Minisha Lamba Bikini For Maxim

Well, it seems cute Minissha Lamba is hell bent on shedding her girl-next-door image along with her clothes. If you thought she had revealed it all in her recently released ‘Kidnap’ she is here to prove you wrong. Check out the latest shots from Maxim and decide it for yourself. So, here we have another bombshell in the making.
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Imran will sport a new look for his next sex comedy

Imran sure seems to be following on his mamu's footsteps. Like we can always depend on Aamir Khan to have a new look or at least a different haircut for every movie, it seems we can expect the same from Imran.

The chocolate boy of Jaane Tu...who has gone all rugged for his film Kidnap where he plays a character with serious dark shades, will be seen in yet another new avatar for his uncle's home production Delhi Belly.

Delhi Belly directed by Abhinav Deo is going to be a sex comedy, we hear. And Imran who's sporting a beard these days is all excited for the project. "Apart from sporting a beard, I will also be growing my hair long for the film. We have started shooting for the film in Delhi; the lead girl had not yet been finalised. Regarding the film, it is too early to talk about it " said the actor.

Sources from the unit however, confirmed, "Delhi Belly is a sex comedy. Imran's role in the film is going to surprise the audiences. Aamir is doing a cameo. And his character is going to be negative."
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Himesh Reshammiya in Kajrare

If you think that Himesh Reshammiya will disappear as a hero after his upcoming movie Karzzzz, you are absolutely wrong! Himesh will be seen not in one, two or three but four movies in the year 2009. Yep, no kidding! And one of them is Pooja Bhatt directed Kajraare. The movie other than having actor-composer-singer-everything Himesh will feature Pakistani actress Monalaizza.
According to the reports, the movie is being shot in the most exotic locations around the globe. And there is no doubt that the movie will be a musical when you have Himesh as the hero. Prepare yourself for more OOOO’s and AAAA’s.

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Swimming with the sharks

After playing a baddie in Kidnap, Imran Khan gets into the action groove again with a vengeance. He recently shot for an underwater action scene surrounded by sharks near Durban in South Africa for Soham Shah's Luck.

Imran, who hadn't done this before, had to undergo specialised scuba diving training for this scene. A source working on the film reveals, "Imran was quite geared up to meet the challenge of doing the scene. Soham asked him if he wanted to use a body double, but the actor was adamant on doing the scene himself. Even though the scene was shot in a controlled environment with authorised scuba experts, the sharks were moving very close to Imran."

The underwater scene with Imran and the sharks is one of the major highlights of the film. "It was important for the scene to be canned in a few takes. The temperature of the water was freezing and Imran had to constantly keep coming up to check his oxygen tank. After the scene was shot, the entire crew applauded Imran."

When contacted the producers confirmed the incident but refused to share details saying it was early to divulge details.
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Akki - Denise on the beach!

Akshay Kumar has been bonding big time with his Hollywood buddies on the sets of Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kambakht Ishq . Not only is he getting pally with ‘Superman Returns’ star Brandon Routh but is also having a blast working with Bond girl Denise Richards.

Denise, known for her sex appeal and famous for her performance in raunchy film ‘Wild Things’, recently shot a wedding sequence on the beach of LA for Kambakht Ishq with Akshay Kumar and Amrita Arora.

An onlooker told us, “Akshay Kumar and Denise Richards were having a fun time on the beach while they were shooting for this film. Denise was clad in a white bridal gorgeous gown while Akki was in a tuxedo. Both were shooting for a wedding sequence and giving company to them was Amrita Arora. Akshay and Denise kept cracking jokes and often kept smiling while Amrita too looked extremely comfortable. She had worn a yellow outfit. It was definitely a treat for us as we got to see Denise and Akshay together!”

Kareena was however not a part of the scene.

We can’t wait to see the film! After all Nadiadwala has successfully roped in all the possible ‘hot’ ingredients in this film! What say Akki?
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Chak De India invited for the Tokyo International Film Festival

The Chak De India team continues on its victorious march! After having swept India, UK and the US, Shah Rukh Khan and his team have now set their eyes on winning over Japan. The film has been invited to be a part of the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival, to be held in Tokyo from the October 18 - 26, 2008. The Tokyo International Film Festival is one of Asia's most prominent and vibrant Film Festivals. It is renowned for showcasing alternative cinema from all corners of the globe. Chak De India will be showcased in the Winds of Asia-Middle East section. This section features the best films from East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East.

