DASVIDANIYA makes an early impression

Promotion of DASVIDANIYA may yet be waiting to get into a full throttle but the film has already been noticed by those who want their cinema to come with a quality tag. First look of the film gives a clear impression that this Vinay Pathak starrer goes beyond the ha–ha land and instead has a sensitive side to it as well.

''I had loved Vinay Pathak in BHEJA FRY and have followed his work in movies like MANORAMA – SIX FEET UNDER and JISM, both of which showed a different side of his persona as he was seen in a relatively serious role. One look at DASVIDANIYA and I knew that yet again I can expect a quality performance from him'', says Kesavan, a Media Manager in Mumbai.

Praneeta Singh, an IT professional, has similar sentiments to share, ''I like the overall feel of the film. There have been countless senseless comedy films which have been churned out in the recent past. However, DASVIDANIYA comes like a whiff of fresh air. I like the basic theme of a man making a list of 10 things that he wants to do before he dies. A sensitive tale like this comes across as a different experience. I want to see how Vinay Pathak has carried off such a unique character.''

Coming with a tagline of 'Life, Death and Life Again', DASVIDANIYA sees the directorial debut of Shashant Shah. The film has music by Kailash Kher who is yet again known for his sensitive compositions while star cast boasts of actors like Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor, Neha Dhupia and Saurabh Shukla who seem to have formed an alternate camp of their own.

The film is aiming for a 7th November release.
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Shah Rukh Khan : Fortune of the King

Find out in this soul-baring interview why this member of Bollywood royalty, whose parents named him ‘face of the king’, is often in tears. Deepika Shetty unravels the mystery called Mr.Shah Rukh Khan.

TO his tens of millions of fans, actor and producer Shah Rukh Khan is the unrivalled King of Bollywood, known for his macho film persona.

But the high-energy, fast-talking superstar, who is in Singapore this weekend for the Zee Carnival, showcasing Indian entertainment, gives a rare glimpse of his sensitive side in an hour-long telephone interview from Mumbai.

India’s top romantic leading man confesses that in real life, he is “painfully shy of women”. Khan, who turns 43 next month and has been married to Gauri Khan for 17 years, with whom he has two children, adds: “I am just very shy of girls. I have never looked into my wife’s purse or her wardrobe.”

The man who is everywhere in India €“ from movie billboards in the streets and shows on TV to making headlines for buying a cricket team and supporting the recent Bollywood film workers’ strike - also has another surprising revelation.

He says he is “an intensely private and reclusive man” who cries when he thinks of his late parents.

Khan’s Muslim parents - Meer Taj Mohammad Khan and Lateef Fatima - died before he found fame in Bollywood and to this day, he mourns the loss that time cannot heal.

He says: “I often go to the terrace of my home and cry. I cry not because they haven’t been able to see the successful side of me, I cry because even if I was a complete failure, they would have wished me well and loved me unconditionally. Sometimes I cry over silly things, like my car breaking down.

“I end up saying, ‘Mum, I wish you were around, you could have told me what to do.’ Even my kids know that it’s okay to see their dad cry.”

Another thing he does not talk about much publicly is his bad back, caused by his gruelling work schedule and risky action sequences. He became a man of steel after a titanium disc was inserted into his spine for a prolapsed disc in 2004.

But he says: “I don’t like to talk about it simply because so much love, so much goodness has been given to me by my fans over the years. I don’t want to bog them down with the little pain I am dealing with.”

He promises his fans will only see the good stuff when he visits Singapore for the Zee Carnival, organised by the Indian Television network at the Suntec Convention Centre (yesterday and today). Khan and TV stars such as Aditya Narayan, Raja Hasan, Iqbal Khan, Poonam Jatau, and Sharad and Kirti Kelkar will make several appearances. Also present is India’s celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Beyond his fans, Khan also stands by the people he works with. He called off his shoots and lent his support to the protest by Bollywood workers about low wages, late payments and the persistent use of non-union actors. (The strike ended after two days on Oct 3.)

The star, who has an 11-year-old son, Aryan, and a daughter, Suhana, eight, declares: “People think I am flamboyant. I am not at all like that. I’m becoming more and more reclusive. All I do is work and spend time with my family.”

Of course, there is much more to him than that daily grind. His face represents the largest film industry in the world. India produces more than 1,000 films a year, of which a third are in Hindi, India’s official language, and their estimated viewership is said to be 3.6 billion annually - that is a billion more than Hollywood.

Though the numbers may be tipping in favour of Bollywood, he believes there are things that the Indian film industry can learn from Hollywood: “In terms of organisation, technology and its distribution network, it is way ahead of us. I have a lot of respect for these aspects of Hollywood. But I think the stories are with us here in Bollywood.”

Critics often say Bollywood’s plots are far-fetched. Actors can go through multiple costume changes and the location can go anywhere from Agra to the Alps in a single song sequence.

No-nos on screen

But Khan does not think Indian cinema is all fantasy. Referring to themes of Hollywood blockbusters such as Deep Impact and Independence Day, he says: “To me, the president of the United States saving the world from a meteorite is an amazing fantasy.”

