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Katrina-Salman problem grows

Katrina Kaif is going through a rough patch, personally. After a tabloid revealed recently that her phone bill was full of John Abraham’s number, things have not been easy for Kat.

To begin with, boyfriend Salman Khan threw a fit and also reportedly threw her things out of his house, giving momentum to reports about their split.

Katrina first denied having any relationship with John, whom she’s co-starring with in the film “New York”, and then admitted that he’s just a friend with whom she exchanges SMSes.

While the truth has still to surface, Salman Khan’s stance seems apparent - he certainly is in no mood to forgive Kat.

On Saturday (May 30) Salman hosted a bash at his residence for the crew of his TV show ‘10 Ka Dum’. The guests and Salman’s family together watched the first episode of the game show, which went on air the same night.

Notably missing at the party was Katrina, even though she was in Mumbai. It's clear Salman had deliberately snubbed her.

On another note, apparently, Katrina has been invited to feature on ‘10 Ka Dum’. But she requires a partner for the same. However, there is little possibility that John, Abhishek or Shah Rukh will accompany her, as Salman has a problem with all three.

Among the actresses, Katrina has no friends in the industry starting from Priyanka to Bipasha. The only person Kat could have taken is Kareena, but she has already appeared on the show with sister Karisma.

So who will Katrina take to the show? Or, is Sallu not interested in having her on the show as well?
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Shahid-Priyanka's pyaar impossible

Ever since Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra got into a romantic relationship, there have been more stories about their split, than their togetherness.

The main problem has been their conflicting personalities. Priyanka loves her independence, working hard and playing harder while Shahid is possessive and leads a disciplined life.

Now, once again we are hearing about trouble between them and Priyanka getting tired of being constantly told what to do and what not by Shahid.

Priyanka is in Bangkok for the shooting of “Pyaar Impossible” and there have been constant reports of how she’s partying and having wild fun.

Though Shahid has not accompanied her, he is said to be keeping a tab on her by calling her constantly. Priyanka has reportedly even avoided his calls by saying she is busy. However, when Shahid continued calling her, she is said to have turned on the speaker of her mobile phone, letting everyone listen to Shahid’s talks.

This understandably embarrassed Shahid and he is said to have backed off, at least for the time being.
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Claudia Ciesla to be on Salman's 10 Ka Dum

German model-actress Claudia Ciesla (pictured above) is staying in news thanks to her linkup with Salman Khan, and Sallu talking openly about her to media and also admitting that she has met his family.

Now the buzz in the market is that Claudia is going to appear on Salman’s TV show "10 Ka Dum" soon.

Flynn Remedios, Claudia’s spokesperson, has denied this news.

However, as these days the buzz about Caludia and Salman is very strong, this may be a good opportunity for the TV channel to bring her on the show and create a stir, and, of course, raise the TRPs of "10 Ka Dum".

Claudia, who stars in “Karma - Crime Passion Reincarnation”, is currently busy promoting the movie.
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I & Deepika are SMS buddies: Asin

So, is this a homecoming of sorts? “I have missed Chennai a lot!” pipes the sparkling young lady, “ I’m here for only half a day, so there’ll be hardly any time to meet up with friends. Chennaiites are among the warmest people.”

But many believe she will not do Tamil films anymore. “Living in Mumbai doesn’t mean I won’t do films in other languages,” says Asin. “I am very open to doing a masala movie. But my role will have to be meaty.” And while on that topic, which one did she like better; Ghajini in Tamil or Hindi? “I preferred the romance in the Tamil Ghajini and the action in the Hindi version. But as for my character- Kalpana, I found no difference,” she states.

If her spirited performance as Kalpana got her wide recognition, it was Dasavatharam with Kamal Haasan that announced that Asin was indeed destined for bigger things. And now, in her new movie The 19th Step, she is back to work with him again. How does she feel? “I’m looking forward to working with him again! This time though, he won’t play my love interest (he plays her guru in the movie). Last time, when we were supposed to be a romantic pair, we spent most of our on-screen time bickering!” Her romantic partner in this film is Tadanobu Asano, the superstar from Japan. “I hear he is the Brad Pitt of Japan. I will be doing a photo shoot with him soon,” reveals Asin with a childlike glee. She is training rigorously in Kalaripayattu for the movie, and chirps, “Kalari has been a beautiful experience. It feels good to come back to the roots of my home state.”

How true are the rumours that she has signed up a Priyadarsan movie with Abhishek Bachchan and one Murgadoss movie with SRK. “I never discuss projects before they are formally announced,” she says guardedly. As for London Dreams, all she has to say is, “It will release once the multiplex issue gets sorted out.”

