Mugdha collapses while shooting for Jail

The extreme temperature seems to have taken a toll on the cast and crew of Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming film “Jail”, which is being shot in Karjat, a town in Maharashtra.

The film’s leading lady Mugdha Godge (pictured left) fainted on the sets while a couple of crew members suffered extreme dehydration.

Madhur was very concerned about their condition but could not shift the location nor stall the shoot as a huge set has already been constructed. Instead he has decided to have a doctor and an ambulance on location so that any such case can be attended to immediately.

Madhur has also constructed a tent with coolers inside for the crew to stay in during the breaks.

Mugdha confirmed the news about fainting on the sets of “Jail”. She said the conditions on the sets are actually like that of a jail. And with outside temperature boiling too, it is very difficult to shoot. “But it’s a challenge and we will definitely give our best,” she said.
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Shah Rukh replaces Aamir

Shah Rukh Khan is said to be doing Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani’s film after the deal with Aamir Khan fell through.

Aamir was the favourite choice for director Reema Kagti’s upcoming film, to be produced by Farhan and Ritesh, with whom Aamir has worked with in “Dil Chahta Hai”. The three are also good friends.

However, Aamir is no longer doing their film as he is said to have demanded a huge sum of money and also a share in the film’s profit. These terms were not acceptable to Ritesh.

It seems Ritesh had gone to the sets of “3 Idiots” to meet Aamir and finalise the deal. But the meeting did not go well as Aamir was not ready to compromise on the terms and conditions that he had laid. Ritesh got upset and left the sets in a huff.

Ritesh confirmed the news saying Aamir is not in his film as they had differences over the terms laid down by Aamir. He also added that though they were in talks with an actor, the lead is still to be finalised.

Aamir meanwhile has said he is not doing the film because he did not like the script.
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Exclusive Report: Shah Rukh Khan To Sell Knight Riders

After dropping “Kolkata” from Indian Premier League team (IPL) Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), actor Shah Rukh Khan has started discussions with Nokia, Sahara, the Anil Ambani group, and several other companies to sell the team he bought just over a year ago for Rs 300 crore, and exit the business.

According to sources in Red Chillies Entertainment, KKR’s holding company, “Shah Rukh Khan has been trying to sell a stake in KKR for some time now. But since most companies he approached also wanted management control, Khan is now talking to Nokia, Sahara, Anil Ambani and others to sell his entire shareholding.”

Khan’s public relations officer, however, said she would not be able to confirm the development because she had not met the actor.

None of those who have reportedly been approached confirmed the development. Sahara India’s communications director Abhijit Sarkar said: “We have not been approached by Shah Rukh Khan yet. But if he does, we would be happy to buy the team.”

D Shivakumar, vice-president and managing director (markets), Nokia India, sent a text message saying: “Shah Rukh Khan will keep the team.”

A Reliance Communications spokesperson declined to comment. “A lot of people negotiate with Anil Ambani. I cannot comment unless there is something concrete on table.”

According to the Red Chillies official, Khan wants to exit, owing to the team’s poor performance — so far the team has won only one rain-curtailed game under the Duckworth Lewis method — and rising costs.

“If the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) does not increase the number of teams for next year, Khan could get double what he paid,” said the Red Chillies official.

Khan is supposed to pay Rs 30 crore per year for the next 10 years. The total annual cost for the team is about Rs 75 crore.

Khan had earlier said that KKR was easily the most successful IPL franchise, making a Rs 13 crore profit last year. However, his costs trebled last year owing to interventions from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and Cricket Association of Bengal.

According to initial calculations, Red Chillies had to pay Rs 90 lakh per match and was supposed to earn Rs 3 crore if all stadium tickets were sold at Eden Gardens. Red Chillies had to pay Rs 20 lakh to the police and municipal tax of Rs 5 lakh. So its expenses per match would have been over Rs 1 crore. But this figure had trebled.

Last year, however, Kolkata Police demanded Rs 2 crore as security fees, against Rs 50 lakh that the organisers of the IPL offered. Then, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) demanded Rs 25 lakh from Red Chillies as amusement tax for holding IPL matches at Eden Gardens.

