Urvashi Sharma - How hot can you get?

Born and brought up in a middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi, model-turned-actress Urvashi Sharma has already acquired a bold and beautiful image for herself with numerous print and television advertisements, music videos like Mika’s ‘Something Something’ and also with sizzling roles in movies like ‘Naqaab’.

She likes taking risks and added to her gutsy reputation during the shooting of ‘Naqaab’ where she opted to do a stunt on a speed boat all by herself. When the cameras started rolling, she went off at breakneck speed and got her crew worried.

Once, again Urvashi has shown her guts by going to the skimpiest clothing in the latest issue of ‘Stardust’ magazine. With Urvashi in such hot pics, no wonder the temperatures are soaring higher each day!

The issue also has added temptations like Saif Ali Khan gracing the cover of the issue, making a claim - “Kareena And I Don’t Intend To stay Engaged Forever” and on the top there is a title which reads, “Shahrukh takes on Shoaib Akhtar’s Threats”.

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Sonam Kapoor in elite club of Indian edition of Harper’s Bazaar

The latest talked about actress of bollywood, Sonam Kapoor is coming as on cover of Harper’s Bazaar India for the month of June 2009. This photo shoot was conducted by Ace photographer Atul Kasbekar. The theme at the cover was displaying an effect of old glamour from Hollywood. By coming on the cover of the magazine she has joined elite club of Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone who earlier also appeared on the cover of Indian edition of the magazine.

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Now on Mumbaites would have star ride

It was too much hype for the new taxi to be launched in Mumbai as far as in matter of comfort that Bollywood star Sunil Shetty graced the launch of Mumbai Taxi Company’s Star Taxi in Mumbai. It is an upgrade to the typical taxi. New Taxis are very comfortable in terms of seating with a promise of a smooth ride. Now on Mumbaites would have better taxi ride.

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Angry Amisha hits back: I'm very hurt and upset

Angry Amisha hits back: I`m very hurt and upsetMedia has not been very kind to Amisha Patel, whose dream run didn't last very long in the Bollywood. People have been writing vicious stories about her personal life as well the professional failures.

And now the hazel-eyed beauty has hit back with all the answers one her blog. Here's what she has to say about the recent controversies:

Where have I been? What have I been doing? That has been the refrain of late. From media, friends, associates. But I chose to do my own things; work hard, enjoy life and generally keep away from the world. But of late I’ve been upset. More hurt than upset actually.

It is because I’ve been the victim of some misreporting. And what has taken me by surprise is that it is the reputed paper, Bombay Times – of the Times Group, one I have been close to and been part of in almost every new venture of theirs – that has been the offending party.

But it’s not all the media, or the whole paper, but a certain article that BT carried a few days ago which has deeply wounded me. It was by journalist of many years, Meena Iyer. She misconstrued some facts so totally that it was almost like I’m being written off for being from a long lost era.

Firstly, it was factually wrong. It slotted me in the 90s era, along with Aishwarya, Kajol, Shilpa, Preity and Rani. I was not even on the scene then. I actually made my debut in the 2000s, along with Kareena and others.

So the misrepresentation of facts was the first thing that bothered me. More so, because it wasn’t some faltu paper or sleazy TV channel type story done by a rookie.

It was just a ‘put down’ article to quite a few seniors in the industry. People who’ve earned their laurels and who require no certification from any one individual for their fame and popularity.

The article runs down artistes that I really respect; who I’ve grown up watching – like Shilpa Shetty, Rani and Preity. Even actors like Madhuri and Kajol – who’re powerhouse performers. And an Ash. Why?

Frankly, I think getting offensive or putting a tablet on these people saying that ‘they’re finished’, that it’s ‘pack-up time’ for them, is very unfair.

These are people who’ve given our industry memorable films and great performances and are still doing A-grade films with some of the biggest stars. To make comments like ‘Abhishek prefers a Sonam’, when he’s got three films with his own wife; or to say that ‘Shah Rukh prefers a Deepika’ when the current biggest and ONLY film he’s doing (and ALSO happens to be co-producing) is My Name Is Khan with Kajol is unfair.

How can you completely write them off? Secondly, it sounded like she wanted to claim that I belonged to a generation of actresses that one admired, but wasn’t really part of. I haven’t even been around for a decade yet.

My first release was in January 2000 — Kaho Naa … Pyaar Hai. Everyone knows that. Simply because there was this whole controversy that I’d ‘replaced’ Kareena. Simultaneously, Kareena had signed Refugee. Everyone knows the rest.

Even the ‘current’ breed of actors she wrote about is factually incorrect. Asin was mentioned. But little did the writer know that Asin had made her debut in the South in 2001. Even Katrina made her debut in 2002 with Boom.

It’s great that someone like her is doing so well and giving everyone a run. But they did debut around the same time I did. That is why it looks like an almost mischievous attempt to elevate one lot and put a lot of super-achievers down.

Some of them have far bigger projects, with the biggest of actors, than the newer stars mentioned.

ZOOM tried to stand up for the Group by suggesting that maybe the article was prompted merely by my ‘bad run’ at the Box Office. Everyone has a lean run, and maybe some of us mentioned here do. No movie is big or small.

