Chivalrous Salman rescues 'ladylove' Katrina... again

Chivalrous Salman rescues `ladylove` Katrina... again

This happened in Amedabad on Sunday when Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif landed there with the express purpose interacting with fans and the press.

Salman who has been constantly showing his protective side towards Katrina Kaif in all their public interactions regarding their new film, this time went many steps further.

On Sunday when Salman landed at Ahmedabad for the first time in his entire career, all hell broke loose. The crowds were so large and seemingly unmanageable that the star thought it best to turn back and return to Mumbai. And Salman was not concerned for himself but Katrina.

Says a close friend of Katrina, `If he had gone solo Salman wouldn't have bothered. But to see this sea of humanity descend on them on the airport made Salman concerned for Katrina's safety. However Salman ne jo ek baar commitment kar diya to kar diya. He proceeded to to the luxury hotel near the airport where the press and fan interactions were to happen. `

It was there that the crowds got really unmanageable.

Says Katrina's friend, `No one meant any harm. But the people were excited to see Kat and Bhai together. Some of them got over- excited and a jostle ensued. Bhai's first and only instinct was to get Katrina out of the harm's way.

She kept brushing off his concern. But Bhai was insistent. Of course he's always concerned about the ladies' wellbeing at public events. But this was different. It's the way he reacts when it comes to his mom and sisters. `
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