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Wedding can wait, not Raaz 3: Esha Gupta

Wedding can wait, not Raaz 3: Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta to give family wedding a miss to attend promotional events for her new film

Coming from an army background, it is no wonder that for Esha Gupta, the call of duty comes first. So much so that she is giving a family wedding a miss as she will be busy promoting her upcoming film.

Our source says, `She is still very new in the industry. She is lucky that in her very first year in the industry, she has two back-to-back films. She cannot take chances.`

Towards the end of this month and early September, her family will be busy prepping up for her cousin brother's wedding. While some of the pre-wedding ceremonies will be held in Delhi and Ludhiana, the main event will be taking place in Jodhpur.

At the same time, the cast of Vikram Bhatt's next will be promoting their film. And once that gets over, Esha is expected to join the promotions of Prakash Jha's next. The source adds that though Esha will not be part of the wedding, she is involved in the wedding preparations.


Anirudh-Andrea caught kissing

Anirudh Ravichander, who shot to fame with 'Kolaveri di...' track, and actress-singer Andrea Jeremiah, could not have expected to announce their relationship in this fashion, as their intimate moments have become a fodder for naughty netizens. Well, a shocking picture of the couple sharing a lip-lock is doing rounds on the internet.
The musician, who has been hitting headlines for all good reasons, has been allegedly caught kissing singer-actress Andrea Jeremiah. A couple of pictures featuring them in intimate mood have been leaked by some miscreants on internet. However, like 'Kolaveri di...', these images have started going viral on internet.
Picture: Anirudh-Andrea caught kissing

Anushka Sharma snubs Anurag Kashyap: No 'Bombay Velvet'

Anushka Sharma snubs Anurag Kashyap: No `Bombay Velvet`

While Anurag Kashyap states he has already signed Anushka Sharma for his upcoming film, the actress denies having any knowledge of it

Ever since Anurag Kashyap announced in April that Ranbir Kapoor has been cast in his ambitious project Bombay Velvet, there was also buzz that the filmmaker had signed Anushka Sharma as the female lead. But now it looks like that may not be true at all!

When we spoke to Anurag a few days ago to confirm on which Bollywood actress has signed the dotted lines for the film, he simply stated, `Anushka Sharma, it is!`

However, the twist in the tale happened when we met Anushka to speak about the same and she stated, `I haven't signed the project yet. It is still pending. So I can't comment on it until I sign the film. ` Is there some miscommunication then?


Chivalrous Salman rescues 'ladylove' Katrina... again

Chivalrous Salman rescues `ladylove` Katrina... again

This happened in Amedabad on Sunday when Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif landed there with the express purpose interacting with fans and the press.

Salman who has been constantly showing his protective side towards Katrina Kaif in all their public interactions regarding their new film, this time went many steps further.

On Sunday when Salman landed at Ahmedabad for the first time in his entire career, all hell broke loose. The crowds were so large and seemingly unmanageable that the star thought it best to turn back and return to Mumbai. And Salman was not concerned for himself but Katrina.

Says a close friend of Katrina, `If he had gone solo Salman wouldn't have bothered. But to see this sea of humanity descend on them on the airport made Salman concerned for Katrina's safety. However Salman ne jo ek baar commitment kar diya to kar diya. He proceeded to to the luxury hotel near the airport where the press and fan interactions were to happen. `

It was there that the crowds got really unmanageable.

Says Katrina's friend, `No one meant any harm. But the people were excited to see Kat and Bhai together. Some of them got over- excited and a jostle ensued. Bhai's first and only instinct was to get Katrina out of the harm's way.

She kept brushing off his concern. But Bhai was insistent. Of course he's always concerned about the ladies' wellbeing at public events. But this was different. It's the way he reacts when it comes to his mom and sisters. `

Who's Mahie's very, very naughty 'friend'

Who`s Mahie`s very, very naughty `friend`

Mahie Gill has finally taken some time off from work to decorate her new Goa property and spend time with her pooch

To take a break from her hectic shoot schedule, Mahie Gill has finally managed to take a short holiday. Currently, the actress is chilling in Goa with her newly acquired canine companion, a pug.

