First Look: Soha gets 'Molested'

First Look: Soha gets `Molested`

Soha Ali Khan recently had to shoot for an uncomfortable scene that left her physically hurt and emotionally drained

Recently Soha Ali Khan had to film a very uncomfortable scene. In fact, the actress requested the director to shoot the molestation sequence within closed doors, without allowing any still photographer to be present in the room.

In her upcoming film based on child trafficking, she plays an NRI, who gets molested by a group of goons. Our source says, `Soha was emotionally drained while shooting the sequence. In this particular scene, the goons drag her down to the floor and rip off her shirt and manhandle her.`

Producer Vibha Dutta Khosla adds that being a thorough professional, Soha understood that the scene was essential to the storyline and immediately agreed to shoot for it.

Assistant director Ramzan who was present during the shoot says, `While doing the scene, Soha was badly bruised and even had to take medical aid.`

Sonakshi confiscates father's phone, puts him under house curfew

Sonakshi confiscates father`s phone, puts him under house curfew

Though Shatrughan Sinha is back home he is not allowed to meet too many guests or use his phone, let alone step out for anything except a morning walk.

And it's not the doctor's order. It's daughter Sonakshi who's taking time off from her busy schedule to be at home with her father to make sure that her father continues to maintain the diet and routine that he did in hospital.

Laughing his trademark laughter and `sneaking into his wife's phone` without Sonkashi's consent the now-recuperated star-politician said, `There's only one woman I'm afraid of. I can't defy any command from my daughter. She has taken away my phones and put me under house arrest. `

The actor is happy to be back home. `I've never been away from home for this long. It's been a full 40 days. Not even the longest outdoor shooting of my career stretched that long. Luckily for me my wife was at the hospital 24x7 and my children spent as much time with me as possible. Thanks to my family and my doctors I am born again. `

Shatruji gives full marks to his surgeon Dr Anvay Mulay for giving him a new life. `We were advised to opt for a more senior surgeon. But we had full faith in Dr Mulay. He made the entire procedure of surgery and recuperation seem like a cakewalk.

He joked to my wife after the surgery, 'I saw many names on his heart when I opened it up. I deleted all of them and left only your name on it. ' Little does he know there're secret places in my heart where a surgeon can't enter. `

The fast flow of guests at the Sinhas' residence Ramayan has begun. Shatruji is taking it easy. He intends to travel to Patna to spend some time at his ancestral home as soon as he's allowed to travel.

Says Shatruji, `I've already sent a letter to Parliament asking for sick leave. As soon as I can travel, or rather my dear daughter would allow me to travel, I want to go home. `

First Look: When Poonam takes a bath, India sweats it out!

First Look: When Poonam takes a bath, India sweats it out!

The starlet recently posted online pictures of her splashing around in a bubble bath

Taking a bath is one of the most essential functions of our mundane lives. But what heats up the mercury is when a hot actor like Poonam Pandey splashes around in a bubble bath warming the hearts of millions across the world.

White porcelain turns to sheer gold, when the dusky star sprawls her limbs in a sensuous bath that may seem relaxing to Poonam, but to the desi male it just increases their heartbeats.

The sensuous pictures hit Twitter this morning and turned a lazy Sunday into a scorcher of a day. It was hot in the morning and its burning by the afternoon.

A little birdies tells us that Poonam is gearing up for her big Bollywood debut, and her bathing postures are just a hint of what to expect in the sensuous film. Poonam, who is never inhibited from speaking her mind, will be seen in a super bold avatar that will rewrite Bollywood history.

Better keep the bath water ready, you will need some if you can't handle the super hot Poonam.

Raaz 3: Bips plays 'jealous' Amisha

Raaz 3: Bips plays `jealous` Amisha

She plays the character of a jealous actor in the film

In Vikram Bhatt's Raaz 3, Bipasha Basu plays a frustrated, jealous actress. The role is, apparently, inspired from none other than his ex-lover Amisha Patel.

Says Vikram, `Well, all I can say is, all art is finally cannibalised from one's personal experiences. When I was with Amisha, both of us were going through a career low. I've seen how failure affects people. `

Vikram's mentor Mahesh Bhatt, who is the producer of Raaz 3, admits to the similarity. `Vikram shared details of his tumultuous relationship with this Amisha.

Insecurities are an integral part of an actress' life, as her shelf life is limited. We built on that idea to create Bipasha's character in Raaz 3. ` When asked whether the actress in Vikram's life is Amisha, he replied in the affirmative.

