Eesha creates panic on sets

Though Rajshri Productions prestigious project EK VIVAAH AISA BHI (which is set to hit the screens this November) has reached its post production stage, but the pretty actress Eesha Koppikar's heart still under the fond memories of her shooting days. The actress had a ball shooting for EK VIVAAH AISA BHI.

Especially the Bhopal schedule which Eesha will never forget. Eesha reminisces how much fun she had shooting for Bhopal schedule. Each day was a new day for her. On one particular day, Eesha abruptly announced in the midst of the hectic schedule that she had to leave and can't shoot any more for the day. And the unit of EK VIVAAH AISA BHI was finding it difficult to cancel the shoot suddenly as the particular sequence, which they had planned had to be shot that day itself. For which they had made necessary arrangements accordingly. But Eesha stood adamant and created panic on the sets. As the situation seemed to be out of control the team ultimately surrendered and accepted Eesha's abrupt demand.

When the team was about to call off for the day, Eesha without further ado burst out in laughter. After pushing everyone's panic buttons, creating chaos and making the unit members make amendments to the day's schedule, Eesha started laughing hysterically and to everyone's relief reminded them that it was 1st April Fool's Day. Initially the unit members were blank but later on even they joined the laughter.

Now that's what we call Ek Prank Aisa Bhi!
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Vikram Bhatt smashed a bottle on Adah's head

If you have already started cursing Vikram Bhatt for his cruel, animal type act then you can calm down. He is a good man because the incident is just false rumor.

Adah Sharma, the debutant actress of Vikram Bhatt’s 1920 spoke to us in which she related some of the funny rumors she heard about herself.She kick-starts;

She said that it was rumored that she is hard of hearing and keeps pleading to repeat because she cannot get things in one time. She shared another interesting rumor with us.

“Rumors were that Vikram Bhatt had picked me up from a deaf school and gave me a role in his movie”, laughs Adah remembering the incident.

She says, “Bollywood is not that pleasant also. I have hardly done a movie and I get to hear all this”.

Adah says that rumors do not shake her for she knows her target very well. Just as we were to end the discussion, she screamed that she recollected the funniest rumor that she heard.

“I heard that one day Vikram Bhatt had smashed a bottle on my head and I had to be rushed to the hospital. The best part is that it was rumored that I lost all my hair in that incident”.

After that we didn’t get to talk to her for sometime because she was busy laughing for quite sometime.

Later, we did ask her if she wants to clear off any rumors, to which she replied, “I don’t want to clarify anything. I want to concentrate on better things in life, and most important of all; my career”.
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What's common between Lara and Keira Knightley

It's sure going to be interesting to see our sensuous star Lara Dutta on screen in her upcoming film Blue.

After all Lara was given the Hollywood touch by the same make-up artist who was behind Keira Knightley's look in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lara says, "The film required a make up artist who could handle make up for under water sequences as well as special effects for the action sequences and give the character an glamorous beach babe look, that was also very natural looking.

Nikoletta Skarlatos, who has worked on Transformers as well as Pirates of the Caribbean came very highly recommended by the International action team. She and Clarabelle Saldhana have put the whole look together for make-up and hair.

They have done an amazing job and I am extremely thrilled with the results". Is it possible for the ex-Miss Universe to look even more radiant than she does already? We'll just have to wait and watch to find out.
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Zoya said, Farhan and I should've Kissed

As we talk Arjun gets a call from Suraj, the lead singer of the band Dream Out Loud who tells Arjun, 'So many musicians can connect with the musicians' characters in Rock On.You give then back hope.'

"What more could I've hoped for?" says Arjun in amazement.

Bollywood's first trueblue rock star is born. And Arjun Rampal who has been praised by everyone from Shekhar Kapoor to David Dhawan, isn't in the mood to let go of the guitar and all that it represents.

"What I've really taken home from Rock On is some great friendships. It was such an experience to work with really new talent …everyone in the film was either fresh talent or new to me. And they turned out to be people who'll stay friends with me for keeps."