It’s just a success or a disaster. And no star can be written off. It’s the law of filmdom.

Just like no journalist is greater than the Group he or she represents. And the humility of the representative is what reflects the personality of the Group.

I almost felt as if she was on some personal vendetta and was out to just slice people. I don’t think it had anything to do individually with me or anything like that.

I was so agitated that I followed the decent norm and spoke to the writer, Meena Iyer. And I was appalled to find that she was extremely rude. I requested Meena to ‘please do her homework’, and she got aggressive and shouted, “Don’t tell me how to do my homework!”

Later she made digs at my choice of movies like Run Bhola Run and Chatur Singh Two-Star. These are films with Sanjay Dutt and senior stars like Govinda. It was a hurtful thing to say.

People also said these things about Kaho Naa … Pyaar Hai when it came with Refugee.

And Gadar. But we all know the outcome. Meena was extremely unapologetic, rude and defensive. Even if she said, “I‘m sorry, I overlooked it in my enthusiasm to write my piece, or even a plain and simple — I’m sorry,” it would’ve been enough.

The damage had already been done and so many actors’ names were run-down in print. However, that attitude was more disturbing than the actual article. I’ve loved the Times Group and been part of all their start-ups.

I know almost all senior management and none of them are in any way immodest, proud or rude. I hope this was just a one-off bad day for the journalist in question. She’s been around way too many years to let this become a blot of rudeness on a career that represents the Group she’s worked for – more than ever.

I’ll get over my hurt. But it may take that much longer for her conscience to clear. God bless!

Courtesy: Itimes

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Industry men react to Neetu Chandra's hot 'girl on girl' photo shoot

Industry men react to Neetu Chandra`s hot `girl on girl` photo shootNeetu Chandra's 'woman-on-woman' photo shoot has literally created a storm. Leave aside the protests (or the lack of them), the fact remains that the pictures have been one and all (though quite a few also deny having looked at them, but more on that later) and the Garam Masala girl who got 'lucky' with an unlucky number '13' quite recently has now moved up from a 'Traffic Signal' to Page 1 across National Dailies as well as prime slots on news channels.

Joginder Tuteja catches up with quite a few industry men and tries to gauge their reaction on Neetu's photo shoot. While doing so, we came across an interesting trend. While majority of top line actors (names withheld) either refrained from commenting at all or evaded the query by stating - 'I am yet to look at the pictures', quite a few Bollywood filmmakers were game to share their views around the photo shoot. This is what they had to say:

Suparn Verma - "More woman power! She looks fabulous and the pictures are aesthetically done. I think the moral police should take a nap!"

Ken Ghosh - "It's quite an interesting concept! Great going!"

Rohit Jugraj - "I think it's very awesome and gutsy on Neetu's part to go ahead with such bold and sensuous pictures. Times are changing and we should pay heed.

They say cinema is a reflection of the changing society and if the world can have a festival like Moondance (a gay and dance film festival), we can at least celebrate freedom of expression in cinema. I have always had a script about two women, a pack of cigarettes and a road trip in mind, though that script of mine is not about lesbian characters but does have an intimate moment between the girls.

Photo shoots like Neetu's only prove to me that audience is ready, howsoever niche it may be. But the question is - 'Are we filmmakers ready to handle such themes deftly with maturity and sensitively?"

Randeep Hooda - "Neetu's pictures are very hot. It's in some form or the other every man's fantasy. It's about time we started opening up about it (smiles). It's a brave shoot so cheers to her!"

Jag Mundhra - "I just checked one such picture on the net. I think it is quite beautiful and provocative. Her body language is defiant; celebrating raw female sexuality. It says - 'As an artist I am ready to push the boundaries'. It defies the viewer to do the same. I think it is very symbolic than sexy, just like the PETA ads."

Rahul Dholakia - "I saw the shoot, and while I thought it was an interesting concept and a good marketing tool, I don't think we should give it any more importance than that. If this picture is generating any kind of controversy, I don't think it should. It's bold but not obscene; it's about two women, maybe lesbians. So what?"

Piyush Jha - "Everyday I get surprised at how much further and further we are pushing the envelope of morality in India. While I am not aesthetically riveted by the pictures, I am impressed by the challenge it throws at the so called 'norms' of our society."

Madhu Mantena - "I am in London and haven't seen the pictures yet. However, would like to meet them together!"

Vivek Agnihotri - "We are living in time of media clutter and to get mind share, media must titillate; so a shoot like this is nothing novel.

Also competition is so tough in our industry that lots of people are willing to go to any extent to be noticed. What can be a better way than shock the audiences? The picture meets both these aspirations. Neetu is talented and I am sure she is capable of shocking more with her talent and soon she will realize it."

Shirish Kunder - "Awesome. In fact I thought it was a little restrained. They should have gone out a little more."

Navdeep Singh - "Girl-girl action is always very welcome. These pictures seemed tasteful enough. There is a need and space for some eroticism in our lives. And when it's girl-on-girl, it's even better!!!"

Robby Grewal - "Neetu has liked doing the shoot and I have liked looking at the pictures. So where does the question of protests or morality come into picture?

