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Shilpa Shetty Bikini Pics from Dostana

Shilpa Shetty always wanted to work with Karan Johar, and her wish finally came true when Karan offered her a role in Dostana directed by Tarun Mansukhani.
Shilpa also agreed to wear a bikini for a super sexy song in the movie.
Dostana also stars Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham and Bobby Deol.
Check out the pictures of Hot and sexy Shilpa Shetty in a partial Bikini! More Bikini pics will be added shortly.
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I still think of myself as a newcomer in Bollywood: Genelia DSouza

South superstar Genelia started her career with Hindi film Tujhe Meri Kasam but with her recent appearance in Priyadarshan’s comic bone tickler Mere Baap Pelhe Aap the bubbly babe is still a newcomer for Mumbai audience. The reason maybe a gap of four years that the Masti-girl took before coming back after last Hindi flick Masti. This time she is packaged with comic stars Akshaye Khanna and Paresh Rawal. Let’s share few moments with the bindaas gal Genelia and try to know about her present film along with her POV towards her career and little more…

Q. Why did you accept the film?
A. Actually, Priyan sir himself came to meet me in Chennai with the story of the film. And hearing the story I agreed on doing it. And, Priyan sir’s story leaves no room to think twice before signing it.

Q. Few people think the name of the story is little cheap. What do you say?
A. I would ask all the people, who are talking about the name of the film as cheap, to go and watch the film once. I bet their view will completely change. It’s a beautiful film depicting the beauty of relationship between a father and his son. Yeah, the title of the film is little different but one has to think it’s a Priyadarshan film and he always tries something offbeat. The title actually appealed me and I think it’s very cute. The first word I said on hearing the title was ‘wah’.

Q. Please tell us about your character in the film.
A. I am playing a juvenile character named Shikha. She is a hardcore prankster but at the same time she is helpful to others. She helps Akshaye a lot to get his father married.

Q. The film is completely based on the relationship of father and son. How far will your character be important in the story?
A. It’s very important. My track runs parallel with their story track and both the tracks are important for the story. I help Akshaye a lot. My character is not partially important but affects the entire story.

Q. Your are prankster in the film. Have you tried any prank with your co-stars on the sets?
A. Never. In my real life I am quite bindaas but never a prankster. Despite having been on a set of comedy, I kept behaving serious as because of my tension for better performance. I never enjoyed comic lines in the script just because of pressure of acting. It was the first chance for me to act in a Priyadarshan film and I didn’t want to turn anything wrong. Albeit I didn’t enjoy my lines during the shooting, I really enjoyed and laughed a lot on the same lines while dubbing them.

Q. There were director like Priyadarshan, actors like Akshaye Khanna and Paresh Rawal on the sets. How was your mental state at the shooting?
A. Initially I was little scared because all the three of them have worked before and they share quite a kind of friendship. I thought they won’t accept me among themselves as I was absolutely new to them. But there was nothing like that. Pareshji and Akshaye mixed with me so fast that I never had chance to think of my new entry to the team. And the most important matter was that they not only accepted me as the part of the team but also gave me the due honour as an actor.

Q. You are quite a known name in South but Bollywood is treating you as newcomer. How do you accept the issue?
A. Though I have done quite a lot of films, I still think of myself as a newcomer. After so many days of facing the camera I have become quite camera friendly but I still am not that clear about my shots. I still ask people about ‘how was it’ after every of my shots. Maybe my not having any filmy background is a reason behind that and I always want to learn. Everyday is a learning session to me. To be very precise, I don’t think of myself as a newcomer but a confident newcomer.

Q. Akshaye Khanna is known as very moody actor. How was your experience working with him?
A. I don’t think he is moody at all. Yeah, he is very calm and cool guy as he remained taciturn on the sets all the while just like me. He is not a guy who can misbehave with you. There were many situations where he helped me understanding and acting in several scenes. I think people have to have completely different point of views to call him moody.

Q. Any scene that troubled you most to act in?
A. I can recap shooting a song in Kerala. There were few long boats in water and while we were in one of them, boys and girls were in two separate boats. We had to go in synch with 120 other people sitting in the same boat. It’s really an interesting and surprising experience for me. I have worked in South previously, too, but this is for the first time that I enjoyed the beauty of Kerala.

Q. After Masti in 2004, you are in Mere Baap Pehle Aap in 2008. Why is the gap of four years?
A. It was not my intentional plan to take that time. In the year 2003 my three films were supposed to get released in three different languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. But before those films could get released, I had to move to South and then there was no time to turn back. But I am happy with my comeback.

Q. Which does excite you most – South Indian or Hindi films?
A. Both. Whether it’s Hindi or in South Indian language, what I look for is always my character.

Q. Bollywood is alluring more and more new girls everyday. How are you prepared to compete with all the newcomers?
A. I am not inexperienced with the competition but I think my competition is only with myself. I always want to give my best to any project I am working in because filmmakers hire me for the betterment of their films. I would always like to payback 200% to the person who has shown his faith in me by providing the job to me. I know that I have no filmy background and every time I have to prove myself to stick to my position in the industry.

Q. This is your second comedy. How do you enjoy comedies personally?
A. I enjoy it very much. It’s only because our daily life of loaded tension needs comic moments to laugh all the tension away. That’s the reason of us liking comedies so much. I do enjoy every genre of films including comedy, thriller or even love stories. If asked about personal feelings, my preference of film is love stories but at the same time I do feel that humour is necessary even in love stories.

Q. And what about action flicks? You can see now a days most heroines are looking forward to action films.
A. I have been in athletes since my college days. So, I am very adventurous. Now I guess you can understand how much I like action. It would be a nice thing for me to have chance to do action in Hindi as I already have done action in South flicks. I still can remember that I got wounded during an action scene in South but I was so excited about the action that I completed the scene ignoring the wound completely.

Q. Please tell us about your forthcoming films.
A. In Hindi my future projects are Aamir Khan Production’s Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and Anis Azmi’s It’s My Life. The second one is a Hindi remake of my Tamil film Barmalu. Barmalu in Tamil means ‘house of dolls’. I hope of getting the same crazy response from the Hindi audience as it got from the audience in South.

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Now, Vidya Balan gets a tattoo

Vidya BalanAfter Amrita Rao, now it’s baby Vidya who is desperately trying to change her looks and probably image also. And folks, what could have been better for Vidya Balan than to follow the fashion statement of stars like Saif Ali, Aamir and King Khan.

Yes, we are aptly talking about Vidya opting for a tattoo tale for her silky skin. Roaming around in the alleys of tinsel town all alone, the senorita has already gone crazy for attention and her heart is aching of pumping only blood and no adrenalin for affected affection. You know what we mean!

Thus, Vidya is all set to shed her next door girl image and adopt a brand new style statement. The gorgeous lady has accepted that she is going to tattoo her body. For the record we must recap that recently baby Vidya has been in the news with her brewing romance with lonely baba Shahid. After witnessing Shahid’s ex-girlfriend Kareena’s new dude Saif inking Kareena’s name on his arms, it would really be interesting to see whose name or which design Vidya would be choosing to cover her lonely skin.

Well though, Vidya’s upcoming venture Kismat Konnection has Shahid Kapoor as her co-star, the hotter cake should be counted on Vidya’s glistening skin. Sad part of the matter is now even Vidya will be out of the next door.
Mallika Sherawat Videos From Murder Hot Scenes Katrina Kaif Bikini Images Deepika Padukone Photos And VideosKareena Kapoor Bikini Pics From Tashan Hot And Sizzingly Tanushree Dutta Exposing Photos
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