Arjun feels Rock On worked because of the camaraderie. "What you see is not faked. All of us, from the director Abhishek Kapoor to Farhan, Luke Kenny, Purab Kohli and me, we spent a lot of time together.

We read the script together, spoke about each other's characters and just hung out. So by the time we faced the camera we looked like really good friends who has known one another for decades."

Arjun learnt to play the guitar from scratch. "I always wanted to learn to play the guitar.It's a wonderful hobby to have.

The guitar becomes a great companion when you're traveling. And now I'm hooked. I play the guitar and entertain family friends and guests with songs. Learning it was tough.

But I had a great teacher called Chandresh from a band called Dream Out Loud recommended by Farhan. Chandresh came for three hours every day for three months"

Arjun Rampal 's turn as the pain-lashed down-and-out rocker Joe Mascarenhas has brought him immense praise. "Just feeling for the character was a tremendous high. The long hair and my look was decided in ten minutes.

I was the only character who wasn't going to cut his hair.I already had long hair. I added some extensions to it.Nobody's hair can grow that long in such a short time."

And now Arjun is the first bonafide rock star of Hindi cinema. "I do intend to keep my interest in guitar going, though I don't expect I'd be able to join any band. I learn one song every week. And I play to my daughters all the time.

But I'm not good enough to join a band.Being a professional guitarist is really difficult.But I'd love continue playing the guitar as an amateur. If there's a Rock On 2 I can play on screen again."

Says Arjun, "Om Shanti Om did wonderfully for me. I was never scared it'd slot me as a villain. Just as I'm sure Rock On!! won't slot me as a rock star. I want to grow as an actor, try to do roles that allow me to grow."

He still remembers when Farhan told him about his role in Rock In. "I was in Jodhpur when Farhan told me about it. And I was like, wow! It was the story of these two friends, me and Farhan. So we had to look really really close.

When Farhan's sister Zoya was watching the rushes she turned and said, 'What are the two of you doing in the film? It looks like you'll kiss any moment.'I told her not to worry. Every emotion and component is genuine.

I actually played the correct chords when we played in stage. No guitarist can catch me out. Even Purab Kohli learnt to play the drums. We had to get it absolutely right.

Everyone thought Rock On was going to be just a multiplex film. It's gone way beyond. People are getting in touch with their olds friends because of Rock On. That's truly gratifying.

Even the small-towners are reacting to it.Just proves, if you make a film from your heart it connects. All I can say is, wow. This is my biggest success so far."
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Road Side Romeo - Movie Preview

Lyrics : Jaideep Sahni
Music : Salim Sulaiman
Animation by: Tata Elxsi / VCL
Producer : Aditya Chopra
Writer and Director : Jugal Hanshraj

This is the story of Romeo. A dude who was living the life. He had the works – the mansion to live in, the chicks to party with and the cars to be driven around in. Until one day, the family he was the favourite pet of, decided to move and left him back, abandoned on the mean streets of Mumbai.

Romeo is now faced with situations he has never been in before. He encounters four strays, who scare the daylights out of him. But soon, he smooth talks his way into their hearts and he makes friends.

Then, Romeo finds love! He encounters the beautiful, ravishing Laila, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen... and he loses his heart to her at first sight!

And finally, he encounters a villain! The dreaded Don of the area – Charlie Anna! The Don who everyone is scared of. So hop on to the adventure as Romeo, wins friendship, love and a new life – in spite of Charlie Anna and his gang!

Saif Ali Khan as Romeo
Romeo is a small cute looking pet of a super rich human family. He's a real good looking guy and he makes sure everyone around him thinks so too! He lives the good life. He's got a butler waiting on him, the best food to eat, a grand car to go out in, loads of super rich guy friends. He is extremely popular with the ladies, he's a big flirt!

He is very savvy and smart. A guy with loads of intelligence and he knows how to get what he wants. A smooth talker, a smooth dancer, Romeo's a smart alec, a wise guy. When fate lands him in a slum, after his initial disappointment, he smooth talks his way out of trouble.