Mahie has also purchased a spanking new apartment in the tourist destination and is taking time out to do the interiors of the place.

Mahie says, `I won't be staying here and so I will be giving it out on rent. But I still need to fix a few things.` The acterss is also glad she is finally getting to spend time with her beloved pooch. The dog was a gift from the royal family of Gujarat.

The actress says, `Previously I had a dog called Bruno. But after he passed away, I decided not to keep another one. Now, I call my new friend Dona Gill and she is very, very naughty!`

While she is in a full-fledged romantic relationship right now, Mahie seems to be in no hurry to tie the knot. `I have absolutely no plans of getting hitched right now.` Looks like the lady is busy showering all her attention on her pooch.


Denied sex, duo harass actress

Denied sex, duo harass actress

Producer and writer held for allegedly sending lewd SMSes, posting vulgar comments online

Producer and writer have been arrested for allegedly sending her lewd SMSes and posting vulgar comments on social networking website

On Wednesday night, Versova police arrested a small-time writer and a film producer for allegedly sending lewd messages to Sapna, an actress, on her mobile phone, and posting vulgar comments about her on a social networking website.

The accused - Harish Jaiswal (42) and Mukesh Pandey (28) - were allegedly defaming the actress on a social networking website since the past three months.

When the actress could not bear the abuse any further, she decided to teach the duo a lesson and recorded their conversation on her mobile phone. She then approached Versova police and lodged a complaint against the two.

`The FIR was registered against the duo based on the mobile phone recording, ` said Sharad Borse, senior PI of Versova police station.

Police arrested the duo and presented them before the court yesterday. Both Jaiswal and Pandey have been remanded in police custody till Monday.

`We have seized the computers of the duo to match the IP address from which the comments were posted. Besides, we are also trying to find out if they have committed a similar crime in the past, ` an officer from Versova police station said.

The lust story

Jaiswal and Pandey had met the actress and offered her an item song in their film. According to police, the duo then asked the actress for sexual favours. But when she refused to oblige, they started harassing her.

`They defamed me on the website by posting lewd and vulgar remarks on my pictures. When I tried to block them from my account on the social networking website, they started calling me on my mobile phone, " the actress alleged.


First Look: Soha gets 'Molested'

First Look: Soha gets `Molested`

Soha Ali Khan recently had to shoot for an uncomfortable scene that left her physically hurt and emotionally drained

Recently Soha Ali Khan had to film a very uncomfortable scene. In fact, the actress requested the director to shoot the molestation sequence within closed doors, without allowing any still photographer to be present in the room.

In her upcoming film based on child trafficking, she plays an NRI, who gets molested by a group of goons. Our source says, `Soha was emotionally drained while shooting the sequence. In this particular scene, the goons drag her down to the floor and rip off her shirt and manhandle her.`

Producer Vibha Dutta Khosla adds that being a thorough professional, Soha understood that the scene was essential to the storyline and immediately agreed to shoot for it.

Assistant director Ramzan who was present during the shoot says, `While doing the scene, Soha was badly bruised and even had to take medical aid.`

Sonakshi confiscates father's phone, puts him under house curfew

Sonakshi confiscates father`s phone, puts him under house curfew

Though Shatrughan Sinha is back home he is not allowed to meet too many guests or use his phone, let alone step out for anything except a morning walk.

And it's not the doctor's order. It's daughter Sonakshi who's taking time off from her busy schedule to be at home with her father to make sure that her father continues to maintain the diet and routine that he did in hospital.

Laughing his trademark laughter and `sneaking into his wife's phone` without Sonkashi's consent the now-recuperated star-politician said, `There's only one woman I'm afraid of. I can't defy any command from my daughter. She has taken away my phones and put me under house arrest. `

The actor is happy to be back home. `I've never been away from home for this long. It's been a full 40 days. Not even the longest outdoor shooting of my career stretched that long. Luckily for me my wife was at the hospital 24x7 and my children spent as much time with me as possible. Thanks to my family and my doctors I am born again. `

Shatruji gives full marks to his surgeon Dr Anvay Mulay for giving him a new life. `We were advised to opt for a more senior surgeon. But we had full faith in Dr Mulay. He made the entire procedure of surgery and recuperation seem like a cakewalk.