On the other hand, “our fantasies are achievable; our fantasies are smaller - they are about having a house, a small car. We are not bothered about aliens”.

Those fantasies certainly sell. He has delivered some of the biggest hits in Bollywood, including Dil To Pagal Hai (1997), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) to more recent ones such as Chak De! India (2007) and Om Shanti Om (2007).

And that is despite the fact that he says there are some things he would never do on screen: “I won’t ride a horse and I won’t kiss a girl.”

He adds: “I think it’s because I am so painfully shy of women that I romance them so well as a character on screen.”

Khan has acted in more than 60 films and produced seven of his own. His roles have been as varied as the films he has made though one onscreen character does come close to the real Khan.

“I am a lot like the no-nonsense hockey coach Kabir Khan in Chak De, though I am not that stern,” he adds with a laugh.

A lot has been written about Khan - documentaries have been made on his life, there are books on him and the awards keep coming. But he feels a lot of this would not have happened without help from his co-stars.

“I have been blessed to work alongside some of the most beautiful and talented women in the industry. I owe at least half of my success to these women. Among other things, they have taught me how to dance and how to look good. I am what I am because of what they have done for me.”

He holds a special place for choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan, who directed him in Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na (2004).

“Women directors end up making films a certain way. They are sensitive and emotional. But Farah has gone for sheer entertainment. She has the balls to make a film like a man. I respect that,” says Khan.

And when he is not talking or making films, he likes to settle down with a book.

His home library has a collection of more than 5,000 books, of which there are at least three that he wants to turn into films.

“Other talented film-makers are already doing that, though. I read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts even before it came to India and asked my director friends if they’d want to make a film - now Hollywood has taken it. Two other books I’ve enjoyed a lot are Mark Haddon’s murder mystery The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and Yann Martel’s fantasy adventure Life of Pi.”

For now, he has his eyes peeled on biopics. “I am interested in biopics about people who have led interesting lives.”

During the lengthy interview, he breaks only to call out for a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

The temptation to light up comes despite the fact that India’s Health Ministry has said it planned to bombard the actor with literature detailing the harm caused by cigarettes. (A ban on smoking in public places took effect in India on Oct 2.)

When asked about his light-up during the interview, this very public man with a very private persona says ruefully: “I am law-abiding to the extent of being stupid sometimes. I never beat a red light, I always obey the rules. Of course, my cigarette-smoking is always getting me into trouble.”
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Hansika Motwani And Celina Jaitley

Check out Celina Jaitley and Hansika Motwani in bikini swimming there way around the pool
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Shriya Saran Sexy In Pub

Shreya saran caught in cam by exclusive in a hotel 4 Season.She is in dancing mood.While she was dancing she looks so hot and happy as we never saw such a natural and beautiful smile.
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Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherji to romance each other!

It seems all the bong babes of Bollywood aspire to romance guys half their age. After Bipasha Basu wooed Ranbir Kapoor in Bachcna Ae Haseeno it’s the turn of Rani Mukherjee. The ageing beauty who’s had a spate of flops at the Box Office including Laage Chunari Mein Daag and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic will be seen with chocolatey boy Shahid Kapoor.
Although Rani and Shahid have never appeared together on screen their jodi seem to have caught the imagination of the directors. Believe it or not the two stars will be romance each other in two back to back movies. The first will be made by Rani’s on and off beau Aditya Chopra who seems to be obsessed with his lady love under the Yash Raj banner. The second will be directed by Priyadarshan.

If reports are to be believed Rani and Shahid will feature in a very bold scene in the Aditya Chopra flick. It will be interesting to see the chemistry between Rani and her sworn enemy Kareena’s ex beau. The movie will give Rani a chance to hide her ageing signs starring opposite a much younger hero!

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Isha Koppikar dating Timmy Narang

Actress Isha Koppikar has found love again, thanks to her good friend Preity Zinta.

It’s time to strike off one more name from the list of Bollywood’s single babes. Isha Koppikar has found her man in restaurateur Timmy Narang. And it was the chirpy and friendly Preity Zinta who played cupid and helped Isha find love.

Preity and Isha have been friends since the shooting of the movie Har Pall .

The buzz about Isha going around with Timmy is not new. Both have been spotted together at many places. Isha met Timmy about a year back and the two got along well because they share many common interests. For a long time, neither of them was sure where their friendship was headed. But then Preity stepped in and played the cupid.

According to Isha, Preity’s intervention made it easy for Timmy and her (Isha) to realize that their relationship had taken a serious turn.
Today things have come to such a point that Isha is seriously thinking of getting married to Timmy. However, the Khallas girl says it won’t happen anytime soon.

As of now, Isha is busy with four movies. Her much awaited film is by Sooraj Barjatya Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi which is almost complete. And her Hello released yesterday.

Her other movies include Shabri , ‘Har Pall’ and Right Yaaa Wrong . ‘Shabri’ will see her as a slum girl who later becomes a gangster. And ‘Har Pall’ is from the talented director Jahnu Barua , where she plays an air-hostess.
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Hello Movie Review

Hello has a clumsy start and totters its way through only to find its momentum, before the interval. The second half is better but the packing up of Bakshi which was cleverly shown in the book, leaves a lot to be desired.