He finds himself to be more intelligent than the average street guy and he takes full advantage of this fact to turn things around to his benefit. He thinks nothing of lying just to get what he wants. All said and done, Romeo's heart is still in the right place. He's a great guy. He's a dude!

Kareena Kapoor as Laila
Laila's the hottest girl ever and she knows it! She is the lead singer and dancer at the Moonlight Nightclub. This is where all the males throng every week when she performs. There isn't a male guy alive in the slum who doesn't dream of dancing with the beautiful, Laila some day.

She's not only got the looks, but the talent to sing and dance and heaps of attitude and arrogance to go with it too! In spite of the large list of admirers, Laila is a lonely girl.

Thanks to Charlie Anna, the Don of the slum. He is besotted by her and everyone is terrified of his anger. The consequences of just talking to Laila, forget dancing with her, can be fatal and due to this, she has no friends. The girls are jealous of her and the guys scared of Charlie's wrath.

She dreams of finding a sweet, honest and brave guy who will have the courage to be friends with her, dance with her in spite of whatever Charlie may feel. Even though she is the hottest girl, inside she's a sweetheart.

Jaaved Jaaferi as Charlie Anna
Charlie Anna is the dreaded Don of the slum. Anna means big brother and that's what everyone calls him out of fear. He is the cause of fear in everyone's heart. He's dirty, fat and ugly, with a big bouncy belly.

Charlie Anna is a pompous old fool who loves nothing more than hearing his praises. His moods are unpredictable and that is what makes him dangerous, yet at heart he is a hopeless romantic, a softie with a tough exterior.
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Revealed: Mallika's deadly Snake Woman look in Hissss

Now this one's a first for Mallika Sherawat. The Bollywood hottie is all set to play the role of a 'Naagin' in the Bollywood- Hollywood co-production, Hissss, directed by renowned Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch.

The film, which also stars Irrfan Khan, is about the vengeance of a 'Naagin' (The Snake Woman) and is produced by Govind Menon & Vikram Singh.

From the looks of it, a lot of detailing and effort seems to have gone in getting the right look for Mallika Sherawat's character. Mallika's character is of a snake that transforms into a stunningly attractive woman.

Robert Kurtzman, one of the greatest special effects artists of the West, has been entrusted with the job of giving the right look for Mallika in this film

. Robert has worked on films such as Vanilla Sky, Pulp fiction, Spy Kids and Evil Dead. The kind of make-up used is MUFX (prosthetic make-up) which is a technology that has won numerous awards.

Two make-up artists have been working on Mallika's look and the material she wears is so slimy that at times it just sticks to the skin.

What's more Madame Sherawat can't even move in her natural way with her make-up and at times is even carried to the sets. As for those scary eyes, Mallika is seen wearing some really huge contact lenses to get the desired effect.

Bollywood has seen films like Naagin, Nagina and Jaani Dushman, which had actors transform into snakes and seek revenge but going by the detailing and styling gone into getting the right look for the Snake Woman in this film, we can safely say that this is a first of its kind in Bollywood.
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Tabu: ‘Break’ing news!

Actor Tabu who last tasted success with Cheeni Kum, seems to have disappeared into oblivion.

Doing one film at a time, the actor is currently in the US on a holiday. Tabs, who has on her plate a movie titled Toh Baat Pakki , has taken a break from the shooting and gone on a 10-day vacation to the US.

She intends to let her hair down, relax and rejuvenate! Doing just one film here and there, life must be one big break for the lass, we’re sure. Then, why this urgent need to take time off we wonder? Is there more to her US breaks? Well, if there is, look out for a ‘news break’ of sorts!
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Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani - Bollywood Upcoming Movie

Watch this latest film of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif for the first time in bollywood. Watch this first only on Bollywood Paradize
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Kites - Bollywood Upcoming Movie

Watch this trailer of the upcoming hrithik roshan's movie Kites which is due to release in 2009
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