He joked to my wife after the surgery, 'I saw many names on his heart when I opened it up. I deleted all of them and left only your name on it. ' Little does he know there're secret places in my heart where a surgeon can't enter. `

The fast flow of guests at the Sinhas' residence Ramayan has begun. Shatruji is taking it easy. He intends to travel to Patna to spend some time at his ancestral home as soon as he's allowed to travel.

Says Shatruji, `I've already sent a letter to Parliament asking for sick leave. As soon as I can travel, or rather my dear daughter would allow me to travel, I want to go home. `

Ranbir Kapoor caught smooching!

Ranbir Kapoor caught smooching!

A well-connected Delhi birdie who loves to flit around Bollywood stars chirps with this garma-garam khabar about Ranbir Kapoor

The actor who was in the capital recently to shoot for an ad was spotted by the birdie at a five-star hotel nightspot in the wee hours of the morning. As it was well past closing time and the place was dimly-lit, Ranbir had left his guard down.

Seeing the star, the birdie took flight towards the hero. But was stopped in the tracks when Ranbir began smooching a girl! Nooooo, it was no B-Town actress, but someone from Mumbai whose father is highly influential and well-known in business circles.

The girl's family is not associated with Bollywood at all. Keep guessing, folks. But remember Ranbir is single and so is the girl. But we really wonder where all this leaves a certain couple of actresses he has been linked to. Tee hee!


I Have No Problem Making Love!

I Have No Problem Making Love!

After 'Raajneeti' and 'Heroine', Arjun Rampal shoots for another lovemaking scene on screen. This time much more confident

For someone who previously cringed at the mere mention of shooting for a lovemaking scene, Arjun Rampal has come a long way.

No longer has he done away with all the hang-ups regarding the same, recently he also helped his co-star Esha Gupta calm her nerves during the shoot of an intimate scene with him.

Arjun says, `When I shot my first intimate scene for Raajneeti, I was a little hesitant. I went, 'Oh my god, yeh main kaise kar paunga, yeh main kyu kar raha huun'. But, then I realised it's a part of my job! Now when I shoot for any intimate scene, I just take it in my stride. `

The actor adds, `Intimate scenes are done when the script demands. It doesn't make sense forcing it. Earlier sex was a taboo. But now our new generation doesn't take it that way. In my film with Prakash Jha, the intimate scenes are incorporated in the right manner. `

Jha says, `After doing the lovemaking scene in Raajneeti, Arjun has become a veteran. We shot the scenes very aesthetically with half-light.`


Katrina can't escape skin show

Katrina can`t escape skin showShe may have evaded the bikini but has to flaunt tank top and shorts for a sequence in the film

The bikini boogey has not really been exorcised out of Katrina Kaif's presence in Dhoom 3. Though she has convinced producer Aditya Chopra that the bikini is not essential for the scene where she was supposed to flaunt one, the issue is far from resolved.

Apparently the core team of Dhoom 3 continued to persuade the actress to take forward the tradition of bikini-clad leading ladies in the flick.

Says a source, "Though Katrina signed on the dotted line for Dhoom 3 only on condition that the bikini sequence be removed, they reluctantly removed the bikini. But the question of what she wears in lieu of the skimpy apparel has only now been resolved."

For the sequence, Katrina would now be wearing shorts and a suitable top.

Says the source, "Aditya Chopra and director Vijay Krishna Acharya were not willing to do away with the sequence where Katrina was to be seen in beach wear.

The sequence was to be shot on an exotic beach. After she said no to wearing a two-piece, there was talk of doing away with that sequence altogether. But it is felt by the entire team that the beach location is lucky for the series.

Since Katrina is required for that sequence, her clothes have been suitable modified to go by her aesthetic comfort and the requirement of the sequence." Interestingly, her role requires her to be more lean and athletic than the present.

Says a source from Istanbul where she is shooting for Ek Tha Tiger, "Katrina has a round-the-clock trainer with her in Istanbul who is currently training her in the rudiments of the physical-type required. She gets into advanced training on her return."

