great films. However, fortunately for me, whatever roles I've done so far have been offered to me and have been appreciated by people.'' she says.

Speaking about this phobia of hers, she says, ''Back in school, I was once playing Cinderella on stage and I still remember; when I went on stage, suddenly I couldn't speak and I just went blank. Another girl was called then to say the dialogues back stage while I lip-synced. Maybe that has still remained in my mind somewhere.''

Another critical role for now that she has bagged ''without a screen test'' is Aparna Sen's JAPANESE WIFE where she plays a widow. In a scene she had to interact with the Japanese actress and Raima recalls, ''It was a bit difficult conversing at first as we had to communicate with the help of an interpreter. But slowly, we somehow managed to strike a conversation without the interpreter and it was fun understanding the context in spite of not understanding the language!'' she laughs.

Looks like Raima is doing her best to woo everyone, and language doesn't seem to be a problem for her!

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Chitrangada Singh in a red hot avatar

Chitrangada SinghChitragada Singh has a unique sophisticated look, which can bowl over all and sundry.

Just after one movie, ‘Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi’ she had gathered an incredible fan following. So much so that people missed her in action for years.

But after the self imposed exile, the babe is back with ‘Sorry Bhai’ and is very much in the news.

And boy, she can look hot too.

Her hot look is on display now in Femina’s January 2009 edition. The magazine features the actress on the cover page with her ‘Classic in the Making’ look.

Let’s see how it works out for her from here

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Has Kareena broken up with Saif?

Post the success of 'Jab We Met', Kareena Kapoor has been all over the place.

Her relationship with Chotey Nawab Saif Ali Khan and the fact that they were seen joint at the hip at loads of places also made sure that it was so.

Shoots and social gatherings kept her in the news, but the movie for which she developed her size zero frame-'Tashan' flopped badly.

Only the Diwali release 'Gomaal Returns' made money but then the credit for the same doesn't go to her fully.

After all, it was a multi-starrer with a lot of boy bonding.

This sort of depressed the actress who thought that her career is going downhill and that's why she's decided to make her high profile relationship low profile now.

In the New Year she's realized that being in the media glare all the time with Saif is harming her.

So she's decided to play it safe and is not breaking up completely. Instead she's keeping her private life away from the media.

Well, it seems Kareena has realized what was needed to be realized. Let's see if this strategy actually helps her out in the long run or not.

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SRK, the king with the heart of gold

Two child victims of a grenade attack in Srinagar are undergoing treatment at the Nanavati hospital with the help of superstar Shah Rukh Khan who is bearing the entire cost of treatment.

SRK first heard of the orphans -- Muddassar (5) and Amina (3) from Dr Ali Irani, head of the department of physiotherapy and sports medicine at the hospital. The actor has donated Rs 50 lakh for the children's ward at the hospital in memory of his mother.

Dr Ali, who is part of a team of doctors that treats children hit by disasters in Jammu and Kashmir, met the kids during one of his visits to Srinagar. Dr Ali told People magazine that he knew he could ask the doctors to treat the children for free but there would be plenty of other expenses.

"So, I just spoke to Shah Rukh," he said. The superstar also visited the hospital and promised to introduce them to his kids as soon as they were out of the hospital. Zubair, the elder cousin of the children told the magazine, "Amina keeps asking me if I have spoken with Shah Rukh and when is he going to take her to meet his daughter.

She also plans to invite SRK's children Aryan and Suhana to Srinagar so that they can all play on houseboats."

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Hansika reveals secrets of her killer figure

"A diet is a selection of food that helps to loose weight" says actress Hansika Motwani. She may not be called as new entrant as she has been into the industry since long time as a child artist. Just like a fairy tale she grew up fast and suddenly appeared as a beautiful actress. Hansika spoke to us about the secret of her fitness and her favourite food.

"I am not very foodie. I like home made Rajma Chawal. I don't indulge in oily cheesy stuff." Says Hansika who loves home made.

She begins her day with a healthy breakfast as she believes that it's the first meal of the day and it should be healthy. She loves to have skimmed milk and an apple in the morning. Hansika believes in diet and follows her guru Micky Mehta's instructions properly.