To settle the dispute between Kolkata Police and the IPL organisers over the cost of security arrangements at Eden Gardens, Red Chillies Entertainment had to agree to pay Rs 75 lakh as security fees.

About 5,500 uniformed personnel and about 1,500 sleuths were deployed to secure the stadium and its surrounding areas, since many celebrities were expected to watch the IPL matches at Eden Gardens.
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Nakshatra - First Look

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Mystery of Hrithik’s new look

Hrithik recently walked the ramp for Macro Man M-Series, launching their new range of undergarments, but what caught our eye was his new look!

After Bollywood’s biggest superstars donning ponytails - Amitabh Bachchan in Cheeni Kum, Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om, Aamir Khan in Mangal Pandey and Salman Khan in Veer - Hrithik’s caught on to the trend a little late. He was seen at the launch with long hair tied back and wearing dark aviator sunglasses. And the look suited him too; he managed to look as suave as usual.

As far as we know, Hrithik has almost finished shooting for his upcoming film Kites and has not yet started to shoot for any other films. So, we wonder what the mystery behind this new look is?

One theory says that the actor is growing his hair for a song that is to be added now.

The actor arrived two hours late to the launch and though he walked the ramp, Hrithik refused to talk to the media, leaving immediately after the event. We presume it’s because he didn’t want to answer any questions about his alleged link up with his Kites costar Barbara Mori.

The actor is currently living with his family in a 5-star hotel while his home is being refurbished.
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First Look: Lakshmi Menon goes Vogue

The latest issue of the ultimate Indian style guide - Vogue India - is out now!! The May issue of the magazine, released on April 24, is specially dedicated to travel. The cover page of this special travel issue stars dusky supermodel Lakshmi Menon a hot pink summer outfit.

The face of Herm├Ęs, the show stopper at international runways, Vogue's cover girl and dusky beauty, Lakshmi Menon was photographed by Jean Francois Campos on the remote beaches in Kutch. The photo feature of the month presents Menon in the hottest colours for the summer season. Highlights of the issue include essays by renowned travel writer Pico Iyer and other celebrity travellers.

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Hrithik won’t show off his muscles

Fans were this close to seeing his bare chest but Hrithik disappointed them by not tossing his shirt into the audience during the Macro man event.

A source told us that Hrithik was supposed to walk the ramp, toss his shirt into the clueless audience and strut his stuff.

However, last minute problems, made the actor change his mind against pulling of his shirt.

We aren’t happy and neither are his fans!

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John is in love with Priyanka Gandhi

Soon after he was voted the sexiest man in the world, John Abraham declared his choice of the sexiest women in the world.

However, as most would have expected, it wasn’t his girlfriend, Bipasha Basu but instead it was Priyanka Gandhi. John said that he was completely smitten by her sophistication and her attitude. He also said that Mrs Gandhi-Vadra would be “going to the real power centre in the future”.

We hope girlfriend, Bips, doesn’t take it to heart.

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We have lost a great personality and a good human being: Madhuri Dixit

Feroz Khan in the Swinging Seventies, with his flashy clothes and fast cars, cowboy boots, sunglasses and sideburns, could have given even Elvis Presley a complex... such was the Pathan actor’s flamboyance and raw sex appeal.

He charmed generations of women from the 1960s to, well, almost the late 2000s, starting with films like the intense Apradh and ending two years ago with the hilarious Welcome. Filmmakers reported that Feroz was always keen to continue playing the devil-may-care, sex icon he did in films like Dharmatma, Qurbani and, later, Jaanbaaz and Yalgaar.

His leading ladies, top Bollywood actresses in their time, naturally succumbed to the Killer Khan’s charm. They all said he made them look beautiful and sensuous on screen. And they said with broken hearts yesterday after hearing he had passed away to cancer at his Bangalore farmhouse, that though they couldn’t make it for his funeral, they would never forget Feroz Khan and would pray for his soul. BT got some of their reactions..