Will she ever move back to Chennai? “I live in Mumbai now because most of my work happens there. If I start shooting in Chennai, I will definitely come back.” So, is itMumbai Indians or Chennai Super kings for her? “Chennai Super kings!” she says at once.
So, how does she unwind? “ I am in that phase of life, where work is pleasure. But when I need to relax, I like going out for meals with my friends. Or else, I curl up with a book. My Harrington Road home in Chennai used to be a popular hang out for my friends,” she says.
Asin says of her friends in Chennai, “I’m very good friends with Geetha (actor Vijay’s wife, Sangeetha), and I keep in touch with Vijay, Suriya and Jo, Shoba aunty and SAC sir. I’m the first one to wish them on their special days.” And it is her tech savvy nature that has made her thick ‘SMS buddies’ with fellow actress Deepika Padukone. But, things haven’t been all that friendly. Asin has had her share of “plain cheap, not vicious rumours”, as she puts it. How does she live with it? “In Mumbai, negative publicity is more rampant. I realise that this stems from insecurity; it is a part of the industry and I have made my peace with it,” she says coolly.

Being seen at several food guide launches, would she count herself a foodie? “Completely! I know that the food-actress relationship is an anathema, but it’s different for me. I adore Indian cuisine, and prawn curry is one of my faves.”

Would she ever consider lip-locking in her movies? She muses, “If it is some camera angle gimmick, where it is made to look like a kiss, it would be fine, but never a real lip-lock.”

As of now, Asin “would love nothing more than to work with Rajnikant and Amitabh Bachchan.” And on that happy note, she signs off.
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Bachchans secretly shooting in Delhi

It’s the beta who’s older, actually, in the movie that was being shot in Delhi yesterday.

Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan continued shooting for Pa in Delhi, amid tight security – and secrecy. Amitabh is playing a bald man in the scenes that were being shot in Delhi, and every measure was taken to ensure that he was not visible to onlookers.

He was to come to Dwarka Sector 9 Metro station to shoot, but was dropped mid-way at Tagore Garden Metro Station. The shots were taken on the train, in the stations, and AB returned without being seen. Even elsewhere, Amitabh would only appear with his head covered. A source from the unit says that his make-up started at 2 am and went on till the early hours of the morning.
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Lara's grateful to Akshay!

Lara Dutta made her debut with Andaaz that starred Akshay Kumar and looks like the hottie has been a fan of Akki since then.

When Akki approached her to lend her voice for the animation film Jumbo, she readily agreed to do it. “Yes, that was a major factor. Akshay, though a major star, didn’t mind working with a newcomer. He didn’t hesitate to work with me when I was making my debut. We have done many films after that and he has been a fantastic co-star.”

Akki, whose been through a little rough patch of late, would be happy to know that he still has many fans left.
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Bebo gets butt back, Saif's happy!

Kareena Kapoor has no enemies. It’s only her co-stars who are madly jealous of her, and with good reason, of course.

The actress is the only woman who made it to the Filmfare Power List earlier this year. And, though she is jet-lagged after having travelled to New York, Italy, London, New Delhi and back, the reigning Bollywood queen is all agog and enthusiastic about her work.

I would be lying if I said I’m not thrilled about being on the power list,’’ she says. “Most actors would be diplomatic and say, ‘Oh, its okay ... it’s a passing thing, it means more responsibility’ or whatever. But I’m completely over the moon. I have worked my butt off to get to this position and I will strive harder to maintain it.

Talking of her butt, the actress says Saif Ali Khan is ecstatic that she has got it back! Explaining how this butt phenomenon happened, she says, “I was shooting for Karan Johar’s Qurbaan in New York with Saif, after which we flew to London and Italy for our vacation. And during our holiday I did nothing but eat. We would be strolling the streets of London and I would say, ‘Saifu, let’s go for breakfast.’ Then an hour later I was eating French fries, and two hours later I wanted lunch. Saif couldn’t believe I was the same girl he is dating. I was constantly hungry. The best part of our vacation is that I got my butt back. Saif is relieved. He said, ‘Thank God, I’m no longer dating a hanger.’ My size zero definitely bothered him. He thought I was thin enough to hang clothes on.

If Saif is excited about her now sexy posterior, then Kareena in turn is excited about his maiden home production Love Aaj Kal. The actress, who saw the rushes, says, “It is an adorable film. Saif is as good as a Sikh in it as he is in his other role. As for Deepika, she is perfect for the part. I think Imtiaz Ali knew what he was doing when he cast her.’’ The chemistry between Deepika and Saif in Love Aaj Kal reminds Kareena of the chemistry he shared with Rani Mukerji in Hum Tum.“People have been making this big brouhaha about how Saif wanted me and not Deepika in the film. That I can understand. We are in love and Saif and I would like to do as many films together as possible, because we don’t like being separated for 40-50 days at a stretch. It bothers us. However, I’m not in the least bit jealous of Deepika. She is tailor-made for the role and is very good in the film.’’
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