After her first movie Aap Ka Suroor Hansika lost seven kilos. Talking about fitness she says, "I prefer both cardio and weight both exercises. I exercise two hours everyday in my gym. I prefer protein milkshake after workout. I believe in yoga and meditation as well."

Being particular about her food Hansika gives credit to her balanced diet and healthy eating habits. "I don't starve myself. I take eight meals through out the day.

My lunch comprises Roti, daal, dalia, salad and yoghurt. I prefer fruit juice rather than cold drinks. I avoid dinner or any kind of food late at night rather I prefer to have my dinner in the evening." She concludes.+ Kareena throws surprise birthday bash for family doctor Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor recently organised a surprise birthday bash for her family doctor.

"Bebo (as she is fondly called) is very fond of Dr Agarwal. She took time out from her busy schedule and threw him a nice party. She herself made every phone call and invited people," said a source close the actress.

The source added: "Dr. Agarwal was unaware of the surprise party and was flattered. He was very happy."

Guests who made it to the event included Tusshar Kapoor, Shabina Khan, Kareena's mother Babita and sister Karisma Kapoor among others.

Agarwal is a family doctor for other celebrities like Tabu and Urmila Matondkar.

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After bikini act Minissha goes for plastic surgery

Minissha Lamba kept on displaying her girl next door image until she got all fed up of it and suddenly decided to turn sexy. She donned a bikini and itsy bitsy clothes in the Id release 'Kidnap' but unfortunately fell flat on her face.

Actually this dame neither has the body nor the attitude to turn hot. The buzz is that now she's gone under the knife to get a better nose.

Minissha is rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery to get a thin and pointed nose. The actress felt she had a broad nose which didn't look good on her face.

'To hell with natural beauty', that seems to be the mantra in Bollywood right now.

Now it's well known that both Koena Mitra and Shilpa Shetty look unnatural because of their nose jobs. Koena recently made a very candid confession that her nose job was a huge mistake that distorted her face, compelling her to go into a shell and avoid being in public for months.

Shilpa has never admitted to having had such complications but her fake nose has always looked unnatural on her face. Same goes for the likes of Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra who look made up most of the time.

Well the chances of this nose job actually helping Minissha's sagging career looks difficult. Let's wait and watch.

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Why no one raised any eyebrows when Ranbir showed his bum

Bipasha brought in her birthday at an unknown destination. She was surprisingly quiet and reluctant to talk.

"It's been fantastic year for me. Personally and professionally. Family is great. Boyfriend is great.

Everything is fine. I couldn't have asked for anything more this year. I'm actually surprised the year went so well. I even got time to watch my niece and nephew grow. Yes, I've spent one more beautiful year productively.."

Suggest that she needs to have children of her own, Bipasha baulks, "No no I don't have the patience for kids. I can't bear to have my 7-year old nephew around for more than two hours.

He's a talkative brat. My 1-year niece is an a item number. She dances superbly to the worst songs. So yes another actress coming up in my film. And she's the first light-eyed fair-skinned Basu girl in the family."

What pleases her was the success John had achieved.And the label of the 'sexiest' for her man pleases her even more. "There has to be one person who's the sexiest every year. In 2007 Eastern Eye voted me the sexiest. In 2008 it's John.

If they didn't vote him the sexiest they'd look really foolish. I mean John is the hottest. No one is going to look hotter than him for a long time. And I'm not saying that because I'm in a relationship with him."

Ask her how she felt about John letting it all hang out in Dostana, and Bipasha chuckles, "Ranbir Kapoor showed his bum (in Saawariya). How come no one raised any eyebrows? It was not so drastic with John.

He has a fantastic body. If a woman on a beach is appreciated why not a man on the beach? If you are comfortable with your body and you can carry it off with grace like John did, why not?

I'm proud of what John has achieved. I've been with him from the time we shot Aetbaar and Jism. We started dating on Aetbaar."

Bipasha says she was really proud of her bikini shot in Dhoom 2.