This year's edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival is as comprehensive as ever, featuring 790 films from 72 countries in competitive section plus special sections devoted to world cinema Japanese cinema and many more. It will be even more memorable for Indian film lovers if Chak De India manages to woo Japan in a manner that not many previous Indian movies have succeeded (other than Rajnikanth movies of course). Shimit Amin, the Director of Chak De India will be traveling to Tokyo for the screening and said, "We are truly honored. It is a wonderful pat on the back for everyone associated with this film."

And given that the film has such universal appeal; it's highly probable that Chak De India will manage to leave a permanent mark on the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Screenings Dates:

19 Oct '08, 15:30 - 18:28 (open 15:10)

22 Oct '08, 11:20 - 14:18 (open 11:00)
Shibuya [Bunkamura Le Cinema 2]
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Fashion to premiere in New York

"Fashion", Madhur Bhandarkar's film set in the glamorous but ruthless world of haute couture, is slated for its world premiere on October 24 during the week-long 5th South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) in New York.

Nandita Das' "Firaaq", also from India, is the opening night feature of the festival and Das starrer "Ramchand Pakistani" directed by Mehreen Jabbar is the closing film. The festival runs from October 22-28.

SAIFF 2008 will present a select combination of full-length films, shorts and documentaries in a variety of genres. With several screening locations in Manhattan and high-profile sponsors like HBO, the New York Times and Time Warner Cable, the festival is dedicated to supporting established and emerging filmmakers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, as well as the South Asian diaspora.

"Fashion", starring Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Raj Babbar explores the world of style through the emotional journeys of the key people that make up the industry -models, designers, photographers, agencies and businessmen.

"Firaaq", which premiered last month at the Toronto International Film Festival, takes place over a 24-hour period one month after the 2002 communal violence in Gujarat. It features a star studded ensemble portraying the emotional journeys of "ordinary people" - some victims, some perpetrators and some who watched silently.

"Ramchand Pakistani" is a true story from 2002 concerning the accidental crossing of the Pakistan-Indian border during a period of extreme, war-like tension between the two countries by two members of a Pakistani Hindu family belonging to the Dalit caste. Nandita Das is the only non-Pakistani in the film's cast.
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Akshay Kumar replaces Big B in Komagata Maru

After saying 'No' to Big B, Oscar nominated director Deepa Mehta has signed Akshay Kumar to play the lead in her next film, Komagata Maru.

It was earlier reported in the media that Big B couldn't do the film since it is a Canadian Production and their government expects the actors to have a Canadian citizenship. The film has therefore gone to Akshay Kumar.

Komagata Maru is an epic film based on a true story surrounding the voyage of the ship 'Komagata Maru' from India to Vancouver in the early part of the last century with 376 passengers on board seeking a new life in the promise land.

It is a film of high level government intrigue, duplicity, racism, spying, military engagements, court battles, sedition, and assassination.

It is a journey of one man's courage that challenged the largest empire in the world. Set in the year 1914, the film spans two continents. It bears open the heroism of Gurdit Singh, who dares to have an impossible dream- a life of freedom, equality, and dignity.

The film also depicts the martyrdom of Mewa Singh.

Akshay Kumar has confirmed he will be playing the lead Gurdit Singh, in this collaboration with Deepa Mehta. Talks are also underway with various actors including Hollywood A-listers making this truly an international project.

"This is an extremely important opportunity for me to reveal a significant moment in Canadian history and illustrate the steadfast bravery of the Sikh community who sacrificed so much to help create a more tolerant community within my adopted country, " says award winning director, Deepa Mehta.

Akshay Kumar says, "I'm not used to working with the Oscar nominated directors so it is a great privilege to work with Deepa Mehta.

The subject of this film has moved me, as it is a true representation and a testimony to human struggles for freedom, justice and equality. I want to portray this real life tragedy to the world identifying how injustice was done to innocent people.

It is an hour for me to play one of the bravest Sikhs, Gurdit Singh, in this tragic forgotten moment in history. I salute those brave souls who sacrificed their lives for justice and equality today."