`We took the basic idea of the insecurities that creep up on an actress after a few years in the business, and then we built on her desperation. The film shows the character urging her director (Emraan Hashmi) into wrongdoings. In her desperation to cling to her stardom she begins to workship a satan and practices black magic on her younger rival. `

Do for die for Bips

Mahesh Bhatt says Bipasha in her own career has reached a do-or-die stage. `Younger girls have come into the industry and she has suffered a broken heart recently. Given the circumstances, she will either sink like a rock or fly like a bird. `

When we asked Amisha about her life being used to develop a character, she says, `Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I do not want to comment. I've too much on my plate with my own productions and the films that I've signed outside my production house. I would rather focus on them. `


Item Girl Richa!

Item Girl Richa!

The actress recently shot for an item song composed by the RDB in Akshay Chaubey's untitled directorial venture

After portraying de-glam roles in all the three feature films she has appeared in so far, Richa Chadha did what she has never attempted before. She recently shot for an item song composed by the British Punjabi band RDB in Akshay Chaubey's untitled directorial venture.

With an acting career that has her playing characters way too older than her actual age, she found the whole experience a welcome change from her usual drama-driven act. And she enjoyed it thoroughly as well!

Speaking about her experience, Richa explains why she opted for an item number, `I agreed to the song only because Akshay asked me to.

Also, he's one of the very few in the industry who knows that I can dance. The pub-type number was catchy and I learned my moves within a couple of hours when the cahoreographer had scheduled an eight-hour shift to teach me the whole thing!`

Incidentally, Akshay and Richa go back a long way. The debutant director who assisted Dibakar Banerjee during the making of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! is also a friend of the actress' brother and has known her for quite a long time now. Both hail from New Delhi and even the song is set in the neighbourhood that the two grew up in.


Ranbir Kapoor caught smooching!

Ranbir Kapoor caught smooching!

A well-connected Delhi birdie who loves to flit around Bollywood stars chirps with this garma-garam khabar about Ranbir Kapoor

The actor who was in the capital recently to shoot for an ad was spotted by the birdie at a five-star hotel nightspot in the wee hours of the morning. As it was well past closing time and the place was dimly-lit, Ranbir had left his guard down.

Seeing the star, the birdie took flight towards the hero. But was stopped in the tracks when Ranbir began smooching a girl! Nooooo, it was no B-Town actress, but someone from Mumbai whose father is highly influential and well-known in business circles.

The girl's family is not associated with Bollywood at all. Keep guessing, folks. But remember Ranbir is single and so is the girl. But we really wonder where all this leaves a certain couple of actresses he has been linked to. Tee hee!


I Have No Problem Making Love!

I Have No Problem Making Love!

After 'Raajneeti' and 'Heroine', Arjun Rampal shoots for another lovemaking scene on screen. This time much more confident

For someone who previously cringed at the mere mention of shooting for a lovemaking scene, Arjun Rampal has come a long way.

No longer has he done away with all the hang-ups regarding the same, recently he also helped his co-star Esha Gupta calm her nerves during the shoot of an intimate scene with him.

Arjun says, `When I shot my first intimate scene for Raajneeti, I was a little hesitant. I went, 'Oh my god, yeh main kaise kar paunga, yeh main kyu kar raha huun'. But, then I realised it's a part of my job! Now when I shoot for any intimate scene, I just take it in my stride. `

The actor adds, `Intimate scenes are done when the script demands. It doesn't make sense forcing it. Earlier sex was a taboo. But now our new generation doesn't take it that way. In my film with Prakash Jha, the intimate scenes are incorporated in the right manner. `

Jha says, `After doing the lovemaking scene in Raajneeti, Arjun has become a veteran. We shot the scenes very aesthetically with half-light.`


'Asad Rauf used me for sex' - Model

How`s that?: `Asad Rauf used me for sex` - Model

Leena Kapoor claims that Asad Rauf, who has officiated in more than 100 international cricket matches, sexually exploited her after promising marriage

Renowned cricket umpire Asad Rauf has been caught on the back foot following allegations by an Oshiwara-based model that the former Pakistan first-class cricketer sexually exploited her for several months after promising marriage.

Leena Kapoor has sent a written complaint (copy with MiD DAY) to the office of Pratap Dighavkar, DCP, zone IX. She has mentioned that she had met Rauf through a mutual friend in Sri Lanka six months ago. They exchanged numbers and then stayed together in the country for three days.

On reaching Mumbai, she fell ill. Rauf came over to see her and their bond grew stronger. Kapoor says Rauf committed at the time that he would marry her and get her a new flat. He told her he was married and had two kids, but his religion allowed him to have more than one wife and his family would give its consent.

The two kept meeting, often when Rauf - who is a member of ICC Elite Umpire Panel - would come over to India to officiate in tournaments including the IPL. `I asked him several times about the marriage and he would always tell me that it would happen soon, ` Kapoor told MiD DAY.

Kapoor said that a few days earlier she tried calling Rauf, but there was no response from his side. Five days ago, he allegedly called her up saying he didn't know her and didn't want any further interactions with her.

According to officials from the DCP's office, they have received a letter and an inquiry would be conducted soon.

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