Madhuri Dixit
Oh my God! We have lost a great personality and a good human being. My prayers are with his family. Feroz Khan directed me in Dayavaan. He was a wonderful director, much ahead of his time. His style quotient in real life was highly reflected in his films. He would shoot everything with great elan and style. He would allow the actors a lot of creative license, a rare quality I must say. He was a big-hearted Pathan, and I will miss him dearly.

My heart is with Fardeen and his family. I know how it is to lose a father! I did Jaanbaz, one of my earlier films, with Feroz Khan. Initially I was very apprehensive, because he looked very western, and I was not so well versed with such a culture and language. But he surprised me. Throughout, he conversed with me in Tamil and made my life so easy and comfortable on the sets. I will remember him as a warm, down-to-earth man who made me look extremely beautiful!

Zeenat Aman
His death is deeply saddening. I was his leading lady and that was our primary relationship. Over the years we kept in touch and he would invite me to his premieres and film parties. He was an exceptional man! Not only debonair and charming, making girls go crazy, but a great professional too. He was so much ahead of his time, not just in terms of style, but also technically... and all his films reflect that. When I was in school, there was a strong buzz among the girls about this tall, good-looking Pathan actor. I didn’t know that someday I would work with this Killer Khan. His style expressed itself not just in his films, but also in the way he lived. It’s my privilege to have known him. And I will cherish all the good memories of my interaction with him. I can never forget that he made me look so good in Qurbani. Till date people talk about that.

Hema Malini
This is a great loss to the industry. He was not just an actor, a director and a fine human being, but a great style icon of his time. I was already seeing Dharamji then, but I must say that Feroze Khan had all the qualities for a girl to get attracted to him! There was an air of arrogance in him which was very dashing. Agar itne handsome ho toh thoda rubab hona zaroori hai. It adds to your appeal. And he had this in abundance! He had a charming, flirtatious quality, but it was limited to the sets only. With his kind of looks and personality, he would always stand out in a crowd. I haven’t seen a greater looker or western personality among today’s heroes. Even though I was known as the Dream Girl, I never looked so pretty as I did in Dharmatma, the film Feroz acted in and directed. He used to call me Reshma (my name in Dharmatma) throughout the making of the film
and even after that. After our jodi worked, we did another film, but it bombed. Never mind, he will be there in our hearts always.

Neetu Singh
I woke up with this sad news and was deeply disturbed. It’s a loss to the industry. My prayers are with his family. I worked with Feroz Khan in one of my earlier films Chunouti, which didn’t do well and nobody remembers. But our rapport was great. He was an absolutely charming man, and I have lots of fond memories of him.
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Freida and Dev are together

Ocar winning "Slumdog Millionaire" star Dev Patel's mother spoke of her son's off-screen love with his co-star, Freida Pinto, and said "life can't get better" for her son.

Dev and Freida (pictured above) have always denied their movie romance spilled over into real life. But their pictures enjoying an intimate lunch date in Israel last week raised eyebrows, reports

"First it was the film and now everything else seems to have slotted into place. Life can't get any better for him. Freida is really beautiful and I am really happy for them. Yes, we knew he was flying to Israel to see her," Dev's mother Anita Patel said.

The couple are said to have started the relationship on the sets of Danny Boyle's film.
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Bipasha does not want John and Vidya working together

John Abraham has turned down Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film “Chenab Gandhi”.

Apparently girlfriend Bipasha is not keen about John working with Vidya Balan.

John and Vidya had got close during the making of Nikhil Advani’s “Saalam-e-Ishq” and there were rumours that the two were dating each other.

The two had hung around in Goa after the entire crew had packed up. They were also seen together at a couple of events.

Even though now that their relationship has become a matter of past, Bipasha does not want to take any chances. She does not want John to work with Vidya again.

John, however, has denied giving up “Chenab Ghandhi” because of Bipasha, though he admits he did meet Bhansali, but for another project.

“The truth is that I was shooting abroad when Mr. Bhansali's office was trying to get in touch. It was Bipasha who put me on to them. It's amazing what conclusions people draw without checking their facts."
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Salman gives public awareness message

Salman Khan has shot a 90 second commercial with director Nikhil Saini for hit and run victims.