Komagata Maru is a Canadian production being produced by Hamilton-Mehta Production Inc. in association with Akshay Kumar's home production, Hari Om Entertainment.

The film's budget ranges from $ 30-35 million dollars approximate and is currently in pre-production. It will begin full production in September 2009.

The story will be filmed in various locations around the world. The film will be distributed in Canada by Mongrel Media.

In Heroes we don't bad mouth Pakistan: Preity Zinta

After almost a gap of one and half years Preity is back with a more mature outlook towards life. And that can be made out in her forthcoming films. Currently her three films are due for release, let's talk to her and know more about them.

Q-It's almost after one and half years that your three films are going to be released?
A-Yes, alongwith Heroes there are two more films that are going to be released. After Heroes which is releasing in Diwali it's going to be Deepa Mehta's "Heaven and Earth"and then Jaanu Barua's "Har Pal" will be released.

In all these films Heroes and Har Pal are completely commercial films but Heaven and Earth is a realistic film. Its based on household violence. In both the films Heroes and in Heaven and Earth I'm playing the role of a Punjabi girl.

The characters that I'm playing in both these films are different forms of women. It's chirpy and bubbly in one while serious and stronger in the other.

The character of Har Pal is something very different from what I have played till now. It reminded me of Kya Kehna.

Q-What is the specialty of these three films?
A-The specialty about these films would be that they will have a place in my personal film library. I'm really proud about these films as in them I have challenged the actor inside me.

Moreover in this era of only commercial films these films are a good combination of reality and commercial and I list them with Taare Zammen Par, Rang de Basanti, Wednesday and Munna Bhai.

And also the best part about Heroes is that in spite of being an army based film it has not bad mouthed Pakistan in any way.

Q-What would you like to say about Deepa Mehta?
A-What do I say about her, she is one of the finest directors in the world. I always thought about her as a director who could never go wrong. This was proved at Toronto after the screening of our film Heaven and Earth when the entire crowd there gave a standing ovation.

Q-In all the three films you are playing the role of a typical Indian girl, which of these is the real you?
A-Amongst the three, Kuljeet of Heroes is very close coz she is shown patriotic just, like me. But I feel just by saying any one of these characters resemble me would be unfair. More than my characters I trust these films.

Q-That means you are sure to win the national award this year?
A- (laughing) I don't know. I would want the viewers to be my award. I would like them to go and watch these films. And I would personally request every man and women to definitely watch Deepa Mehta's Heaven and Earth.

Q-Its heard that in Heroes al the heroines are sidelined, is it true?
A- Absolutely not, there is nothing like this. These are all personal views of the media. They have a habit of hyping the smallest of issues.

I would like to appreciate them as they have managed to hit the bull's eye once again. Just like Veer Zaara was Shah Rukh and Preity's film and in every poster the two of them were seen, in the same way in this film also the heroine plays a very strong character. but Heroes is actually as the name suggests a film basically on the heroes.

Q-After almost one and half year you were to be seen in "last Lear" and now in all your forthcoming films you are seem to be excited about doing all different characters. Why at this time?
A-what do you mean?

Q-I meant that were you offered such roles or you had decided that you want to do something different?
A-Yes, I had decided I wanted to do something different. because of this decision I also refused a lot of big banners which I don't want to mention now.

Whereas media had already started spreading the news that Preity is not getting any good offers and that she is planning to get married. The fact was that I had taken a one year time off from my directors for the IPL as I dint want to discuss things before they could work out.

In midst of all this I always thought in my heart that I wanted to do something different that would inspire me. Lot of my friends were annoyed and said that I was really crazy to do something like this.

Q-But why did you decide to do something like this?
A-Every single person asked me the same question at that time. And I answered all of them by saying that even if I fail in my expectations I would like to give myself a chance. No one would be held responsible for my failure.

Everytime when someone would come up to me with a offer I would instantly agree thinking that the film sounds great, the banner is big the money is good, It was as if someone is controlling me with a remote control. This was not what my heart wanted.

When I took an off for IPL I felt that these are some signals from God, coz the day I decided to do something different I got a call from Deepa Mehta asking me for Heaven and Earth.