Apparently Katrina's character in Dhoom 3 would be "a mixture of Catwoman and Lara Croft, with a bit of Hema Malini from Seeta Aur Geeta thrown in." Katrina remained unavailable for comment.

Sayali Bhagat accuses Amitabh Bachchan, Sajid Khan of sexual harassment and quits Bollywood

The 27 year old actress does not want anything to do with Bollywood after suffering 7 years of sexual harassment from seniors, veterans, colleagues in the industry.

Here's her Official Press Statement:

As I gear up to lodge a police complaint against Shiney (Ahuja) and his wife Anupam, I have another big announcement to make.

I am quitting films for good, and shall be moving to Milan to pursue a full time career in modeling.

Before I leave the industry for good, I would like to make a few things clear. Shiney is not the only one who has made passes at me or sexually harassed me in the film industry.

It is an industry filled with lechers who treat women like me like a piece of meat. Everyone wants a piece of you. I would like to bring to the media's notice some first hand experiences.

Sexual Harassment from Amitabh Bachchan: Recently, at the launch of the first look of Tinu Verma's film This Weekend, Mr Amitabh Bachchan was the chief guest.

Like everybody else, even I bent down to touch his feet to seek his blessings. Amitabh placed his hand on my butt and felt it up.

I was too stunned to say anything to anyone. He should show some respect. After all, he is a 70 year old man, my grandfather's age. I felt like slapping him the moment he placed his hand on my butt.

Sexual Harassment from Fimmaker Sajid Khan: "I remember the time when Sajid Khan was casting for Housefull, he had called me to his office for a meeting.

I understand that the casting couch is a prevalent reality in the film industry but I never expected Sajid to strip naked in front of me asking me to have sex with him in his office right there and then. I screamed and left his building. Obviously, I never worked with him

Sexual Harassment from costar Aarya Babbar: Aarya and I started out as very good friends when we starting shooting for our film Choron Ki Baraat, till he got really aggressive about us becoming "friends with benefits".

Till date, he has sent me countless lewd messages, and graphic MMS's of his private parts to lure me into bed. I had chosen to keep quiet and ignore. But not anymore.

There are so many of us who are silently suffering this kind of harassment for so many years. But I can't take it anymore.

I am fed up of being treated like an available piece of meat and the only reason I am sharing all this with my media friends, is because I don't believe in taking harassment lying down. It is high time the truth came out.

I will be filing police complaints against Shiney, Sajid, Aarya and Mr Bachchan and take them all to court if need be. I hope my efforts will not go in vain and I look forward to having the media's support.

Sayali Bhagat

Consider ramp walk as my comeback: Nisha Kothari

Actress Nisha Kothari, who was last seen in a small role in "Bin Bulaye Baraati" earlier this year, is set to walk the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) ramp here Wednesday. She says with this appearance, she hopes to feature on the silver screen in a big way. The actress will flaunt designer Sulakshna Monga's creation on the runway. "I have been away from silver screen for a while and I did miss that phase of being in the limelight," Nisha told IANS. "But I have been busy utilising my time in reading few scripts. People will soon see me in a few Bollywood projects." After making her Bollywood debut in the 2005 film "Sarkar", she featured in "James". She went onto appear in Emraan Hashmi-starrer "The Killer", after which she did small roles in less popular films. She hopes to begin a fresh innings post the fashion show. "Sulakshana is a dear friend of mine and I completely admire her designs, so I thought why not make my official start towards Bollywood through this fashion show. I am also excited as this will be my first ramp walk ever," she said. Monga, who will present a collection inspired by underwater elements, has given the 27-year-old a blue-coloured, flowing gown with drapes and cuts, which will accentuate Nisha's hourglass figure. "People have seen Nisha in a very glamourous and sexy avatar. So I have tried to give her an image makeover by giving her this gown which will flaunt her feminity and charm," said Monga. The collection will vary from gowns, jumpsuits, short dresses and tunics in a mix of metallic fabrics, new textures, fine tailoring technique and rich embellishments.


Aamir fined Rs.100 for traffic offence

Satara (Maharashtra), Oct 9 (IANS) Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan was fined Rs.100 for driving into a no-entry zone here Sunday evening, police said.