It is a public awareness ad promoting responsibility and kindness towards road accident victims.

The ad shows a man who is hit by a vehicle and is left to die on the road. It talks about people who ignore such accidents.

After the ad, Salman comes ahead to give a public message. He says, “Apni zimmedari se mat bhagiye. Responsible aur zimmedar logon ki zaroorat hai is desh ko” (Don’t run away from your responsibility. The country needs responsible people).

What is interesting is the fact that Salman had been charged in a hit and run case back in 2002!
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Feroz Khan's last wish was to remake Qurbani

Feroz Khan's last wish before he passed away in Bangalore was to finish his dream project - a remake of his 1980 blockbuster film "Qurbani".

"His last wish was to remake 'Qurbani' as 'Kurbani'. He was very keen that the film be made again and was working towards it," Rajkumar Tiwari, Feroz Khan's manager of 25 years, told IANS over phone from Bangalore.

"When he fell ill, he realised that a lot of energy was required to make a film, so he took a break and was adamant that he will make the film. Few songs had already been recorded. This project was his last wish and I am sure someone will take it forward," he added.

Feroz Khan passed away late on Sunday at his farmhouse in Bangalore after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was 69.

He had announced "Kurbani" at the 2006 International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) event in Dubai. His son, actor Fardeen Khan, was to reprise his father's role in the new version of the romantic thriller.

Apart from Feroz Khan, the original also starred Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman and Amjad Khan in pivotal roles.

The actor had also decided to star in the remake of the film. According to media reports, he had roped in filmmaker Sanjay Gupta to wield the megaphone for the movie. When contacted, Gupta refused to comment on it.

Anand Raj Anand, who has been signed to direct the music for the remake, said: "We had already recorded three songs for 'Kurbani' but his health was an issue. Right now I don't want to comment anything more on this as I am very sad about hearing of his demise."

With hit songs like "Aap jaisa koi" and the title qawwali "Qurbani qurbani", the music of the original was a chartbuster.
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Bollywood remembers Feroz Khan

Friend, mentor, excellent human being and real royal of Hindi cinema - that is how Bollywood remembers Feroz Khan, the filmmaker-actor who died after a year-long battle with cancer.

Writer-turned director Anees Bazmee, who directed Feroz Khan in his last film "Welcome" in 2007, is "heartbroken" to hear of the death.

"I have come back to Mumbai this morning and got to know about his death. It is very sad and I am heartbroken. He was very close to me and an extremely good human being. I used to be in regular touch with him," Bazmee told IANS.

"Welcome", which was a massive hit, was a special homage to Feroz Khan's stylish on-screen persona through his character Ranbir Dhanraj Xata (RDX).

"Nobody knows that he was not willing to work in 'Welcome' but he loved my previous film 'No Entry' and Fardeen's (Feroz Khan's son) role in it so much that we became very good friends and he agreed to work in the film just for me.

"But he also asked me to make sure that his style was kept intact in the movie, as he has always done roles with oomph and glamour and that's why I even gave him a line 'Abi hum zinda hain' in the film, which he infused life into," said Bazmee.

Beauty queen-turned-actress Celina Jaitley, who was launched by Feroz Khan in his home production's "Janasheen" (2003), headed to Bangalore on Monday to pay her last respects.

"Farewell my friend, my mentor... The many things we talked about... The many things I learnt from you are with me as my courage, you have gone but the love and support you gave me remains as a part of my heart... I wait for the day we will meet again back in god's hand where it all began. Love always, your 'Celine'," Celina told IANS through an SMS.

Feroz was also remembered by music composer Anand Raj Anand and writer Kamlesh Pandey for launching new talent.

Apart from Celina, he introduced Meghna Kothari and his son Fardeen in "Prem Aggan" (1998) and Vicky Arora in "Yalgaar" (1992) to name a few.

"He was a very stylish and straightforward person. He was principled and loyal to people. He always helped people with talent and made them famous. He did not just go for established names, which was a great thing in him," said Anand.

"He gave me confidence when he signed me for 'Janasheen' and now we were working together on the remake of 'Qurbani', but it is so unfortunate what has happened," he added.