Q-Haven't Deepa Mehta and Rituparna Ghosh offered you any roles before?
A-Of course they had offered me. Even when I was doing hard core commercial films I did get offers from big directors for such roles.

At that time I had told them that I want to be completely dedicated to what I'm doing, if im unable to give my hundred percent to the film then that would be a minus point for the film.

Q-Why did you do a cameo role in Mr. and Mrs. Khanna and Rab ne Bana di Jodi?
A-As far as Mr. and Mrs. Khanna is concerned the director of the film is a very close friend of mine and he always wanted me to work with him. But I was so obsessed with these three forthcoming films of mine that I refused him.

Now when he came up to me with this small role I couldn't refuse him. For Rab ne Bana di jodi I wouldn't like to comment on that film.
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Oh My God! Salman…you look so good: Preity Zinta

Preity, with your next film Heroes coming up. Are you nervous or excited?
Frankly speaking, I am very excited. I was nervous when I was shooting for the film. It was a very difficult role for me, because it was not in my comfort zone as an actor. This role was something that I have not attempted before.

For instance, when someone offers me a role of an NRI, I can play that role with ease because it's in my comfort zone. But my role in Heroes has got a very rural flavor to it.

It's a role of a simple girl from a village, who speaks Punjabi and is a woman of the soil. She works on a tractor and makes rotis in a village house. In that sense, it's a very different kind of role.

What is the name of your character in the film and can you oblige us by giving a sneak peak into the lives of 'Heroes'?
The name of my character is Kuljeet Kaur, who is an Indian by every inch. And as far as the 'sneak peak' into the film is concerned, all I can say is that the film is about the two boys played by Vatsal Seth and Sohail Khan.

They belong to the proverbial 'Generation Next' and also someone who have everything that anyone can ever want. They have the money to splurge, they have all the vices, and they have the time, and yes the luxury to waste time too, which is pretty much the current breed of the upper level generation.

Heroes is about their journey of meeting people from various backgrounds of life. It is their interaction with people from various backgrounds of life. Moreover, how they get inspired from them. It is then, that these normal people become 'heroes'.

The bottom line of the story is that one need not do anything extraordinary to become a hero. You can simply do the ordinary things and become a hero. But what matters the most is the 'way' you do them.

As Mariah Carey says in her famous song… 'That a Hero lies in you'. This film is also something that acts as a bridge that connects the modern India with the real India.

How much of your character in Heroes do you identify with?
Absolutely…despite the fact that I am extremely urban! But as Shahrukh says, 'Phir bhi dil hai Hinduatani'! I come from an army family (with my father and brother both serving the nation), I am extremely patriotic towards my country.

I would request each and every family to at least send one of their children to the army. That way, it would not be states and communities anymore…it will be about INDIA! People in the army give their lives for people they don't even know. The only time when we remember them is when there is a war happening.

At the end of the day, we land up with a 'Oh! How sad' kind of feeling, which is something that I feel will never cease to be the flavor of the season. Heroes is a look into lot of such things, without any kind of theory and lecture-baazi!

It's more of a practical presentation which, in other words, can also be termed as the mirror of the society! It's not just me, but the whole nation will instantly identify with Kuljeet Kaur! As an actor, Heroes is a very new space for me and I am simply proud to be a part of it!

Rumors also have it that you have not used make up in the entire film. How much of it is true?
Yes, I have not used make-up, but only in some portions of the film, whereas in others, I have. But the one film in which I have just not done any make up is my next film Heaven On Earth! To me, Heaven On Earth and Heroes are the two faces of the same coin.

How was it working with Salman Khan?
Till date, never ever in my career, have I ever looked at my hero while working with him, stopped at the sets and said, "Oh! You look so good!" But, I did that with Salman Khan when he came dressed up as a Sardar. I just looked at him and said, "Oh My God! Salman…you look so good!"

Salman, on his part, simply looked at me so endearingly and asked, "Preity…what are you talking about!" With his beard and turban, he looked like a real Jat Sikh! Trust me; he looks so very awesomely good in the film.

As a matter of fact, I happened to go to London where a group of people came up to me and said, "Assi tho zaroor dekhaangey jee Heroes, Salman Khan tho badda sona lagada hain jee." (Dear, we will surely watch Heroes without fail. Salman looks so good in it!).