At the end of the day when an artist and a consumer are comfortable with something, there should not be a problem with everyone else.

And come on, it's not the first time that such pictures have come on print, so why are we making a hue and cry?"

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What makes Deepika the Hottest girl on Earth

What makes Deepika the Hottest girl on EarthDeepika made her debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s super successful, Om Shanti Om in November 2007 and now in just one and a half year into the industry, she has managed to become the much sought after Bollywood star.

The lanky beauty has been the brand ambassador for international brands such as Tissot, Maybelline, Pepsi, Levi’s, Wrigleys and Fiama Di Willis.

She has been has been the cover girl for many fashion magazines Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Marie Claire and Maxim recently voted her The Hottest Girl on Earth.

Not only is she sought after in India the actress has been making news overseas too.

Sources inform that director Rob Cohen, of The Fast and the Furious fame has been enamoured by Deepika Padukone’s beauty it is said is keen on casting her in his next project.

Sources say that the director finds her very beautiful and believes that Deepika Padukone is the new face of Indian cinema and is a much sought after name overseas.

If all goes well, Deepika Padukone will be India’s newest and the quickest entrant in Hollywood. She is now looking forward to Illumnati Films’s Love Aaj Kal opposite Saif Ali Khan. Then she has Sajid Nadiadwala’s next opposite Akshay Kumar and Farah Khan’s next Happy New Year with Shah Rukh Khan.

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Make a bald style statement this summer

Make a bald style statement this summerBollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan's bald look in his upcoming home production "Paa" might be just a make-up gimmick, but several others are opting for the bald look this summer to keep cool.

"It is a very convenient hair style for men as they look very cool and stylish. To beat the heat this look becomes very popular in the summer, " hair stylist Sylvie told.

This is not the first time that Bollywood stars are creating waves because of their bald look. Earlier Aamir Khan had gone semi-bald for the movie "Ghajini" and Salman Khan for "Tere Naam".

Ajay Ahlawat, 27, has been donning this look for more than two years now.

"I was bored of my regular hair style and I wanted a change. To go bald was a bold and impulsive decision but I am happy that the style suited me hence I am in no mood now to grow my hair back, " explained Ahlawat, a software professional.

Hair stylist and make-up artist Kaajee Rai agrees with Ahlawat and says that most of the men who go for this clean- shaven look are bored of their regular hairstyle.

This trend is not new but earlier it was only restricted to the bad guys of Bollywood.

For "Shaan" Kulbhushan Kharbanda went bald. Anupam Kher, late Amrish Puri, director Rakesh Roshan and his brother Rajesh Roshan are the other bald celebrities.

"Earlier bald was only associated with bad people but this perception has changed and bald now means sexy, " Rai said.

Interestingly, unlike other hair cuts where the shape of the face determines which cut one should opt for, in this case one should know the shape of his head before one goes bald.

"This look goes best with people with an egg-shaped head or a round head. If your head is flat then you should avoid it completely because it can look disastrous, " Sylvie maintained.

"Also people should make sure that their head doesn't have any scar marks and is very clean because only then does the style look trendy, " Sylvie added.

According to Mumbai-based Bollywood stylist Pompy Hans, apart from the shape of the head, one should also keep one's body structure in mind before going for this look.

"If you are lean then the bald look is a big no-no. One should have broad shoulders and a good body structure to carry off this look with poise and confidence, " Hans told over phone from Mumbai.

The bald look also requires maintenance as one has to shave one's hair on a regular basis.

"One should make sure that one is using disposable blades and razors to avoid any infection and to maintain the clean look, shave regularly, " Sylvie explained.

Mumbai-based celebrity stylist Shivram K Bhandary, popularly known as Shiva, says that the men who are losing their hair go for the bald look and then call it their style statement.

"Who doesn't like to have hair? But when your hair growth is depleting then you have no other option but to go bald. An unhealthy lifestyle and pollution has resulted in excessive hair fall and going bald has come as a rescuer, " averred Shiva whose clientle includes Shaan, Madhur Bhandarkar and Ismail Darbar among others.

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Despite flops Akki is the busiest actor in Bollywood

Despite flops Akki  is the busiest actor in BollywoodThough Akshay Kumar has denied that he is in the race to be the number one hero he is said to be the busiest actor in Bollywood. Like every year this year too seems a busy year ahead for the Khiladi Kumar. He will be busy working and traveling non stop.

He has just finished shooting for the second season of his fear factor series Khatron Ke Khiladi recently in South Africa. The entire shoot has been hush-hush as they want to surprise the audiences.

In addition, he has also competed the shooting for Ratan Jain’s De Dana Dhan being directed by Priyadarshan. He is currently shooting for Vipul Shah’s Fast Forward with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Karjat.

After the completion of which he will then start then shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s next titled House Full, which will be Sajid Khan’s second directorial venture after the super success of Heyy Babyy.

Once he is done with House Full by the last quarter of this year Akki will then concentrate on his own production banner Hari Om Pictures and start a film, which shall be directed by Priyadarshan and work on a film he is committed to do with UTV Motion Pictures.