Said scriptwriter Pandey, who wrote the dialogues for "Janasheen": "He was one of the royals of our cinema. Everyone knows how to make money, but very few know how to spend it and he knew that style exactly. He was an excellent friend, a great human being and he used to treat people very well.

"He also enjoyed good writing a lot. He was someone who had his own personality. The way he shot his films, his music, everything was great. He also looked for new talent," he added.

Feroz Khan is survived by actor son Fardeen, 35, and daughter Laila Rajpal.
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Feroz ji was like a father to me: SRK

Bollywood is in a state of shock at the sad demise of veteran actor Feroz Khan. Calling his death a big blow to the industry, the film fraternity has paid tribute to his remarkable contributions.

Many actors have flown to Banglore from various parts of the country to attend the last rites of this legendary figure.

His brother Sanjay Khan, who reached Bangalore after his death, said, "He was a lion. He was a wonderful, passionate man. His contribution to the film industry is immense. It's a deep loss to the family. I can say that there was a lion who used to roar but today he is no more."

Even King Khan expressed grief and said that he was like a father to him. Shah Rukh said, "I miss Feroz saab a lot. His death is a personal loss. Fardeen had told me about his illness. I was emotionally attached to him because my father too died of the same illness. I still remember when I met him for the first time and he kissed and hugged me. Whenever I met him after that he always showered his love on me and treated me like his son. He is one of the most beautiful people I have met in the film industry."

Bollywood actor Arbaz Khan too said that he was shocked when he came to know about Feroz Khan's death through an SMS. "I convey my condolences to the entire family. It's a very difficult time for Fardeen and other family members. I am so disturbed after hearing this sad news."

Other actors like Celina Jaitely, Malaika Arora Khan, and Zeenat Aman have expressed their condolences on his death. Zeenat Aman has reportedly said that she remembers Feroz Khan as a legendary actor for his memorable and inspiring work in the film industry.
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In Pics: Feroze Khan buried

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We have been preparing ourselves for Feroz's death

Akbar Khan says his brother was fearless to the end

He was gracious and loving till the end, says Feroz Khan's brother Akbar. He added that they had been preparing themselves for his death for quite a few months.

"For three months now we've been watching him slowly sink. We prayed to either relieve him from pain, or life," Akbar told IANS.

Feroz Khan died on Sunday (April 26) at his farmhouse in Bangalore after a year-long battle with cancer. He was 69. The entire family was gathered in Bangalore for the funeral, which took place on Monday (April 27).

"The entire family was here towards his end literally feeding him out of our hands," said the grief-stricken sibling. "And he enjoyed his glass of wine in the evenings with us till the end. He was a very loving friend and bhai (brother).

"We buried him next to our mother. It's unfortunate that we couldn't bring him back to Mumbai for so many of his friends and well-wishers to see him for the last time. But his last wish was to lie eternally next to our mother in our home town near Bangalore. And we had to fulfil that wish."

Akbar, who recently made the historical epic "Taj Mahal - An Eternal Love Story", says that contrary to his flamboyant image, Feroz Khan was a sensitive person.

"He was much loved by all his friends and colleagues. Contrary to his flamboyant image, he was a very gentle sensitive soul. Even in his frail condition towards the end he'd get up from his chair to greet each one of us in the family no matter how old or young. He was a friend first, then a father-figure," said Akbar.

"He was fearless even when faced with death. He was the apple of our mother's eyes. All of us five brothers and two sisters looked up to him. We've lost a father-figure. But he's relieved of his pain. But he was fearless to the end. He didn't even fear death. He'll always be with us."

Meanwhile, actress-politician Hema Malini, who is busy campaigning for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls, catches her breath to remember Feroz Khan and says he was the only colleague to use an endearment for her and give her a sensuous avatar in his hit film "Dharmatma".

"He was the first and last man who called me 'baby'. No one has ever dared. I wish they would. What a suave man he was," Hema told IANS.