And I was like, 'Hey! What about me?' (Laughs) To which, they replied, "Aap bhi achhe lag rahe ho, par Salman kya lag raha hai…gabru'. (You too are looking good, but Salman looks so macho!).

Heroes was previously titled as 'Mera Bhaarat Mahaan'. Without sounding diplomatic or politically correct, can you please tell us as to which name do you prefer more and why?
I think both the titles work for me because the idea being both the titles suits the film so very accurately.

That reminds me of an incident, which happened to me a few days back when I saw a signboard which said 'Mera Bhaarat Mahaan'.

But when I came closer to the board, there were these small letters below it which said 'Banana padega'. (Laughs) If I were to think of Heroes from a different context, I think that Mera Bharat Mahaan sounds like a name with a little bit of cynicism in it, while Heroes sounds more positive. That way, I would stick with Heroes!

Vatsal Seth…the literal blue-eyed boy of Bollywood, who started off his Bollywood career with a dud like Tarzan -The Wonder Car is again knocking the doors of tinsel town with Heroes. Do you foresee a bright future for him post Heroes?
I am sure that he indeed has a bright future ahead of him. And when he actually starts looking like a man (post his chocolate hero image), he would have gained so much experience in this industry, that its going to be only raining awards for him!

India winning at the Oscars is every Indian's dream. So, do you feel that Taare Zameen Par will make every Indian's dream come true?
I really hope it wins! It's a great movie. After watching the film, I told Aamir that, 'TZP made me cry. And it wasn't even a love story.' I am already sitting with my fingers and toes crossed with a little prayer of my lips!

Can you cite three reasons for the common man to watch Heroes?
Firstly, it's a fantastic film. Secondly, I am in it. And lastly, it's going to be worth every minute of it.
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Kangana gets cosy with her boyfriend

From the beginning of her career Kangana Ranaut has seemed to be comfortable with exposing, steamy scenes and playing troubled characters.

In all her films from 'Gangster', 'Woh Lamhe', 'Shaka Laka Boom Boom' to 'Life in a Metro' (and the upcoming 'Fashion'), she's repeatedly done things of that kind!

This time it's being said that her lovemaking scene in 'Raaz 2' gets steamier than ever.

That's quite natural. The guy with whom she's filmed it is none other than Adhyayan Suman, her real-life boyfriend.

Yes, Kangana has been seeing him after she walked out of her long term relationship with Aditya Panscholi and was 'done using him' (as accused by the jilted Panscholi)!

Reportedly Kangana and Adhyayan play a madly-in-love couple in the Vishesh Films' movie. Since the two are shown to be a live-in couple in the film, director Mohit Suri thought of shoot a lovemaking scene between them. The scene required the two actors to get cozy and even share a passionate kiss.

As expected the real life lovers were game for it. The buzz is that everything was very spontaneous and they didn't even rehearse before shooting the scene.

With an expert like Kangana around, it must have been very simple indeed!
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Don't read If you can't take the heat - Minnisha

"If you can't take the heat, then, DO NOT tickle the dragon."

Well, that's how this Goddess of Beauty can be rightly described, who has only added glitters to the already glittering cover of the recent issue of Maxim. She is none other than Minissha Lamba, who has, today, deservingly become not just the talk of the town, but also the toast of the town!

Had she not become an actress, journalism was the way to go for this chic, who, only recently 'Kidnapped' every cinegoer's dream with her star-tling screen presence in the recent flick Kidnap. Even though the film saw a roller coaster collections at the Box-Office windows, but everyone who saw the film was high on/ with Minissha's dose!

Well, for those who are envious about the secret behind this svelte hour glass figure, eat your hearts out, as, on her own admission, Minissha says that it's actually "Imran helped me in my weight loss regime"!

And what does this beauty think of as her 'best feature'? Well, the answer to that are her hands!

Here comes the real shocker! If one has to ask this lasso out on a date, then, the best way is neither through an Armani, Gucci nor even Louis Vuitton!

Instead, Minissha says that "The surefire way to score a date with me is not to show too much interest...I like it when someone keeps me guessing!" Well, so you see, you will have to act 'dis-interested' to get this ''Miss-interested'!

This one will surely serve as 'Dummies guide to woo Minissha Lamba'. She confesses that she is not someone who is easy to approach. One will only manage to score those brownie points on intelligence.