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Imran is the most handsome man I've ever met: Sonam

Imran is the most handsome man I`ve ever met: SonamDelhi-6 girl Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan will now be working together in Dharma Productions next to be directed Punit Malhotra in a young romantic musical.

But before the film has begun the mutual admiration society seems to have already begun for the film’s lead pair. At the launch of a magazine cover just few days back it was more than evident.

During the media interaction an excited Sonam said that she has been a huge fan of Imran Khan after watching Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. She continued, “I met him for the first time at the premiere of his film Jaane tu… and we have been in touch ever since.”

When we asked her whom she considered as the most gorgeous man in the industry between her debut film actor Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan, she smiled and said, “Imran is the most handsome man I have ever met. He’s gorgeous.

Ranbir is a close friend he’s charming. Actually both are hot.”

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Kites - Movie Preview

KitesOne of the most eagerly awaited films of the year is the Hrithik Roshan- Kangna Ranaut- Barbara Mori starrer Kites.

While the film is likely to hit theatres only in the latter half of the year, it has already generated tremendous buzz among the trade circles.

Everything right from Hrithik's sizzling hot chemistry with Barbara Mori to his super cool dance moves is being spoken about. However, not much is known about the film except for the fact that Hrithik plays a salsa dance instructor.

Big Pictures are in fact all keen to market Kites to international buyers, distributors and media during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. In fact, a brief description of the film's premise is also mentioned in some websites which provide information about this year's Cannes International Film Festival.

The premise of the film goes like this:-

In the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert, a mortally wounded man is left for dead in the heat of the desert sun.

This is J (Hrithik Roshan) - once a street smart, carefree young guy and now a wanted man. As death looms, the only thing that keeps him alive is the quest to find the love of his life, Natasha (Barbara Mori).

A woman, betrothed to another man, surely destined for J. A woman, who comes into his life like a bolt of lightning, and changes his life forever.

Love is a moment. The moment J and Natasha saw each other, words were not necessary. In that moment, they knew instantly that they belonged together.

But, something went wrong. The ensuing fight of the two lovers results in a deadly chase. J battles death but nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover.

Kites is a story of love that goes beyond barriers, boundaries and cultures. It is a story of passion that defies every rule, of a relationship which takes two lovers on a journey that is filled with violence and death, of precious moments that are unforgettable. Finally it is a story of betrayal that is beyond comprehension.

While one will have to wait and watch if this is indeed the film's plot, on first reading it does seem very exciting and intriguing.

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Hissss - Movie Preview

HissssThe Curse of the Cobra Goddess - anytime man desecrates or violates the cobra, they are doomed to suffer the petrifying curse of the snake woman, of death and infertility. Only respect and worship can keep the population safe and the women fertile.

Over 4000 years ago the inhabitants of the Indus Valley sculpted the image of the shape shifting snake. These half cobras, half human creatures were said to inhabit an awesome, mysterious temple, made of material unknown to mankind, deep within the jungles, far, far away in the legendary spice forests of the Malabar Coast.

Children grew up hearing about the story recounted to their grandfathers, by their forefathers about an ancestor, who had journeyed to the edge of the world, and came back to recount a frightening story about the Snake Goddess and her mate.... and from here the legend travelled across India, and the far east along the silk route - passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years until this day.

It is the year 2008, an American man, named George, packing high tech gear, and evil intentions, makes the arduous journey into the heart of the forbidden forest.

He captures a male cobra the size of a large python when he's at his weakest, while mating. Little does he realize when they embark on testing this mysterious creature in their high-tech lab, what horror and destruction awaits him....

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Rani Mukherjee compares Sherlyn Chopra with Sophia Lauren

Rani Mukherjee compares Sherlyn Chopra with Sophia LaurenIn a profession that witnesses ugly cat fights due to cut throat competition, Rani Mukherjee has taken the first step of complimenting a co-artist for her performance.

She surprised Sherlyn Chopra, who has a major role to play in the yet untitled Yash Raj Films production, by not just lending her tips on how to face the camera but also comparing her with none other than Hollywood legend Sophia Lauren!

The incident happened recently at BPCL Sports Club where the film, which stars Shahid Kapoor as the male lead, was being shot. Rani was in a particularly happy mood and showered praises on the girl who has not signed any other project than this Yash Raj film and is riding her luck on this single film.

She went ahead and called Sherlyn as a younger version of Hollywood legend Sophia Lauren. Since few years back, Bipasha Basu was compared with Sophia Lauren, Sherlyn was naturally ecstatic.

"Sophia Lauren comparison? Well, all I can say is that I am humbled. I think Rani has been overtly nice, but hey, who doesn't like compliments?

Being someone who is so mature and serious about her work, I sincerely hope that she really meant it when she said so. I would love to keep getting feedback and compliments from an actor of her stature", smiles Sherlyn.

The 1934 born Sophia Loren is an Academy Award-winning Italian film actress. She is widely considered to be the most popular Italian actress of her time and is also famous for being a major international sex symbol.

Moreover, for the shooting of a particular sequence, even though Rani Mukherjee was not required, she still hung around to see the way Sherlyn approached her scene.