"When I agreed to do 'Dharmatma' he made it very clear I was there in the first-half only. He said, 'You can't say no, baby!' That was a new experience for me. My mother was more shocked than I was. With everyone addressing me as 'ji' it feels nice if someone comes up with a term of endearment.

"Earlier this week I was in Darjeeling campaigning when someone from the crowd shouted out 'Hemu' and disappeared into the mountains. I felt good because that's what my near and dear ones call me," she added.

Feroz Khan calling Hema 'baby' was not the only change that he brought to her life.

"He decided to take on the challenge of making me look more glamorous and sensuous than ever before. That was a tough job because I was constantly fighting to cover myself up more than those costumes by Parmeshwar Godrej allowed. I don't think I've ever used so many safety pins in my entire lifetime. He wanted me to be as uninhibited as today's heroines. That wasn't possible for me."

Hema shot in Afghanistan for "Dharmatma" and says it was a memorable experience.

"I don't think any film unit had gone there before. It was a memorable experience. And we really had to rough it out. It was freezing cold in Kabul. We had to stay in tents. In the evenings, we'd all sit together and prepare for next day's scenes.

"Otherwise after shooting I always kept to myself. But he persuaded not just me but also my mother to join the unit in the evening. 'Come on, mom. Join us.' My mother was taken aback. We're basically very shy people. But he'd make her part of the discussions. That's the way to make films. One gets so charged and enthusiastic. I wish Feroz Khan and I had done more films together," Hema said.
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Amitabh Bachchan remembers Feroz Khan

Describes him as a flamboyant filmmaker

Mourning the death of veteran actor Feroz Khan, Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan says that despite several attempts in the past the two could not work together.

"There were many attempts by both of us to work together but somehow it didn't work out," Amitabh posted on his blog.

"He will be remembered for his passion and commitment to the craft. May his soul rest in peace and may the Almighty give his family strength to bear the loss," he added.

The flamboyant actor-filmmaker died on Sunday at his farmhouse in Bangalore after battling cancer for a year. He was 69.

Amitabh describes Feroz Khan, who made hits like "Dharmatma" and "Qurbani", as a flamboyant filmmaker.

"A flamboyant filmmaker, one that in the middle of his acting career became a producer and director and gave us some very memorable films - all with a certain stamp of flamboyance.

"What he displayed in his persona, reflected in the way he made his films. In many ways, he pioneered a certain flash and sophistication in his very first venture as a maker and that remained with him and all his films throughout," he wrote.

Amitabh also pointed out that Feroz Khan always had a "progressive and visible difference in the way he functioned" including the "content of the subjects he chose, in the unique casting that he did or in the fresh talent that he introduced in music and presentation".

Amitabh recalled the recent Stardust award function where Feroz Khan was given the Stardust Pride of the Industry award.

"In a most poignant moment, his son Fardeen had received it on his behalf from Jaya (Bachchan) on stage - Feroz being too ill to be present," he added.
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The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer

Filmi double roles have always fascinated us. To make them possible, techniques like shooting in several layers, shooting with the help of chroma are common practice. But if we talk about Akshay Kumar's 8x10 Tasveer, there is certainly something unique.

Akshay's double role: The best sequence and the most challenging one too! No chroma shots, but frame by frame rotoscoping (technique of cutting out the images) done by Vfx house Prime Focus. All of Akshay's shots were shot twice in two different layers using a dummy character in front of him. Later, the dummy character was rotoed out from each frame and was replaced by Akshay shot in a separate layer.

"It was a long sequence and was shot on the boat where everything was shaking. As the part of the post production, we had to roto out Akshay in each and every frame; besides, all the shots needed to be stabilized because of the shake. The scene where both the Akshays are fighting was the most challenging one," says Merzin Tavaria, Creative Head, Prime Focus.

Frame by frame rotoscoping was done to replace the image

The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer

Dummy characters were used for the reference.

Dummy character was rotoed out frame by frame

The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer

The dummy character was rotoed out from each frame and was replaced by Akshay shot in a separate layer

The trick behind Akshay's double role in 8x10 Tasveer
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Exclusive: Shah Rukh Khan on his Knights

Kolkata Knight Riders have registered their first win in IPL season 2 and team owner Shah Rukh Khan now wants to put all the controversies behind and concentrate on cricket. He spoke to Vimal Kumar after the victory celebrations.