The basic flaw in the movie is that the first hour of the Hello is wasted in establishing the characters, there is hardly any story being told. But the movie does find its groove after the first hour and goes steady, before dwindling again in the climax. Hello , seems to have low production values(the only time the movie looks really awe-inspiring is when the credits are displayed at the start).

Story of Hello: Shyam(Sharman Joshi) is the team leader whose career is stagnant and he is well on his way losing his girlfriend Priyanka(Gul Panag) who is working with him to an NRI. Radhika(Amrita Arora) has to take a lot of taunts from her mother-in-law and has to bear with the long distant relationship of her husband(Arbaaz Khan) whom she realizes later, has cheated on her. Esha (Isha Koppikar) has high hopes of being a model and even succumbs to casting couch for her goal). Vroom(Sohail Khan) loves Esha but is pained by the fact that the call center is going nowhere and Esha is eluding her. Military Uncle(Sharat Saxena) has his own story, he does email support while the rest take calls. He dotes on his grandchild, whom he has been barred by his family to communicate with.

Plus points of Hello: The cute special effect of the devil in Shyam’s mind is well shot. The conflict where every character meets with his/her own problems is presented well. Gul Panag and Sharman Joshi have good chemistry. The song picturizations especially of Karle Baby Dance Dance is well executed.

Minus points of Hello: The dismal screenplay and tacky first half are unbearable. The humor element which were well splashed in the book is missing in Hello. Some key points in the book like Have More Restaurant(which was cutely shown in the book) is missing. But yes, it is tough to scrap and include parts of the book to incorporate in a film. But better justice could have been done. Suresh Menon is pathetic and is an embarrassment to Hello, torture to viewers. Salman Khan looks haggard, drunk and disinterested. The eye bags and the double chin: yuck the stud never looks so pathetic.

Performances in Hello: Sohail Khan stands out in his portrayal of Vroom, you can’t imagine anyone else in his place. Sharman Joshi is apt and does a good job. Sadly, Salman Khan is boring and Dalip Tahil with his over the top hamming, makes you throw a cell phone at him. The girls are wonderful, look good and act well. The pick of the lot, is an understated performance by Amrita Arora. Gul Panag looks gorgeous and performs well. Esha Kopikkar is okay.
What one does not understand is why the ‘condom’ dialogue was edited in the love making scene of Hello between Sharman Joshi and Gul Panag. Overall, Hello is a onetime watch.
Ratings : 2/5
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Payal Rohatgi Swimsuit

Sexy Payal Rohatgi showing her curves in a sexy blue bikini walking out of the pool.
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Sexy Payal Rohatgi pics

Sexy rare Payal Rohatgi smooching pic from the movie Laila
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Shweta Bhardwaj Bikini

Shweta Bhardwaj exclusive sexy bikini HQ Scans
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Mona Singh signed for ‘3 Idiots’

Mona Singh (Jassi fame) is all smiles these days and why not? The girl is not only getting rave reviews about her performance with Harbhajan Singh on ‘Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena’ but has also got her big break with Raj Kumar Hirani signing her for a pivotal role in ‘3 Idiots’. Apparently, she has a track totally separate from the Aamir-Kareena one and also not featured in Chetan Bhagat’s novel.

Mona confirmed the news saying, “Ya, I am doing Raj Kumar Hirani’s film. And I couldn’t have hoped for a better birthday gift. What do I play? All I can tell you is, I don’t play one of the idiots. I play the sayaani (wise) character, ha ha.”

Talking about her long wait to get a role on the bigger screen, Mona says, “A couple of projects that were meant to happen never did. But I’m glad Raju Hirani signed me. It’s a fabulous role.”

The Singh girl is all bowled over by Harbhajan Singh and says, “In fact Bhajji was one of the first to wish me on my birthday. We’ve become very close buddies. I think it’s the Punjabi connection. He has a reputation for being hotheaded. I’ve quite a temper myself. So we’re fine with one another.” Mona has been guiding Bhajji with his dance steps. “I’ve almost become his choreographer. He completely depends on me to see me through.”
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What's wrong in asking for a Condom: Gul Panag

Maybe that's why they call Bollywood as the other name for 'unexpectedness'.

It's kind of strange that on one hand, there are zillions of ads on radio and TV that advocate (in their own creative ways) the importance of using a condom.

But, on the other hand, there is our Censor Board which has ordered the chopping of a scene from the forthcoming film Hello that has actress Gul Panag mouthing the usage of 'condom'.

The scene in question has Gul asking Sharman Joshi (to whom she is paired opposite) whether he is carrying a condom before they have sex.

The deletion of the 'condom' word from the scene has angered Gul to no end, so much so that she is now planning to write a letter to the Censor officials about this absurd decision on their part.

Gul argues that since the scene required her and Sharman to make love, she, like any educated woman asks if he is carrying a condom, before they get on with the act.

Gul finds it funny that even though the lovemaking scene is retained, the word 'condom' has been chopped off from the dialogue. She also added that this decision only exhibits the double standards of the Censor Board.
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