Informs a source, "Sherlyn didn't have any clue that Rani was watching her on the monitor, especially for her close up shots. She was engrossed in her performance and was later told by one of the production unit members that Rani was very interested in knowing how she was delivering."

The 'bindaas' and 'outrageous' young woman is happy that she was oblivious of Rani's presence on the sets.

"Thank goodness, that I came to know about it later because I would have been conscious had I known earlier that Rani was following what I was doing. You never know, I may not have delivered my natural best", says Sherlyn who is looking at reinventing her career while leaving the disappointment of Red Swastik (2007) behind.

As per a source from the production unit, Rani was watching Sherlyn's close up shots with keen interest as she is apparently quite fond of her never ending desire to learn the nuances of the art of portraying emotions. In fact, Rani also gave her tips on how to face the camera and explained to her how important it is to know technical details of the varied camera lenses.

"Sherlyn was glad that Rani was spending so much of quality time in discussing technical nuances with her", informs the source, "Sherlyn has done only a few films but Rani has been around for so long.

She is a reigning star and for someone like her to spend time with her says volumes about her humbleness and professionalism. She was being a friend as well as a mentor, a good combination indeed. Who wouldn't want to learn from a senior actor like her?"

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Want to own Sherlyn's personal lingerie & hot photos? Click!

Want to own Sherlyn`s personal lingerie & hot photos? Click!Newbie Sherlyn Chopra, whose pictures hold the record for being some of the most downloaded in the world of internet, has taken a step ahead in being closer to her audience. She is willing to give them a chance to own a part of her. How exactly? Well, she is all set to sell off her personal belongings like lingerie, DVDs and hot images.

Wait. Before your mind starts thinking of something really naughty, let it be clarified that she is taking an entirely professional route in doing so. She has launched an online SC (Sherlyn Chopra) store on her official website and this is the place where she would be showcasing items for auction and sale.

"You have seen me, now own my stuff as well! Ever felt like being as naughty as me then this is your chance? Well, I am ready to offer all material things that I possess.

So while so many women out there may want to look as seductive by wearing the stuff I do, even men may run their fantasies wild by gifting these to their beloved.

You never know, you may turn lucky", winks Sherlyn who would soon be seen in a yet untitled film coming from the house of Yash Raj Films that features Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee.

Informs a source who has been associated with Sherlyn in designing the website and arriving at the list of items that the hottie is bringing forth for her fans and followers, "The range of merchandise varies from Sherlyn's 'Dard' costume - the diamond studded lingerie paired with golden shorts, a DVD consisting of some never seen before photo shoot videos of Sherlyn, clothing items for girls and 'worth sinning for' images and calendars for guys & girls!"

In addition, Sherlyn's 'Bikini Calendar 2009' has been put for sale as well. The calendar will be available in two formats - a hard copy and an electronic version with automatic settings.

This is not all as Sherlyn's online store also boasts of some exclusive posters, wallpapers, screensavers, autographed mug and other clothing items like tops, pants, evening wear, swimsuit, body suit amongst others.

"This is something unique in India and Sherlyn is being a trend setter yet again", comments a marketing professional who is closely following merchandising trend in Bollywood, "In Hollywood, it's a known concept for a celebrity to put his/her stuff on the website and market it for the common man. It's a good tool as it brings a celebrity closer to his/her fans and followers."

Naturally, Sherlyn is thrilled with the response that she has gathered so far from the online community, "I am sure with availability of my stuff on the website, there would be quite a few takers.

In fact I am amazed with the number of queries and actual sales which are happening on the site. I am quite positive that it would only turn out better with every passing week."

Meanwhile, she is happy shooting for her Shahid Kapoor starrer which is being directed by debutant director Anurag Singh. She got the film courtesy Yash Chopra who was apparently quite impressed with Sherlyn’s abilities ever since he saw her film 'Red Swastik'.

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Beware! Katrina Kaif could be dangerous for you!

Beware! Katrina Kaif could be dangerous for you!It seems like everyone is searching for Katrina Kaif including Salman Khan but just like Sallu most of the internet surfers get a heart break when they see their favourite star wreak havoc with their computers.

Yes It's true, McAfee Inc., one of the world's largest Security technology giant has done an extensive research on the most dangerous terms on the internet and found Katrina Kaif to be the second most dangerous.

The infamous crown went to the search term waptrick. Shahid Kapoor occupied the fifth spot in the list while southern sensation Namitha also made it to the Top 10.

Internationally, "Pamela Anderson" and "Jessica Alba" feature in the dangerous list for Canada. Even the Germans have a fatal attraction for "Jessica Alba". "Paris Hilton" poses a danger for the Mexicans and "Amy Winehouse" for the Kiwis of New Zealand.

Search categories, like Katrina Kaif, are used to lure unsuspecting consumers to their web sites. Hackers and cybercriminals are often able to persuade searchers to download files carrying malicious software that can cause consumers to expose their personal and financial data.

McAfee researched more than 2,600 popular keywords (as defined by Google Zeitgeist, Yahoo! Buzz and others sources) to assess the degree of risk for each.

So be cautious next time you search for Katrina on the net. You might end up with a hung, if not infected, computer.