"At no point did I look cheesy. There was no heaving thrusting. It was just a healthy shot of a woman on the beach. Incidentally I came out of the water in Jism wearing a thick white dress. Such was the impact that people think I wore a bikini."

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Salman's big Valentines Day plan for Katrina Kaif

Valentines Day is a month away but Salman Khan is already getting ready to shower an expensive gift on girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

Though there are rumors of a rift, things still don’t seem to be over for the two.

The buzz is that Salman has painted her many times while she’s been visiting the sets of his films and accompanying him on some of his mid-night adventures and has even rode an auto rickshaw with him.

Now Sallu’s big plan is to surprise her with a lavish Valentine’s Day gift.

He has chosen a plush apartment in Bandra and plans to gift it to her on Feb 14.

The flat’s location and its architecture go with Salman’s taste. He’s thinking of roping in Suzanne Roshan, Hrithik’s wife, to do the interiors.

The flat has a spacious living room space for paintings and portraits. It has two balconies overlooking the city in different directions. Apparently Salman wants to decorate the flat with some of his paintings before handing over the keys to Katrina next month.

Well, keeping in mind things like that, it seems all’s well in Sal-Kat’s paradise. So should we say, all the talks about Sallu being laid astray by Asin and the like are just rumors?

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Kangana strips completely for Raaz - The Mystery Continues

The buzz is that Kangana Ranaut has stripped completely in her upcoming horror flick 'Raaz - The Mystery Continues'.

Well, this girl sure has played her cards right. She very well knows what the audience wants from her

The movie is now under the Censor scanner for a nude scene that has been filmed on her.

The scene shows Kangana in a bathtub. According to reports, Kangana had shot the scene with a skin coloured body suit. But then the audiences would still think that Kangana has bared it all for the scene.

It may now be completely chopped off.

Producer Mukesh Bhatt wants a U/A certificate but the Board is not complying.

Apparently after the screening of the film for the Censor Board, there was an argument between some members and Mukesh Bhatt regarding the certification as the producer wanted the 'U/A' certificate to have a large audience base for the flick.

The Censor Board on its part has confirmed that they have asked Vishesh Films to chop Kangana's nude scene. The movie would get an 'A' (Adults Only) certificate because of its spooky content as confirmed by a Board official.

The film starring Emraan Hashmi and Adhyayan is set for release on January 23 but Mukesh Bhatt hasn't given up yet. Let's wait and watch to find out the fate of the movie and Kangana's striptease.

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Priyanka's got no issues with Amrita Rao

Recently there has been a buzz about how Priyanka Chopra's boyfriend Harman Baweja got close to his 'Victory' co-star Amrita Rao on the sets of their cricket based film. That was cited as one of the reasons for the breakup between Piggy Chops and her long time boyfriend.

But it appears now the dusky beauty has absolutely no problems with the cherubic looking Amrita.

In fact Priyanka has been going around praising Amrita's performance in 'Victory'.

And she's doing that on Amrita's face too, quite blatantly.

The buzz is that the two actresses recently caught up during a special show of the film. Priyanka loved her performance so much that she revealed it before Amrita there and then.

A source says, "Priyanka liked Amrita's performance so much that after the screening she went up to her and told her how much she appreciated her work in the film. Amrita was quite touched to hear that from Priyanka. After that the two ladies were inseparable and they had a good chat for a long time."

Well, we must say Priyanka sure has her very own unique way of doing things. Or is it just a game of diplomacy, huh Piggy Chops? Watch this space for more.

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Big Fight: It's Priyanka vs Kareena once again

Now that the ultra-prolific and passionately-productive Shyam Benegal has decided to revive his costliest project Chamki, a desi version of Georges Bizet's 1845 opera Carmen the question is, who will play the challenging title role of a free-spirited fiery-tempered gypsy?

Though Benegal is at the moment reluctant to reveal details, sources close to the project claim that the closest contenders for the role are Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

Both have already been approached in the past for Chamki. But chose to opt out before the final yes for various reasons.

Says the source, "Kareena was excited to begin with. She was supremely charged by the role and what Shyam Babu had done with her sister Karisma in Zubeida.