Standard pickup lines just do not happen in Minissha's life! And even a conversation does not lead to a date, as she does not give her telephone number! Sad...but as they say...such is life. What say, Minissha!
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You can't have a sex bomb image forever

Three years and nine films later, Tanushree Dutta has moved on. She no longer worries about the kind of perception audience has about her and the variety of roles they want her to be seen in. Instead she wants to focus on different kind of projects that she can lay her hands on and wear different personalities for each of her roles.

"Just like in life you can't have the same mood everyday, the same holds good in your professional career as well.

You can't be trapped in the image of a sex bomb forever or shy away from doing different kind of films. I can't be the same girl from morning till night and the same holds good for my films too which should be boasting of different flavors", philosophizes Tanushree Dutta.

Stating that she can't be playing monotone characters for life, Tanushree declares that she has grown in life. "I am not a kid anymore to be affected by talks around me.

Anything that is extreme, whether overtly negative or highly positive, ceases to disturb the way I look at life or my work. I know of the people who love me and the supporters that I have. I don't have a point to prove to anyone out there."

Her latest release 'Saas Bahu Aur Sensex' saw her in a different avtar altogether. From the bombshell image that she carries, suddenly she appeared as a girl next door.

"Well, it may be a little disappointing for few but again as I said earlier, those who love me would understand this.

For others, well I can only be sorry for them but please, don't expect me to be the same all the time", smiles Tanushree who would also be seen in a children's adventure film 'Raama - The Saviour' soon.

"That's one film I am excited about since I have learnt martial arts for the film. 'Raama - The Saviour'.

The film boasts of stunts on the lines of Lara Croft played by Angeline Jolie in 'The Tomb Raiders series' and has state-of-the-art special effects and animation. It was fun shooting for the film which has been shot in the jungles of Thailand", signs off Tanushree.
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Stallone to attend India premiere of Kambakht Ishq

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala has hit it off so well with Sylvester Stallone while shooting for "Kambakht Ishq" that he has convinced the "Rocky" star to attend the premiere of the film here as well as to work together in more movies.

"Yes, Stallone will be coming to Mumbai for the premiere. In fact, we have hit it off so well that I've convinced him for more collaborations with us," Nadiadwala told IANS.

"However, it's too premature to talk about any concrete plans between the two of us. He did give me a book to read, but that doesn't mean I'm making a movie out of it, not yet."

The producer has huge plans for "Kambkaht Ishq". He plans to have an international release of the English version of the movie at the same time with the Hindi in April-May 2009.

"It'll be a much shorter version of the original. While the Hindi version will be around 130 minutes, the English version will be 90-100 minutes long and without any song."

Nadiadwala is working on the English version of "Kambakht Ishq". Though Akshay is all set to finally go international with his first English-language film, he won't be heard speaking in his own voice.

"I'll get dubbing artistes from outside India to dub for everyone, excluding Sylvester Stallone. Akshay certainly can't make himself comprehensible to American audiences in his own voice," said Nadiadwala from Vicenza in Italy, where the last portion of "Kambhakt Ishq" is being shot with Kareena, Akshay, Aftab Shivdasani and Amrita Arora.

To knock off the elaborate Hindi song sequences for the English version, Sajid is getting a creative music director from Hollywood as a consultant.

"We've zeroed in on three guys who specialise in editing Hollywood musicals including the gentleman who did 'The Wedding Singer'. I'll hire one of them to put together the English version of 'Kambhakt Ishq'. I don't want it to be seen as a dubbed Bollywood film. I want it to be on a par with the American releases, just as slick."

This is where the presence of Stallone, Denise Richards and "Entourage" star Holy Valencia would help.

"These stars would help bring in the American audience and establish a connect with the film. Like in India, most audiences won't care about Stallone and other Hollywood stars. They'll just go to watch Akshay."

Nadiadwala is hoping "Kambakht Ishq" would be the international launch of Akshay's career.

"He has it in him. And we've worked really hard to give 'Kambakht' an international look and feel. My film has gone way above budget. I don't think I'll ever be able to make a film so expensive. The ticket fare to Europe alone costs what was the entire budget of my first production."
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Salman plays an 18th century warrior from Central India in Veer

Salman Khan's period film Veer is set in the 18th century and covers the period from 1820 to 1930. A source related to the film reveals the story of Veer revolves around a sect of people called the Pindaris.