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Kareena doesn't completely trust boyfriend Saif

Kareena doesn`t completely trust boyfriend Saif Kareena Kapooris no longer size zero and one person who is having a sigh of relief is none other that Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena and Saif are back from their short trip to London and Italy. And there, according to the actress, she ignored her diet routine and, like any big-time foodie, gorged on delectable food items. The result? Well, she gained weight at all the right places.

For Saif, the sight of the skinny Kareena gorging on French fries and other delicacies during their vacation was a shock, though a pleasant one. Bebo confesses that he earlier “thought I was thin enough to hang clothes on”, but now Saif is happy that Kareena has got her curves back.

In fact, good friend Salman Khan also cautioned Bebo not to lose too much weight, when she appeared on the first episode of the second season of his show ‘Dus Ka Dum’. Sallu went to the extent of stressing that “men like women with some weight.”

On the same episode, Kareena also revealed that she doesn't completely trust boyfriend Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena and sister Karisma had come as celebrity participants on the first episode of the show hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan.

The first question that they were faced with was, what percentage of Indians check their spouse's phone records and SMSs.

Before the two sisters could answer with a prediction, Salman posed another question, 'why do women check messages etc?'

At which, Karisma answered candidly, "Well I certainly check my husband's call records and SMSs...I'm telling all wives and girlfriends, pick up your husband's phone and check."

Kareena added, "We check because of our insecurities and we are inquisitive about who they talk to the whole day."

At this, Karishma revealed that Kareena even answers her boyfriend's phone in a stern voice.

Looking a little embarassed, Kareena confessed, "Well, Saif works with such good-looking heroines, who knows..."

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Getting intimate with a girl doesn't mean I'm a Lesbian: Neetu Chnadra

Getting intimate with a girl doesn`t mean I`m a Lesbian: Neetu ChnadraDenying rumours that she got carried away while shooting a provocative male fantasy photo shoot for the cover of a men’s magazine, actress Neetu Chandra (of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!) has stated, “I very much knew what I was doing and never got carried away.

But if there is even an iota of doubt in anyone’s mind, let me make it clear once and for all that I am not a lesbo.”

It can be recalled that Neetu was shooting for the cover of ‘The Man’ magazine with a model outside the lobby of a 3- star hotel last week, when a group of regular male customers started shouting “Jai Maharashtra” slogans and threatened action from Raj Thackeray’s Maharashrtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).

They even tried to confiscate the camera, resulting in the shoot having to be abruptly called off.

Neetu had termed them as “some frustrated men, who just wanted my attention. When they didn’t get it, they started making a scene about the shoot and threatening us.”

Now there has been talk about some activists planning to burn copies of the said magazine when its issue carrying Neetu’s images releases next week, alleging that the images have lesbian connotations. But Neetu flatly denies the charge. “It’s about two girls getting intimate to arouse male interest. And that doesn’t mean it’s about lesbianism,” she reiterates.

She says the shoot has been done so aesthetically that several Bollywood biggies have complimented her after the pictures made its way into television channels and papers even before the magazine hit the stands.

“I am getting so many congratulatory phone calls, SMS’s and emails,” says Neetu and adds that even her family members in the conservative city of Patna, instead of being embarrassed, have praised the pictures.

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Pangaa Gang - Frist Look

Pangaa Gang,
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Slumdog kids invited for grand tea party in The House of Commons, London

Oscar and Bafta Award winning film Slumdog Millionaire seems like going a step further in recognising its star cast to the world audience. Be surprised because it's not Dev Patel and Freida Pinto. Slumdog Millionaire's Azharuddin Mohammed and Rubina Ali have received a special invite from Britain's MP Keith Vaz to attend a grand tea party to be held at the House of Commons in Westminster later this month. Keith Vaz wanted to invite both the kids in the month of April but due for reasons unknown, it didn't work out. Now he has made sure that there are no further delays. Both the kid's family accepted the invitation sent by Vaz and are now ready to leave for London in the near future to attend the grand tea party. Though the date of the party is still to be decided, Vaz wished that both Azharuddin and Rubina meet the UK media and their well wishers who've praised their performances in the multiple award winning film.

Speaking exclusively from London with UK's Harrow Observer columnist and Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent, Keith said, "Both the kids have left a lasting impression on the people of UK to such an extent that they are now interested in knowing about the personal lives of the kids after what was badly written about them in the Indian and world press. I haven't yet decided the date when the party will be held but it sure is going to happen in the near future."

Well, these kids deserve much more than just slums. Way to go kids!
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Abhishek watches Shiamak's show

From May 29 to June 3, dance guru Shiamak Davar presented his Summer FunkTM Workshop and Show 2009 in Mumbai.

This year, Shiamak is celebrating 25 years in show business in India, 15 years of offering students the Summer Funk™ platform and 20 years of his classes in Mumbai.

More than 20,000 family members and friends watched students perform over five days at the Shanmukananda Auditorium.

Among the guests was Abhishek Bachchan, who went berserk dancing with Shiamak’s mother on stage. “Summer Funk is the best thing on Earth,” he said.

