Karan OberoiAt the launch of Zee TV’s emotional thriller, Haadsa, Karan Oberoi realised that it isn’t a fair world out there. Karan is not only playing an important role in the serial, he’s even spending money co-producing it. Yet at the press conference, writer Khalid Hashmi, who was introducing the cast of the show, forgot to introduce his character and the fact that he is also co-producer of the show.

Karan was not amused. He figured that if we wasn’t needed, he may as well push off. So he stormed off, in a huff. The errant writer realised he had goofed up and angered his producer and ran after Karan, stuttering apologies. It was truly FILMI. Karan had almost gotten into his car. But Khalid caught up with him and begged him to return. And all was well that ended well.

We, of course had to get into the root of the matter. SO we broached the topic with Karan and raised the sore issue again. He simply said “No problem, no confusion” Heck we’re confused.

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