The Pindaris were a horde of cruel marauders, who from their headquarters in Central India ravaged and plundered the neighbouring regions as well as some distant areas.

During the eighteenth century, they adopted plundering and robbery as their profession. The Marathas armies employed the Pindaris in their battles as auxiliary forces.

It is learnt that the film will be extensively shot in various locales in London and Rajasthan. Salman and director Anil Sharma are looking out for able-bodied men who will play the Pindari warriors along with Salman.

The source says, "Salman plays the title role of Veer in the film. He's a Robin Hood of sorts, who robs the British officers and helps the poor. Salman has watched Mel Gibson's The Patriot and was quite impressed with the gun battle scenes. He wants to do the same with Veer."
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Happy Birthday Big B!

All Mighty Indian Transcending All over Bollywood Hungama...If one has to take the initials of the above words, then, it will lead to the name that has been rocking, shocking, serenading, stirring, and of course…ruling Bollywood for eras and decades alike! He is none other than the one and only Amitabh Bachchan, whose mere name spells success interspread with spellbound confidence!

Today is the birthday of this man, who, had almost packed off his bags to go back to his hometown. But as they 'Some things are just not meant to be… while some things are meant only to B!' No doubt that he is a living legend, but also a living example of the saying 'What hard work can do to a person!

Post your Birthday wishes down below to wish the unanimous 'Brand Ambassador of Bollywood'
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Akshay and Kareena shooting for Kambakth Ishq in Venice

The very statement that 'Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor are being paired together' brings all the makings of a Bollywood blockbuster in one's mind! Having said that, if we were to mention that Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh join Akki and Bebo in the film, it would undoubtedly be one of the biggest Hindi films ever! Well, this film is none other than Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambakth Ishq! Needless to say that, with this, it becomes India's first film to boast of such a huge Indian and International starcast! The film is a romantic comedy about an Indian stuntman who takes Hollywood by storm.

The above pics were taken in Venice where Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor were shooting last week for a song sequence. From the looks of it, it seems like Akshay is trying his best to woo Kareena. The scale at which this film is being shot already makes it a potential blockbuster. Looks like there's no stopping for Akki!
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What happens in Vegas...

By now, the state of Hrithik Roshan's knee is well-known. From being severely injured to going in for a surgery to correct the problem, his knee has been the subject of much discussion.

Says one of Hrithik's female colleagues, "Duggu's knee is a cause for great concern for him and for his entire family. The doctors told him he would never dance again. After his second son was born, Duggu went for surgery to the US and spent nearly two months recovering. He was determined to let it heal properly because Kites requires considerable athletic movement. Hrithik didn't take one wrong step until he left to shoot for the film in the US."

Everything went smoothly until the final week of shooting in Las Vegas when Hrithik injured his sensitive knee again. Says a source, "There was panic. He was in considerable pain and unable to move. And since there was just a few days' shooting left, director Anurag Basu wondered what they would do."

When contacted, Hrithik tells an even more serious tale of injury. "I hurt myself while jumping from a car. It looked really bad. The doctor said my knee would require eight weeks of healing. He said I'd be limping on crutches for at least two weeks."

But three days after the injury, the actor had a miraculous recovery. He says, "It is the third day after the accident. And I'm already running on my 'injured' knee. So it's all fine."

But the recurring problem with his knee refuses to go away.
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Dostana - Desi Girl

Hey guys check out the hot and sexy couple of Abhishek Priyanka John Abraham in the movie Dostana feautring this sexy song Desi Girl

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Big B In Hospital Exclusive Pictures

On his 66th birthday Saturday, Amitabh Bachchan was taken to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai for some tests when he complained of stomach pain at his residence, Pratiksha in Juhu. Later, he was shifted to Lilavati Hospital, where his mother Teji Bachchan had died lat year. We bring you exclusive pictures of the happening.

Abhishek, Shweta and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan take Amitabh Bachchan to Lilavati Hospital

Abhishek and Shweta help Amitabh get in the ambulance outside Nanavati

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets out of the ambulance outside Lilavati

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