SRK: It's going to be difficult at times. People are not going to understand from outside. All I can tell you is: "You can love us, you can hate us, but you can't ignore us. We will try our best as humbly as possible. We will try and entertain everyone. We are open to be talking about the team the way we wish to. We love you and we are going to try our best. Whichever the part of the country you are in, make sure you are proud of Kolkata Knight Riders."

Q: IPL is shifted to South Africa. Rain is playing spoilsport. Your take on that

SRK: Weather is not something that even I can control or, you can control. It's unfortunate. But apparently, it is not seasonal rain here, either. So things happen like this. When the moment is big, the occasion is really important, small things can spoil it. But the idea was the IPL2 should be held. So forget the rain. Whenever it rains we just sing a good rain song. But beyond that, yes it's unfortunate. I feel sad that some of the matches are getting curtailed because of rain.

Q: You must be feeling happy that your team has started winning.

SRK: I don't think we have started winning. We have twelve more matches to go. I can't be happy so soon. But I am very happy that the team has started playing together. And inshe allah... as we go along the next twelve matches we will play together. As long as we play together, winning or losing is not important. I think if we are able to bring the spirit of the Kolkata Knight Riders into this, that is more important. So I am happy for the kids. I think they were very depressed after losing the first match. I am happy that they are happy now. But a long way to go.
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Finally! Aldaddin set to release

Sujoy Ghosh’s film Aladdin finally looks as if it is going to see the light of day with only its postproduction work remaining to be completed. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh and marks the debut of Jacqueline Fernandes who plays the role of Jasmin.

“Actually, shooting has been over for a while and there was only a few dance and song shots remaining which are now complete. So now, only the postproduction work is going on. Dubbing is almost done and the film is almost over. Amitabh ji, Sanjay and Ritesh have all finished their parts,” says an Eros International spokesperson. Eros International is producing the film.

“The release date will probably be July 24 this year,” adds the spokesperson. And even before its release, Eros International has announced the second part of I. Though, the stars of the sequel have not been finalised as yet.

Aladdin, which promises a combination of action, adventure, music and romance, with Amitabh Bachchan playing Genie and Ritesh as Aladdin, is said to also be filled with special effects.

Talking about his experience working with the legendary Bachchan, director Sujoy Ghosh says, “It was great to work with Amitabh Bachchan because the man has something in him. We enjoyed the whole shoot of Aladdin; it was like being at home. Amitji is so senior and behaved like a real gentleman.”
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Kareena, Shahid are back in business

They might not be looking eye to eye but they won’t let their work suffer.

Before she could leave the country to begin shooting for Rensil D’silva’s film with current boyfriend, Saif Ali Khan, a very harrowed Kareena was running in and out of the dubbing studio to complete dubbing for Milenge Milenge which stars ex-flame Shahid Kapur as the leading man.

Putting rumours to rest, Kareena said that she only had a date issue and that she is a thorough professional. She does not want to disappoint her fans in any way.
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Insider leaks KKR information on blog

Shah Rukh Khan is not going to be a happy person for too long; especially since an anonymous blogger seems to be telling the world what’s happening in the green room.

The blogger is penning down details of team strategy, happenings at the team meeting and gossip in the dressing rooms and other private circles.

The blog’s authenticity hasn’t been proven yet. The writer writes using either code names for the players (Lord Almighty for Saurav Ganguly, Sheikh of the Tweak for Shane Warne).

The management has condemned the poison pen writer and hopes to bring a stop to his posts soon.
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Shilpa Shetty will drive a Lamborghini

Raj Kundra is going all out to pamper his lady love, Shilpa Shetty.

The man has a passion for fast sports cars and now he wants to share it with Shilpa. He will be gifting her a suave Lamborghini since they duo loves their sports cars.

Since Shilpa loves zipping around in his Lamborghini, Raj wants her to have her very own in India.

We just hope she doesn’t zip around too fast here.

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