Khan, accompanied by his family, was driving his silver-coloured BMW car when he took a wrong turn and entered the no-entry zone, Satara city's traffic in-charge K.N. Patil said.

'Our traffic policemen immediately stopped him and pointed out that he was driving on the wrong side,' Patil told IANS.
However, Khan's security guard attempted to argue with the traffic personnel, and asked them to spare him since he was a big star.

However, Khan intervened and agreed to pay the fine, Patil said.

Justifying the action, Patil said that 'the law is equal for all' and Khan was no exception.

The incident occurred at Powhai Naka, near the Shivaji Statue in the heart of Satara town, which normally witnesses heavy traffic.

Khan and his family members had gone to view the famous Kaas Valley, and were going to Panchgani hill-station, where he owns a bungalow.

Shahrukh Khan at Ra.One Tamil Audio Launch


Prateik Babbar says he will Patch up Sallu & SRK

Call him overambitious or just plain foolhardy, but Prateik has a dream that he wants to make happen before the release of his next film My Friend Pinto. The actor has vowed to bring the two warring Khans-Shah Rukh and Salman-together. Says the actor, "I can't understand why they're not friends! They're both so comfortable with their stardom and not threatened by anyone else's success. They're wonderful human beings. I know them both and I love them equally. I want to bring them together because I see it as a futile war." Interestingly, the newbie claims to have done what many (more established and respected seniors) in the industry have tried and failed. He alleges that the two superstars have actually agreed to listen to his patch-up plan for them! Wisely, he decides not to reveal all at the moment. "I am not telling you my exact plan because I'm superstitious But, yes, I'm working on it.
On the day of the premiere of my film My Friend Pinto, I hope to be flanked by Salman and Shah Rukh. I even hope they will do a dance with me.... one of peace and friendship." The actor goes on to praise both Khans. "I grew up hero-worshipping both Salman and Shah Rukh. I identify with both of them. Like Salman, I am considered a star-kid. But like Shah Rukh, I feel like an outsider in the film industry," he says. Prateik is confident he will bridge the gap between his two role models. "What is their problem with one another? It's all very strange! I am going to get to the bottom of it. Imagine how wonderful it would be if they both become friends... I will manage it."

Gazal Smrat Jagjit Singh Passes away !!!

With great sorrow that Renowned Gazal Smrat Jagjit Singh Passes away today on 8:10Am at Mumbai. He was 70 years old & suffering from Brain heme rage.

Ram Charan and Kajal Agarwal team up

Ram Charan and Kajal in <i>Magadheera</i>.
Ram Charan and Kajal in Magadheera.
The popular duo from the blockbuster Magadheera, Ram Charan Tej and Kajal Agarwal, will be romancing each other on the silver screen once again.
This time, in a film yet to be titled and being directed by V.V. Vinayak.
Although, the hotshot pair was to appear in Meruppu, the film had to be shelved, disappointing many of Ram Charan’s fans.
“It’s an action-entertainer blended with a youthful love story,” says a member in the crew.
T-town is known to capitalise on 'hit pairs' and its bound to hype up this big ticket film. Can the duo repeat the magic of Magadheera? Guess we’ll have to wait a bit to find out.

Shruti Seth in Disney`s new show

Shruti Seth in Disney`s new showAfter "Shararat", actor-host Shruti Seth will soon be seen on the small screen once again with a new Disney show, the name of which is yet to be revealed.

"Starting shoot for my new show on Disney today. Post Shararat this will be my 2nd show on the channel. Hope all goes well. Fingers crossed!" Shruti wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

"The show will only go on air sometime early next year. Will update you with details soon. Much love, " she further posted.

Shruti played the role of a fairy in "Shararat" along with veteran actress Farida Jalal, who played her grandmother.

Nayantara Converted To Hindu At Chettikulangara Temple

Nayantara - Nayantara converted to Hindu At Chettikulangara Temple  

Nayantara - Nayantara converted to Hindu At Chettikulangara Temple  

Nayantara - Nayantara converted to Hindu At Chettikulangara Temple

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