But then she opted out, as she often does from offbeat challenges like Deepa Mehta's Water and Rituparno Ghosh's Raincoat pleading it was too early for her to attempt something so unconventional.

Then came Priyanka Chopra who was quite kicked about the part. But she and the film's then-producer Sanjay Gupta had a fall-out earlier when she had said no to his Musafir. The role then went to Urmila Matondkar who had monetary issues with the producer."

With the film changing hands from Sanjay Gupta to Reliance it is undertood that money is no longer an issue.

If sources are to be believed Chamki has now gone back to the two original choices Kareena and Priyanka.

Says the source, "Kareena continues to have reservations about non-mainstream cinema. She was recently offered another heroine-oriented film by Rituparno Ghosh. She declined.

Barring Pritish Nandy Communications Chameli she has never returned to non-mainstream cinema. But now Chamki, set in Rajasthan, is being re-designed as a big broad epic musical with super choreography and lavish songs by Javed Akhtar and A R Rahman. No expense will be spared to make Chamki a big blockbuster."

According to sources Priyanka more than Kareena is the natural choice to play Chamki since the role requires a trained dancer.

Priyanka when contacted said she was open to the offer. "But I read the script ages ago. The whole project now has to evaluated afresh. And who wouldn't want to work with Shyam Benegal?"

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Katrina's big embarassment in New York

Katrina Kaif and John Abraham might be big stars in India. But they are nobodies in New York. This they realized only a while ago.

Interestingly these two are acting in a movie called 'New York'. Such is the irony of the situation.

The two were denied entry to a nightclub in New York when they were trying to join a party for a crew member on their movie 'New York'.

A source says, "When they were stopped at the nightclub, they tried to reason with the bouncers that they were well known and respected people from India. John and Katrina told them that they were film stars from India but the bouncers only stared at them. The bouncers had no clue what John and Katrina were talking about."

But the experience hasn't stopped Katrina to encourage her sister to study in New York.

The buzz is that she has been encouraging her sister, Isabelle Kaif who wishes to join the industry in a year or two, to sign up at the Lee Strasberg Theatre School in New York.

And despite her wooden acting in all her films, things in India have been going great. She's been nominated for a Best Indian Award along with others such as Manmohan Singh and Aamir Khan. She thinks it's a great honour to be considered to be in the same league as great achievers.

Well, in spite of everything, Kat sure has lots of reasons to smile about!

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Nadiadwala plans a star-studded premiere for Kambakht Ishq

Filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala, who has collaborated with Hollywood biggies Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards for his forthcoming film "Kambakht Ishq", has invited them for a grand premiere of the film in India later this year. He hopes it will help wipe away the traumatic memories of the Mumbai terror strikes from the tourists' mind.

"It's a do or die thing for me after 26/11. I don't feel like a Bollywood producer at the moment. I'm reacting as an Indian," Nadiadwala told IANS.

Post-26/11, the premiere of the Akshay Kumar-Kareena Kapoor starrer has become a show of strength for Nadiadwala as an Indian more than a producer. Invitations have been sent out to Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards.

"Let's just say I want my Hollywood team to come and erase 26/11 from Mumbai's tourist map. I'm going to leave no stone unturned to make sure Stallone and others go back with only the fondest memories of Mumbai.

"If six months ago I'd have laid out the red carpet for the Hollywood members of the cast, now I'm putting my entire production machinery and powers of hospitality on the block.

"The 'Kambhakt Ishq' premiere is not about our entertainment industry any more. It's about Mumbai and India. I want Hollywood to come to Mumbai and taste our hospitality. Nothing has changed in the country. We're still as warm and welcoming as we used to be," said Nadiadwala.

Over 20 foreigners were killed in the Mumbai terror strikes.

"'Kambhakt Ishq' is not just an exciting business venture after what happened to Mumbai in November. Suddenly all of us have become more sensitised. We need to prove a point to the world and to ourselves... I realise there's a black mark against Mumbai's name on the tourist map after 26/11. We will erase it. And to do that we need to invite the outside world to come to Mumbai and see that Mumbai is safe. I promise you, Stallone won't go back with any apprehensions about our city."
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