Also seen rocking were singers Abhijeet and music director Adesh Srivastava, along with his wife Vijeyta.
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Aamir, Akshay, Hrithik nominated for action awards

Bollywood stars Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan are in the race to bag the best actor award at the AXN Action Awards.

While Aamir has been nominated for "Ghajini", Akshay is in contention for "Tashan" and Hrithik for "Jodhaa Akbar".

"'Ghajini' is a film that required a lot of aggression that exposes the basic crude emotion of human loss. I'm honoured to be nominated in the best action actor category, as the action in the film is more complex and thought provoking, showcasing anger, vengeance and physical violence," said Aamir in a statement.

In the best actor in a negative role category, the competition is between Imran Khan for "Kidnap", Saif Ali Khan for "Race" and Kay Kay Menon for "Drona".

"'Race' is a thoroughbred action film, complete with flamboyance and panache. I enjoyed performing the stunts and watching the movie evolve into a suave piece of cinema. I am thrilled to be nominated for my role," he said.

The results will depend on public voting which is now open. Fans can cast their votes by logging on to www.axnactionawards.com or by texting (from India) to 52525.

The winners will be announced on the channel next month.
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Pehchan kaun!

Is this Amitabh Bachchan's look in Paa? This photograph showed up yesterday on a number of Bollywood websites.

It claims to have been shot at the New Delhi schedule. Director Balki and his unit have been extremely careful about keeping Big B's look under wraps, but someone seems to have captured the pic on a mobile camera.

It is believed that in the film, the Big B plays Abhishek's son. Sort of Benjamin Button-y in the reverse.
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Deepika Padukone flagged off a marathon at the stadium she used to work out

Deepika Padukone revisited her childhood days recently when she was in Bangalore. The actress flagged off a marathon at the Kantiveera stadium; where used to go for her early morning jogs and training programme during her school days.

Recalling her child hood days Deepika says, "I remember waking up in the morning at 5 am as a kid and going for the morning jogs to Kantiveera stadium where I flagged off the marathon. Everyone thinks that I go to the gym and sweat it out there. But I hate gyms! I have always been an outdoor person and love outdoor sports like badminton." She reveals she enjoys aerobics too.

Deepika was accompanied to the event by her parents and sister Anisha. Her sister even participated in the marathon which was for a charitable cause, "Since my dad is a sportsperson he has always associated himself with such causes. My mom is an expert on health and fitness and my knowledge of the subject has come from her. I am glad my sister participated and I cheered her on."
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Shilpa Shetty goes to London to take a quiet break

IPL was stressful for the team owners. First, Priety Zinta took off by herself to LA; it is now learnt that Shilpa Shetty is unwinding in London with beau Raj Kundra. The actress will return to India after celebrating her birthday (June 8).

Says the actress, "I am doing what most women love doing in London shopping! It's something I hardly had time for when I was in South Africa for the IPL, as we were busy travelling. The weather is fantastic here. Raj and I have been going out a lot."

The actress isn't sulking or depressed with her team Rajasthan Royals' disappointing loss and subsequent non-entry into the semi-finals, "I am a very positive person and don't take these things to heart. It's upsetting to lose as a franchise but I can say without bias that RR played some of the most thrilling games with miraculous wins, upsetting losses and some fantastic scores we got the highest and lowest scores. It was our duty to give unconditional support to our team. We did that."

Shilpa's sudden backing out of performing at the IPL finals raised eyebrows. Shilpa says, "I think it became a big deal because Lalit (Modi) made an announcement that I would be performing on stage, so people expected me to. I had told them that if I would do the act if I found time to rehearse it properly.

I would be performing in front of millions and I can't do just anything on stage. It would be a thakela act, so I opted out. I'd rather not perform than do mediocre stuff." Are you listening, Katrina???

The actress says she's tired of travelling, "I am taking a week's holiday in London till my birthday as I have been travelling for more one and a half months now."

The best birthday gift? "I think that would be to be let alone doing my own thing without constantly being under public scrutiny ,and that's what Raj and I are doing right now in London."
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Salman Khan buys a yacht along with his brothers

Don't be surprised if you see the Khan brothers Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz partying on a private yacht in Alibaug. Sources reveal that Salman has bought a yacht, and it is parked at a private stretch of the beach in Alibaug.

A source reveals, "Sohail came up with the idea of buying a yacht because he loves the ocean and swimming. Salman and Arbaaz supported him and decided they get one. The yacht is a medium- sized model that can host a small party of 10 people. Salman and Sohail were spotted partying on it a month back with a bunch of kids from their family."

A friend close to the family confirms that the yacht is the family's prized possession and they often use it to get away from the city. "Since Salman doesn't want to be seen travelling in it, he has parked it at a secluded spot in Alibaug. The actor has also deputed two people who are responsible for maintaining the yacht."

Even though details of the yacht's make are sketchy the source confirms the price tag is anything between Rs 2.5-3 crore."
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Hrithik will pay 45 crore to move out of his father place

Hrithik Roshan is all set to move out from his papa's home. The Roshans, with their daughter Sunaina and her daughter Sonalika have the 8th, 9th, and the 10th floor in (El Palazzo). The actor lives on level nine with his wife Sussanne and their two sons.

According to the real estate source, Sussanne and Hrithik have been house-hunting in Juhu for the last six months. They saw a few properties; including late actor Om Prakash's property and another beachfront plot near Rani Mukerji's house, but they weren't really happy with either place.

An insider reveals, "Now they've finally settled for a huge plot situated on 11th road, Juhu. It is in the same lane as Dharmendra's bungalow. On the plot in discussion stands an old three- storeyed building called Husman. The Roshans will demolish the structure and will erect a bungalow in its place.

The Husman building is nearly 15,000 sq ft. "I hear that the deal has cost Roshan Jr nearly Rs 45 crore," adds the source.

Our realestate source says Sussanne has been doing the legwork for the house. She has been constantly in touch with the estate agents. She'd really liked the sea-facing plot, but because of lack of privacy and also due to security reasons, she decided against the place.

Says a source, "Apparently Hrithik and his dad have been facing problems over many issues including that of Hrithik's growing closeness to Barbara Mori. Rakesh had wanted Sussanne to accompany Hrithik to the Cannes Film Festival this year instead of Barbara Mori but Hrithik had his way.

Hrithik has been staying a floor below his parents in Il Palazzo but right now is feeling stifled by the parental proximity. Hrithik wants to be more independent but hasn't informed his parents about his plans. He wants to finalise the deal and then inform his parents."

While Hrithik remained unavailable for comment Rakesh Roshan initially said, "I don't understand what are you talking about. I simply know that no one is shifting." When informed that Hrithik is on the verge of finalising a 45-crore property deal in Juhu and that he plans to build a new bungalow there, Roshan Sr says, "It's not true."
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Katrina: Sexy, me

What does Katrina Kaif have that Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu do not... and, please, don’t say Salman Khan!

This is not about her personal life that’s been splashed about in the media enough already. We are talking about sex quotient... the oomph factor, that sizzle and ability to turn on men and drive them into mad slaves over you. Don’t know — right, because Kareena & Co have it all in abundance as well. But yet, it’s Katrina who’s been voted India’s Sexiest Woman for a consecutive year by an international men’s magazine in a poll. Last year she knocked out Kareena, Deepika and Bipasha to clinch the title, this time she held onto it despite stiff competition again from Kareena and Bipasha, in addition to an added threat from Priyanka. And this after these three actresses sent men’s pulses racing by doing swimsuit scenes in their films, which is something Katrina has not yet ventured to attempt.

“It feels good to be voted by fans and that too in such huge numbers, but I don’t think if you wear a bikini or show skin, you look sexy. I would rather say I’m pretty,” said the actress who, the magazine said, bridges the gap between the West and the East with ease. Urban Indian men are found to like her because she has an international yet Indian look. She’s equally popular on the Net and was recently honoured by a big website for being the Most Searched Actress online. Is she disturbed at the possibility of perverts downloading and misusing her pictures? “I would rather not think about them,” she laughed. Who does the Sexiest Woman in India think is the Hottest Man in Bollywood from among those she is working with — John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ranbir Kapoor...? “Only if I’m in love with a man, I find him hot. But I think Neil is the cutest,” she laughed again, prettily and sexily and, well, cleverly.
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Kangana Ranaut: I missed Cannes but I don’t feel left out

Versatile actress and style diva Kangana Ranaut talks about the changes in her life, and rubbishes rumours of an affair between her beau Adhyayan Suman and his co-star Shahana Goswami. She also has no problems about not being part of the Kites promotion at the Cannes Film Festival.

Kangana has been in the industry for three years now. She has established herself as a serious actress and style icon. So, how has she changed during this time? “When I started four years ago, I was a teenager and now I am 22. When I will be 40, I will be different. I think we grow or mature and change every year, which according to me is a very good thing. A person’s view or perception of life changes with experience which has an impact on his/her relationships. I feel that I have changed a lot. I started as a teenager and now I feel that I have become a woman now. When I will be 25 or 26, then I would have learnt more from life. I didn’t even know how to talk when I started but I have learnt that now. When you start working at a young age, then you need to learn and grow up very fast,” adding, “Everything is changing all the time and we should accept it without fighting it. There are changes in nature and similarly there are changes in our personalities, careers and lives, which we must graciously accept and move forward in life.”

She has been dating her current beau Adhyayan Suman for over a year now. Recently there were rumours of his link up with Jashnn co-star Shahana Goswami. Kangana is a really cool and secure girlfriend. When asked about her take on the Adhyayan Suman-Shahana Goswami link up, she laughed it off saying, “I think you should ask Shahana and Adhyayan. I don’t think there is anything going on between them.”

Kangana didn’t promote Kites at the Cannes Film Festival and neither is she seen in the promos of the film. So, does she feel left out as all the attention is focused on Barbara Mori and her chemistry with Hrithik Roshan?

“I don’t feel left out though I missed going to the Cannes Film Festival,” she laughs, adding on a more serious note, “I was hired to do my job, which is acting and I have done that. I don’t care about the publicity. The rest of it is their strategy to promote the movie and they know what is best for the film.”

About dancing with Hrithik, she says, “I had a great time shooting for the film. Hrithik is an amazing dancer as everyone knows and it was great to dance with him.”
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